Plotters caught plotting en coulisse


Stop press – the Germans have leaked! Really and truly! Obviously they don’t have a Dominic Cummings who warned all who work in the Johnson government that leakers would be thrown into the Tower. Well, lose their jobs which is as bad, nowadays. 

This German leak has been pounced upon with alacrity by our MSM. It is about Brexit and was picked up yesterday afternoon by The Times (paywalled) and the DT (paywalled), followed by the DM (link). Here’s the report in the DT:

“Germany expects a No Deal Brexit and is not prepared to renegotiate the withdrawal agreement, according to leaked details of an internal briefing paper for Angela Merkel’s government. The leaked paper is the first evidence that Germany may be preparing to let Britain walk away with No Deal rather than back down to Boris Johnson’s demand to drop the Irish backstop.” (paywalled link)

That is pretty decisive, isn’t it! Here are details which are even more interesting:

[…] According to details leaked to the usually reliable Handelsblatt newspaper, the briefing paper calls for the European Union to stick to its previous line of refusing to renegotiate the withdrawal agreement. It warns that there is now a “high probability” of a No Deal Brexit on October 31, but says  the EU must not “lose its nerve”. Preparations by Germany and the rest of the EU-27 to manage the impact of No Deal are “largely complete”, and the European Commission is not planning any further emergency measures, it says.” (paywalled link)

If the EU ‘mustn’t lose its nerve’ then neither must we. Our government, now without the wrecker Hammond, is also preparing for no Deal. The Times, having talked to ‘sources’, added the following observations:

“Some Brussels diplomats believe that if Mr Johnson’s government had been in place since 2016 the UK would have left the EU with a deal by now. “The tragedy of this government is that if we’d had them from the start there would be a deal now,” one diplomat told The Times. “They are united. They have clear demands and then we would have found an accommodation. That’s much better than a divided government with Olly Robbins struggling to work out what their position is.” (link, paywalled)

The remarks by those Brussels diplomats caught my eye. They actually mention that it was Mr Olly Robbins who did the negotiations for Ms May who saw his job in making the EU diktat as palatable to Ms May as possible, producing the infamous WA. Note also that this ‘unity’ whereof they speak is being traduced time and time again by our own ‘Remain Rebels’.

There are more quotes from that German paper which are rather interesting:

“”Against this background, it is important from the EU perspective to stick to the previous line” of refusing to renegotiate the withdrawal agreement, it  says, adding that even if the EU were to agree to drop the Irish backstop, it is not clear that Mr Johnson would be able to win approval for a revised withdrawal agreement in parliament. The UK has made repeated attempts to split the EU side, and “the EU-27’s unity in adhering to the negotiated exit agreement” has been “decisive”, the paper says.” (paywalled link)

In summary this means that the EU is prepared for a no deal Brexit and will therefore stand firm. Why then do our Remainers demand that Johnson and our government should keep banging their heads against this EU wall? There’s more:

“Germany has already passed more than 50 laws and measures to deal with the impact of a No Deal Brexit, and the paper provides details of arrangements in the finance ministry’s area of tax and banking. It cites a transitional agreement between the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and BaFin, the German financial regulator on cross-border financial services, and says German customs authorities are prepared for the increased workload expected under No Deal.” (paywalled link)

Well! If Germany is prepared for a No Deal Brexit I assume so are the other EU countries – only we never hear about that because it doesn’t fit the ‘narrative’ of our Remain establishment and Remain MSM.

Clinging to their Project Fear scenarios Remainers are like prisoners who prefer to stay in jail because they feel they can’t cope with real life outside. ‘Institutionalised’ is the description for that mindset.

One other ‘event’ has engaged our MSM. In the wake of the Corbyn Letter and his proposition for a GNU, we read that one candidate has come forward to lead such GNU because Corbyn shouldn’t.

It’s none other that Mr Kenneth Clarke MP, and a more distinguished Remain MP surely is unimaginable! Reports are here, paywalled ones are here and here. Mr Clarke obviously thinks that his hour has come:

“Ken Clarke has said he is willing to lead a government of national unity to stop a no-deal as he compared the Brexit impasse to the Second World War. […] Mr Clarke, 79, who was chancellor under John Major, said that he had returned from a two-week holiday to discover he was being talked up as a potential prime minister. “If it was the only way in which the plain majority of the Commons, which is opposed to no-deal could find a way forward, I wouldn’t object to it,” he told BBC Radio 4’s PM. […] Mr Clarke said he favoured a joint effort by Tory Remainers with Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the SNP to stop no-deal by forcing Mr Johnson to secure an Article 50 extension. “If that fails then, as in 1931, you need a government of national unity. It is not a senseless suggestion. The present crisis is as bad as it was in 1931 or even 1940.” (link, paywalled)

Breathtaking, isn’t it: Remainers comparing Brexit to the situation before WWII! If Clarke sees himself as a modern-day Churchill then, I’m afraid, his delusions of grandeur have become truly dangerous, especially in view of the lurking Corbyn.

However, it seems to dawn on the Remain MPs such as Ms Swinson and certain Tories that Corbyn isn’t interested in this game:

“Lib Dem sources are increasingly convinced that Mr Corbyn is not actually interested in striking an accord to stop No Deal. They believe his appeal for an alliance is more about him wanting to be able to tell Remain voters that he tried to stop a chaotic split from the EU but was thwarted by the Lib Dems.” (link)

As we’ve said so many times: Brexit has become the political plaything for MPs who secretly see themselves in No 10 already, ‘saviours of the country’! Meanwhile, Grieve and his co-conspirators are back-pedalling:

“Tory Remainer rebels were in full retreat mode today after suffering a furious backlash from party colleagues over their willingness to discuss blocking a No Deal Brexit with Jeremy Corbyn. Former attorney general Dominic Grieve insisted he ‘will not facilitate’ making the hard Left Labour leader prime minister after he and three other pro-EU Conservatives were branded Mr Corbyn’s ‘useful idiots’.” (link)

Ah – but that’s exactly what Grieve & Co have been doing! It looks as if the outrage of their constituency members has had some effect, but I don’t believe for a moment that this will stop them from scheming against Johnson and Brexit. Here’s another lot of Tory Remainers caught plotting:

“The Daily Telegraph has learned that a meeting has been scheduled between former Chancellor Philip Hammond and his former cabinet colleagues David Gauke, Greg Clark and Rory Stewart to discuss ways to thwart Boris Johnson’s do or die Brexit pledge with other rebel Tory MPs. […] A source inside the pro-remain group said: “There’s going to be a tactics meeting early next week now they’re all back from holiday. They know they’re [sic!] only got a limited time frame so they’ve got to act quickly.” (paywalled link)

What is it about Brexit that drives all these ‘rebels’ to keep on scheming, plotting, conniving? Why can’t they grasp that it’s their duty to implement our decision, as Mr Cameron kept telling us in 2016 they would?

Why are they wasting their energy and ingenuity on fighting a battle they’ve patently lost? Are they so wedded to their own importance as “Remain Rebels” that they are oblivious not just to the wishes of us, the electorate, but to the welfare of our country?

Since Mr Kenneth Clarke himself evoked the image of WWII, we’re now surely justified to ask if these “Remain Rebels” are afflicted with the mentality depicted in ‘Downfall’, in that now world-famous scene! Are they all waiting for ‘General Steiner’? 

Meanwhile, let’s use these last weeks where Parliament is in Recess and our MPs are present in our constituencies and insist they do their duty to support Brexit, no ifs no buts! 




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