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Could  it be that the Remain Harlots are getting desperate? The esteemed MSM are falling over themselves reporting the latest plots being hatched. It is difficult not to giglge when one sees their proposals, even unto ‘impeachment’. I’ll go into details below.

One incident showed how right our Remain MPs are to worry about ‘non-violent’ language and more ‘gentle politics’. Labour louts had placed a banner across a bridge in Manchester, with Tories hung underneath in effigy and then tweeted the images of their efforts (here). Police are investigating:

“Manchester momentum subsequently deleted their tweet which had the added tag: “Good Morning @Conservatives. Welcome to Manchester.” Momentum denied it was involved. “The banner wasn’t done by Momentum. The Manchester group tweeted it but realised it was inappropriate so they deleted it,” a spokesman said. Greater Manchester police said they were investigating the incident as a public order offence but had no active lines of inquiry.” (paywalled link)

Oh look: ‘it wasn’t us’ and it was the tweet which was ‘inappropriate’, not the actual banner and effigies …:  “It’s all right when we do it”. In case you think that, well, somehow Johnson with his ‘language’ has forced Labour activists to use this way to express their ‘discontent’, think again! They have form:

“It follows a similar incident two years ago when police were forced to remove a “Hang the Tories” banner that appeared on a footbridge in Manchester.” (paywalled link)

Yesterday, Johnson was interviewed on the Marr Show. He didn’t ‘surrender’. Here’s a clip. Mr Deacon, mocking Johnson’s repeated use of the word ‘surrender’, writes in the DT:

“Our chances of a deal have not been helped by the Surrender Act,” said the Prime Minister. And: “There has been an attempt to conceal the effect of the Surrender Act.” And: “On the Surrender Act, I think it’s important for viewers to understand why the Surrender Act is so pernicious.” And: “I must get back to my key point, which is that if you look at the Surrender Act…” The Act in question […] isn’t actually called the Surrender Act; it’s called the Benn Act – or, more formally, the European Union (Withdrawal) (Number 2) Act 2019.” (paywalled link)

It’s extraordinary, isn’t it, how Remain journalists are focussing exclusively on Johnson’s ‘language’ while disregarding the actual effects of that EUWN2 Surrender Bill. But then, why should they be concerned with the effects of that Bill when all they are interested in is that it’ll stop Brexit.

What then are these ‘plots’? There are several, going from giving Bercow the power (here) to write that begging letter to the EU, proposed by Mr Gauke, to impeaching Johnson, proposed by Plaid Cymru, reaching back into History:

“If a majority of MPs voted for impeachment proceedings then Mr Johnson would be prosecuted and tried. The most recent impeachment motion was in 1848 against Lord Palmerston, the foreign secretary, who was accused of drawing up a secret treaty with Russia.” (link, paywalled)

I favour this precedent from History – the Remain Harlots should perhaps heed it:

“Cromwell finally became so frustrated that on 20 April 1653 he led an armed force into the Commons Chamber and forcibly dissolved the Rump, stating: ” You have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately … In the name of God, go!” (link)

The Remain coalition leaders from Corbyn and Ms Swinson of the IlibUndems (Illiberal Undemocrats) to the SNP and Ms Soubry (I dunno what party she now stands for – her own one-woman party?) will meet in the HoC today, to plan and plot (here and here, paywalled here). This is their plot:

“The Remain coalition will meet in Jeremy Corbyn’s office to discuss changing the law to bring forward the date when the Prime Minister legally has to ask Brussels to extend Article 50. They believe the current deadline of Oct 19 does not leave enough time for a court challenge to stop a no-deal Brexit on Oct 31 if Mr Johnson defies the law and refuses to ask for an extension.The Liberal Democrats want the deadline brought forward by two weeks to this Saturday, Oct 5. […] Even if the plot was unsuccessful it would mean maximum disruption was caused to the conference, as MPs and ministers would have to dash back to Westminster to vote.” (paywalled link)

In other words, they do not even want Johnson to negotiate a deal: “What do we want? An Extension! When do we want it? Now!” They are also gearing up, it seems, for yet another Court challenge.

There can be no doubt that the Remain harlots would vote for a Johnson deal. They also demonstrate that they are obviously incapable of properly writing a Bill (the Surrender Bill, a.k.a. EUWN2). Here is why they deem this latest effort to be necessary:

“The plan emerged on Sunday as the opposition parties’ preferred line of attack after they failed to agree on holding a confidence vote in the Prime Minister. The Lib Dems said they would only back a confidence vote if a compromise candidate such as Dame Margaret Beckett became caretaker prime minister, but Mr Corbyn refused to accept that anyone other than himself could take on the role.” (paywalled link)

The other reason for this stunning attempt at changing the goal posts is this:

“Boris Johnson will know the European Union’s verdict on his plans for a Brexit deal by the end of next week, The Times has learnt, as Labour prepares to force a snap election. The government will make its official offer to Brussels in the form of a “legal text” at the beginning of next week before any formal negotiations.” (link, paywalled)

Nick Timothy in the (paywalled) DT describes the attitude of the Remain plotters in the HoC thus:

“Admiring their own achievement, and intoxicated by their own intelligence, opposition politicians are feeling very pleased with themselves. They expect to stop Britain from leaving the EU on October 31, and force Boris into breaking his promise to get us out by that date, “do or die.” They calculate that another extension will enrage Leave supporters so much that they refuse to vote Tory. This, they hope, will let in a Labour government, or a Labour-led coalition. For that coalition, the Lib Dems will demand a second Brexit referendum and rigged electoral reform. The SNP will demand higher spending in Scotland and another independence referendum.” […] They want to humiliate [Johnson] and keep tightening the Benn Act.” (paywalled link)

Nick Timothy thinks that this could well backfire:

 But they are taking people for fools. Voters angry about further delays to Brexit are not going to blame the one politician doing everything he can to take Britain out of the EU. They are going to blame this Parliament of Remainers and Remoaners whose game is as transparent as it is dishonest.” (paywalled link)

There is, of course, always the ‘player on the other side’, the EU. I am constantly astonished that the Remain Cabal seems to think that the EU would be happy to go along with their plans. They seem to think that, if only they can revoke Article 50, Brussels would receive us with open arms and let bygones be bygones. How naive! Here’s one last quote from Johnson:

“The prime minister was asked if he had spoken to other heads of EU states and asked them to block an extension if he is forced to request one. He said: “I am not going to go into discussions I have had with any other EU head of state about EU negotiations. They are interesting but also delicate. It is certainly true that other EU countries also don’t want this thing to keep dragging on. They don’t want the UK to remain in the EU truculent, mutinous, in a limbo. […] There is a strong view across the EU that it’s time to move on. I don’t think they really believe that, as it were, the UK can just go back in.” (link, paywalled)

Today, there’s business in the HoC, mainly to do with questions on NI (link), the session starting at 2.30pm. I’ll watch the proceedings – you never know what might happen!

Meanwhile, let’s say ‘humbug’ to those Remoaning cry-babies and 





Photo by Northshore School of Art

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