The new Green wall …


‘Tis the start to “Teh Week”, the week with the day marked red in all our diaries: Friday the 31st. While those of us who’ve been battling for Brexit for years – be they the Big Beasts, be they the foot soldiers – were indulging in some respite, the forces of Remain have not given up. Their latest forays into the MSM show that for some, these past four years were about being in the limelight of the MSM. Others are now suddenly accepting that, according to Johnson, Brexit is done, so they are trying to keep their positions of ‘influence’ by seamlessly using ‘Brexit’ as prop to shore up their demands to the government. More on that below.

First though look at our Remain Big Beasts demonstrating in one simple step how to get from the sublime (I’m very generous here, you understand!) to the ridiculous. “Lords” Heseltine, Adonis and a certain Mr Campbell were given one final breath of MSM air yesterday when they declared that they would never ever accept or use that commemorative 50-p-piece which the government is issuing on the 31st of January. Oh dear … ! I’m sure they’ll also refrain from ever venturing near Parliament because the Union Jack will be flying there rather than those blue flags the sight of which we’ve all come to loathe.

Their other moan, naturally, was that parties celebrating Brexit, especially public ones, should be abolished (perhaps that China virus could be used as pretext?) or kept to a minimum because they were “rubbing it in”. Oh dear … ! It must be a British specialty to ‘rub it in’ when we as Nation celebrate victories, from winning the Ashes or World Cups in Football and Rugby to the victory celebrations 75 years ago. That last one must be why the Germans hate us so much …

Meanwhile, the EU administrators are going to remove the Union Jack from their flag parade at their buildings ‘probably at night’, so as not to give occasion to ‘celebrate’. The British MEPs are packing their stuff, but I am looking forward to reports from TBP MEPs on this ‘event’:

“David Sassoli, the president of the European Parliament, will host a sombre farewell ceremony for Britain’s 73 MEPs after the ratification of the Brexit deal in Brussels on Wednesday.” (paywalled link

To rub in that Brussels couldn’t actually care less about our leaving, check out this report – with pictures of the ‘treaty shuttle’: one out (we), one in (Albania). Well done, Brussels. The rump EU member states better find lots of money to support that new member now that our contribution will be history from next year:

“On Friday evening the Belgian leader called an emergency meeting between fellow leaders of member states to decide on the bloc’s budget for the next seven years. The extremely divisive issue has split the 27 countries due to ardent bickering over nations’ priorities and Brexit.” (link)

So there’s not much of ‘unity’ to see amongst those rump EU nations, is there? Not when it’s suddenly about their money, after having enjoyed ours for so many years.

Meanwhile, there’s an interesting two-pronged approach in regard to immigration, by Johnson and Ms Priti Patel. We’ve seen at the weekend that the CBI, one of the top Remainers and producers of Project Fear scenarios, was trying to preempt the immigration debate with an unauthorised letter (see here). The following remarks are hopefully indicative of where the Johnson government is going to go on that issue:

“Home Secretary Priti Patel told businesses they have been too reliant on low-skilled cheap labour from the EU and must now start to invest in training British workers. A fast-track “global talent” visa will launch on February 20 that will speed up and simplify entry to the UK for skilled researchers. Mr Johnson said: “The UK has a proud history of scientific discovery, but to lead the field and face the challenges of the future we need to continue to invest in talent and cutting edge research.” (link)

Ah well – I believe it when I see it while I ask myself how on earth we managed to kick off the Industrial Revolution without ‘investing’ in ‘talent’ from ‘overseas’. Anyway, shouldn’t Big Business make use of those many immigrants from non-EU countries which keep landing on our shores, fleeing war-torn France? On this issue, Iain Duncan Smith remarks:

“Whilst it is true people who voted Brexit wanted to take back control of our fishing, farming, laws and money, they also voted to take back control of our borders as well. Over the last three years, as the liberal elite aided by some in the business world have pushed back and tried to dismiss migration control, those of us who were heavily involved in the Brexit campaign know it was a promise that we are honour bound to deliver on.” (paywalled link)

Immigration policy will be one of the top post-Brexit issues that will engage us because, unlike the ‘Trade Negotiations’, this is something our Government must and can get to grips with, now.

There was another conglomeration of Remain NGOs known for their Remain attitudes and fear-mongering. They have now also written a letter to Johnson:

“The National Farmers Union, Greenpeace and the RSPB, along with 60 other organisations, have written to Boris Johnson calling for food standards to be enshrined in law after we leave the EU, in a letter seen by the Telegraph. “Brexit can be a catalyst for UK farming not just to be the envy of the world, but to provide gold-standard model for high standard, high quality, sustainable food production,” reads the letter, which was sent over the weekend. […] It also calls for a trade and standards commission to oversee any post-Brexit trade deals, amid fears the government is willing to accept imports of food with lower standards, including chlorinated chicken from the US.” (paywalled link)

That howl about chlorinated chickens will run and run and run. Perhaps someone might like to ask all those concerned NGOs and their willing helpers in the MSM if our drinking water ought to become non-chlorinated? Perhaps scrap the advice – admittedly a few years old – to wash the chickens we bought under chlorinated, running tap water? Perhaps, to be quite safe, we should stop washing anything under chlorinated, running tap water? Picking up bacteria can’t be a problem: we’ve got antibiotics … oh wait …!

You’ll have spotted that the other top priority of those NGOs is to make us as Green as possible. To ensure this is going to happen:

“ […] the letter says Brexit means the UK can pioneer “a new type of global trading system; one that moves away from the narrow and dated focus on ever cheaper goods, regardless of how they are produced, to one that rises to the challenges of climate change and promotes more sustainable models of production and consumption across the world.” (paywalled link)

Oh yeah – let’s exchange one lot of shackles and replace them with another, a ‘global’ one because it’s all about ‘saving the planet’. And anyway, isn’t the EU also going to become really really green … ? This is where these demands are going:

“A report from the government’s climate change advisory body last week said cattle and sheep farming should be cut by 10 per cent for the government to meet the 2050 target. But the report warned that cuts should not be replaced by imports, particularly as British farming is significantly less carbon intensive than average global production.” (paywalled link)

Doesn’t that sound just a little bit like Ms vdLeyen’s demand to create a CO2 ‘border’ for imports to the EU? Regardless of Brexit, we peasants must pay: more expensive food, ever more expensive fuel costs. And stealth taxes – yes, that’s right! The election goodies have to be paid for, so watch out in the coming budget how our taxes will be spaffed up the Green Wall, and then some.

Why is it that politicians – Sir John Redwood MP excepted – never understand that the economy will only grow when we all have a bit more in our wallets? Have our politicians become so enthralled by ‘global values’, now replacing ‘EU values’, that they do not grasp that we voted Out because we did not want to be shackled to the top-down rulz of an international class of rich virtue signallers, be they the very well paid bureaucrats in Brussels, be they the even better paid bureaucrats in the UN?

Perhaps the Brexit Saga isn’t coming to an end on Friday after all. Perhaps Brexit is only the first battle we the people won in the war against international rules which stifle us and keep us impoverished.




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