Not going to the Polls is not an option!


Aaand – they’re back! The EU, that is. While the bear that is the GE hasn’t been shot yet, i.e. we’ve not even gone to the polls, the EU is already busy distributing its pelt, getting their retaliation in first, their demands for forthcoming negotiations. In other news there was that Andrew Neil interview with Ms Swinson of the Yellows. Also, according to RemainCentral, voters prefer to hear from experts rather than politicians. Oh – and Johnson promises us to let us keep more of our hard-earned money,

Starting with that last bit first, here is a non-paywalled report. Well, it’s better than Labour’s promises of ‘jam tomorrow’ for everybody, being paid for by demanding more money from everybody.

Next, the findings in RemainCentral’s focus group exercise, where The Times found that:

“Amongst our floating voters at least facts do make a difference and people are prepared to shift their views. The problem is maybe more that they simply don’t trust our politicians to give them the facts. Or indeed that they don’t have the opportunity to easily locate them in the helter skelter world of 24-hour news, 280 Twitter characters and spin from vested interests across the spectrum. Our experts were not trying to change our participants’ minds — just give them facts. Perhaps that made them more willing to listen. As one woman lamented: “Everything I hear these days I have to Google to find out if its true or not.” (link, paywalled)

Dearie me! Who wrote that? A trainee? I wonder though if that lady and the others know that experts can and do select ‘facts’, that withholding inconvenient ‘facts’ can and will be used to skew opinions. The ongoing “Climate Whatevah” madness is the prime example.

And so to last night’s Andrew Neil interview with Ms Swinson. Of course I watched. Mr Neil didn’t have to be horrid to the Yellow leader – she did herself in, without any help. It was obviously too much to expect our MSM to hone in on the two main issues, i.e. Ms Swinson’s demand that we revoke article 50 (which she’s now revoked because it didn’t play well) and her policy for us to Remain in the EU.

For the record, here’s a non-paywalled report, here’s a paywalled one: both on the points the MSM found interesting. Only The Express (here) reported that Ms Swinson has not the faintest idea what Remain would actually mean:

“He [Andrew Neil] said: “Your manifesto says that you want to be at the heart of the European Union. “But the heart of the European Union is economic and monetary union. So would you be prepared to join the Euro?” Ms Swinson replied: “I don’t think we should be joining the Euro. “I think that being at the heart of the European Union, I do not interpret in the way that you have just described it there. I think it is about us playing a leadership role in the EU.” (link)

This, from someone who thinks she’s capable of being the PM …! From someone who doesn’t realise that ‘stopping Brexit’ is undemocratic, who said that another Brexit referendum would be ‘democratic’ while rejecting a 2nd Scottish Independence Referendum a minute later because it would be chaotic! As a friend remarked, Ms Swinson is fit to be a Brownie leader, but that’s the top level of her competence.

This interview, as another friend observed, will have pleased Corbyn because Yellows might now rush to support Red. In a coruscating indictment of Remainers, Allister Heath, writing in the DT, demonstrates why this would not pose an ideological dilemma for the hard-core Remainers:

“Having spent the past few years accusing Brexiteers of being anti-business, they are supporting Jeremy Corbyn, the most anti-business leader since Michael Foot. Why? Because they believe him to be the last chance of stopping Brexit, and they don’t care how this is achieved. Their pro-enterprise rhetoric, all the worrying about the extra red tape that leaving the single market and customs union might burden firms with, the entire Project Fear agenda, it turns out, were just for show, a way of trying to fool moderate voters into rejecting Brexit.” (paywalled link)

It has long been our contention that Remainers don’t care what Remain will actually mean for our country, that they don’t know what goes on in the EU and therefore cannot and never have argued for the benefits of our continuing membership. Here is Mr Heath’s analysis. It’s a ‘keeper’:

“For anybody genuinely worried about the supposed economic cost of Brexit, backing Corbyn in the hope of staying in the EU is the equivalent of chopping off both one’s legs to “cure” indigestion. But most of these people aren’t stupid. They are merely demonstrating that they didn’t really believe in any of the liberal principles they cited when opposing Brexit, and that in fact they hate Tories and Brexiteers far more than they love the Remain status quo. They don’t really care about the EU per se; they just have a demented loathing for Eurosceptics and Right-leaning or patriotic people in general. […] Having claimed that they believe in attracting the best and brightest from the continent, they are now supporting a party whose catastrophic policies would lead to massive brain drain from the UK. Forget about free movement: nobody would want to relocate here anymore anyway.” (paywalled link)

Allister Heath’s conclusions are spot on and are a sad and rather horrifying indictment of our politics and politicians:

“It’s no longer about the policies, the people or the ideas; it’s only about belonging to a gang that sees itself as morally superior, and thus entitled to annihilate the other side. The ends always justify the means. It is also snobbery of the most extreme kind dressed up as progressivism. […] As to those who defend their support for Labour by claiming they are gaming the election to engineer a hung parliament, or who argue that Corbyn will never implement his mad agenda, or will be removed in time, I have a simple message: grow up. Politics always catches out those who are too clever by half.” (paywalled link)

Ms Swinson’s arguments last night and the above description of Remain voters by Mr Heath should have made one thing patently obvious: this Brexit GE has descended into the usual warfare between Red and Blue.

In this final week of campaigning, I expect politicians, electioneering ‘gurus’ and our dearly beloved MSM to concoct a new, demented ‘Project Fear’ scenario. I also expect that these last days will see the campaign revert to Brexit v Remain.

The EU, according to ‘sources’, seems to believe that Johnson will make it back into No 10. They’ve prepared their ‘wish list’ (e.g. here) to be presented on their next summit which takes place on Friday the 13th of December (yes, really!). The paywalled report in the DT (here) provides details which are stunning – so stunning that here we’ve given that report our ‘From Behind the Paywall’ treatment.

We still have time to hammer home facts which voters, allegedly, prefer to hear – facts about the EU, about the undemocratic Yellows, about the terrorist-loving haters of our country, the Reds, and about the bumbling Blues who seem to rely on our loathing of Red and Yellow.

We’ve been very patient, but we’ve had enough of the old politics and the latest electioneering lies. Regarding the Remain snobs and the Remain-in-Brexit-clothing politicians, all I’ll say is: on your heads be it if our country is destroyed – not just by Red occupying No 10 but because you’ll have proved that Democracy is dead.

However, saying “NOTA” only counts if we go to the Polls – remaining at home is not an option! Meanwhile, we’ll not lose heart in these last, grim December days until Polling Day and will




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