‘Brexmas’ election baubles


Three weeks to go until we vote in ‘the most important election’ in our country evah exclamation mark! Most important for whom, I wonder. Given the various promises of ‘free stuff’ and ‘tax Teh Rich’ our establishment parties are dangling in front of our noses, it’s obvious that this election is just like all previous ones – those before ‘Brexit’ entered our language.

I’ve had to dig down very deeply into this morning’s MSM offerings to find something, anything, about Brexit. Not even the reports on the LimpDumb’s manifesto launch mention that they’re the self-declared party for Remain. The Brexit policies of the establishment parties are now so much a ‘given’ that there’s no need to write about them. They’re just another label: Blue is for ‘the best deal ever’, Red is for ‘we’ll get a better deal and then give you a 2nd Referendum’ and Yellow is for ‘we’ll stop Brexit’. No need to ask what Turquoise stands for, so nobody does ask.

The two interesting bits of Brexit news were well hidden. First let’s hear from Johnson, reported way down in an article in RemainCentral which was mainly about his announcement regarding NI contributions. He made some noteworthy remarks which clarify, for me at least, how this Brexit Betrayal will work, starting with ‘The Deal”:

“While the offer of tax cuts will help the Tories appeal to former Labour voters, Mr Johnson has to defend the party’s own Remain-voting heartlands. Asked to say if there was any chance of a no-deal Brexit under his premiership, he said: “None whatever. We have a great deal.” (link, paywalled)

Yay for ‘The Deal’ – it’s great, no need to ask any longer why, how, or what’s in it. Just take it for granted! M Barnier will be very happy that ‘No deal’ is again off the table. That makes it much easier to keep us ‘In’.

After refuting claims that ‘Brexiteer Tories’ were given ‘plum seats’, Johnson claimed that every Tory PPC supports ‘The Deal’. What he said next is another little straw in the wind, indicating that no, we won’t actually ‘Leave’. Read carefully:

“He won’t commit himself to having the deal passed by Christmas (although the manifesto implies that the legislation will be introduced as soon as a Conservative majority sits in the Commons) nor say who will lead the EU trade talks. After some resistance he gave two substantive answers on how he envisaged the trade talks to be conducted. He agreed that since the UK and EU start in total alignment on tariffs and standards, the main negotiation will be in agreeing the consequences for divergence. “What we will have is a standard arrangement to cope with that [divergence] as you would have in any really deep free-trade partnership.” (link, paywalled)

Is Johnson suitably cautious, not showing his hand, in a ‘not counting chickens …’ attitude? Or is he simply trying not to let the cat out of the bag, that there’s no chance of us actually leaving by the end of next year? Hm ….. Then there’s this:

Second, he agreed that the UK would seek to conduct trade talks with the EU and US in tandem, saying: “Clearly when you are offering your tariff schedules at once to multiple partners you are engaged in an elaborate Rubik’s cube of calculations.” This may suggest to some that the UK is planning to play Brussels and Washington off against one another.” (link, paywalled)

Good gawd – does RemainCentral insinuate here that Johnson is capable of machiavellian politics? I humbly suggest that this is actually Johnson’s electioneering fantasy because our negotiators, clocking up airmiles, won’t be able to confirm anything until M ‘EU’ Barnier has given his agreement – and we do know that he’s already envisaging at least another three years of negotiations … Finally there’s this:

“His answer to how he intended to heal the nation was the most surprising, however. “Once we’ve got Brexit done and got our deal through we will be able to get on not just with the trade side of it but also with building a new partnership with the EU as sovereign equals and discussing the ways in which we are going to help support the EU. The UK is in many ways one of the greatest if not the greatest European power. We can’t walk away from Europe. We are European. This is about feeling and identity. That’s the thing that sometimes Brexiteers need to focus on. As we build the new partnership we have to allow people to express their natural feelings of love and support and interest in Europe. There is nothing wrong with feeling very pro-European.” (link, paywalled)

Pie-in-the sky thinking and fluffy platitudes, with a little swipe at ‘Brexiteers’ who to my knowledge have never said they hate Europe (the continent), to the contrary. But yeah: stick with BoJo and once ‘The Deal’, the best of all deals evah, is done, the Nation is ‘healed’ and we can all be touchy-feely ‘Europeans’. Good grief!

Some astonishing remarks by a certain Mr Tusk were faithfully reported in the DM (link). Mr Tusk is now ‘Mr Yesterday’ as his tenure as one of the EU’s many presidents comes to an end. Never fear though, he’ll still be around, as ‘leader’ of that ‘conservative’ group in the EU Parliament, a counterweight to Mr Verhofstadt. This is what Mr Tusk said:

“EU chief Donald Tusk mocked Boris Johnson and other Brexiteers over their ‘take back control’ mantra today as he lashed out at populist politicians. […] In a calculated jibe at Brexiteers he said: ‘In times of uncertainty, and most probably there will be no other times, when everything changes around us, and runs off in all directions, people want to be certain, that those in power will not abandon them, that they will not turn their backs on them. ‘This is why it is so easy to win people’s hearts by those who shout in a loud voice: ”get up off your knees, make your country great again, take back control”.’ (link)

As expected, Mr Tusk rants against Brexit and ‘populists’. Far more interesting is that he demonstrates once and for all the arrogance of politicians in general: we, the actual sovereign, must never dare to think for ourselves, must never believe that we are capable of governing ourselves  – that is for the ‘elite’, the Tusks, Macrons, Swinsons and Corbyns. A Johnson is a changeling and only part of that ‘elite’ as long as he toes their line. Else he’ll be denounced as just such a devil as Mr Farage who is of course not to be mentioned, just as our ancestors were told by the Popes not to mention the Devil in everyday language.

And finally: according to Mr Tusk we live in an age of ‘crisis’ where everything is changing. It’s as if things have never been ‘changing’ before. That ought to surprise his fellow Poles who certainly were instrumental in the largest political change in the last century!

We poor, thumb peasants must therefore flock to the ‘elite’ politicians, never question their good intentions, believe all they say and vote for them because: ‘free stuff’! Otherwise, it’ll be one ‘Project Fear’ after the other, incessantly, until we creep back into their open arms.

We must never ask what they are doing to prevent such frightful scenarios from occurring. We must never ask how come that they don’t seem to be affected by all those scary ‘events’. Oddly enough, none of them tells us this time that ‘we are all in this together’ … Obviously, we are not!

When you look at the shiny baubles our politicians are offering, keep in mind that they’ll never deliver them, just as they haven’t “delivered Brexit”. The intentions of LibLabCon are clear: Brexit will be betrayed. The one good thing is that unlike in 2017 they are no longer lying about that betrayal.

Therefore, ask all those lying politicians who canvass for our votes in the coming three weeks why we should honour them with our vote when they haven’t honoured ours since June 2016. Make them squirm!





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