Polling Day weather?


The final days of the interminable GE Campaign are upon us. Expect more hysterics in the MSM, reporting on what the politicians said or didn’t say but should’ve. Expect more ‘people’ and their opinions being reported as if they were immutable pearls of wisdom. Expect the final polls accompanied by dire warnings. That is to come tomorrow – today we can already see the first signs of these hysterics. 

You won’t be astonished to hear that there’s only one report on the EU in this pottage of news. It’s in The Express, so it’s not paywalled. You can read it under this headline: “Brexit backlash: Why EU ‘fears UK departure as eurozone fragility exposed” (link), but it’s not ‘news’ to us. Also, we’re not told where and when Mr Heathcoat-Amory, a former Tory Europe minister, made these remarks.

Apparently there was a QT on the BBC yesterday evening – forgive me, but I didn’t watch: watching telly rots brains and watching politicians on telly even more so. One report has Nigel Farage and Jo Swinson having a go at each other (link), the other picks up Nigel Farage’s voting intentions (here). The Tories, already having designated TBP as culprits should there be a hung parliament, are predictably upset. It matters to them because of the fear of a hung parliament is gripping them. More on that below.

I note also that in these final days Labour’s antisemitism has been quietly dropped by the MSM. There’s one report demonstrating how deeply this poison has penetrated into the minds of Labour activists and voters. Read it for yourselves here – I’m sickened by it.

With all that out of the way, the spotlights are inevitably turned on Red and Blue. How much the reports on Labour’s tax plans will influence voters remains to be seen. Here’s the first of their inanities:

“A Labour government would fritter away billions of pounds of taxpayers money to create scores of pointless cash-guzzling quangos, new analysis revealed last night. Jeremy Corbyn’s radical socialist vision for Britain includes the creation of more than 100 new semi-public bodies, costing an eye-watering £13.2 billion over the next five years.” (link)

Just as everybody must have a prize so everything must now be run by an ‘agency’. Bureaucrats of the world,… ahem, bureaucrats of the EU, unite … ! Well, now you know why Labour is so comfortable staying in the EU.

Here’s another report on where Labour will get the dosh for their plans from, with a lovely list of taxes on everything, but this one is the worst, showing Labour’s economic illiteracy:

“Labour would impose a one-off £11billion tax on windfall profits against oil companies that would potentially force them to hike the price of fuel just to balance their books. This could hit drivers at the petrol pumps, sending fuel prices soaring by as much as 16p per litre and forcing motorists to spend an extra £90 a year. Labour officials believe the cost of the windfall would not be pushed onto consumers at the petrol pumps, insisting prices are determined by the global market.” (link)

Really? Oh dear. Of course, such price hike would never affect industries relying on transport, such as the supermarkets, and would not influence what we pay for our groceries … Here’s another report on Labour taxes:

“Billionaire Phones4U founder John Caudwell has savaged Labour’s plans to soak the rich as he warned John McDonnell the party’s tax measures could spark an exodus of wealthy people from the UK. […] Mr Caudwell, a well-known philanthropist, slammed Labour’s approach to business and said it ‘frightens the living daylights out of me’ after he was invited for tea by Mr McDonnell.” (link)

It doesn’t need an economic genius to predict that, should all these wealthy people leave the UK, Mr McDonnell will have to look elsewhere for all that money for ‘free stuff’ – and he’ll find it in our wallets. There’s one other report which demonstrates Labour’s and Mr McDonnell’s economic naivety (I’m being kind …). The Times writes:

“John McDonnell […] pointed to what he said were clear problems with the [tech] sector, in which some businesses have been accused of paying only tiny amounts of tax. […] Mr McDonnell suggested that the companies could be broken up or face tougher regulation. “There are clearly issues of accountability and there are clearly issues about the fair treatment of [tech] as a sector, as against other sectors.” […] It is not clear how Britain could break up global technology giants, most of which are based in America.” (link, paywalled)

Ah – the long arm of Labour International, isn’t it! It’s a lovely electioneering slogan though, along the lines of Labour’s ‘jam tomorrow’ promises. There’s more about McDonnell’s plans:

“Mr McDonnell promised to present a budget within weeks of entering No 11 and use it to give all public-sector workers a 5 per cent rise and raise the minimum wage to £10 an hour. […] Labour would also start the process of nationalising water and energy companies within 100 days of taking office. New “governing boards” made up of politicians, workers and customers would run the organisations, which would also have to stream their decisions over the internet, he said. Mr McDonnell said that he would put power back in voters’ hands and allow them to see whether their road “is being dug up, why, and for how long”. (link, paywalled)

Will we all have to install ‘free smart meters’ under Labour? Also, anyone who lives in a town run by a Labour council will know from bitter experience that McDonnell’s ‘promise’ means more ‘jobs for the boys’ who can then act as little tinpot dictators. Allowing ‘the public’ to see what’s going on? Never in a year of Sundays!

And thus we come to the Blue corner. The Tories look to be seriously rattled. A memo which came out on the weekend shows that they are very worried indeed. Here is a non-paywalled report and here are relevant quotes from the paywalled DT:

“Jeremy Corbyn is “much closer” to becoming prime minister than voters think because he could get into Downing Street without winning a single extra seat, a Tory party memo has warned. The memo, dated Dec 7, says the chances of a Corbyn-led coalition have been “seriously underestimated”, as gains of just 12 seats by the SNP, Liberal Democrats and other minor parties would be enough to remove Boris Johnson from No 10.” (paywalled link)

It is, unsurprisingly, about the dangers of tactical voting – not by us Leave voters, but by Remainers inside the Tory ranks – and it’s about complacency. Well, that’s the side effect of publishing poll after poll after poll as instrument to nudge us sheep, ahem: people into voting a certain way! More:

“With just two more days of campaigning to go, the Tory memo – circulated among Conservative Campaign Headquarters staff at the weekend – reflects the fear gripping Tory campaigners over the threat of tactical voting. […] Tory party chiefs are hugely concerned about the danger of complacency setting in among Remain-backing Conservative voters who will look at the polls and think they can “make a consequence-free statement” by voting for another party as a protest. Martin Baxter, founder of Electoral Calculus, said the Conservative vote had “stabilised and consolidated” but warned: “There are still two well known factors of polling. One is polling error, and the second is tactical voting, both of which could take us back into hung parliament territory.” (paywalled link)

Just so – and there are two other well-known factors: people lying to pollsters, and people not going to vote because of the weather. That is mentioned in a sketch by Jack Doyle in the DM. It is typically ageist:

“Rain’s predicted for Thursday, and there’s the chance of snow in Scotland. This could mean older, less mobile, Tory voters stay at home. Especially if they see polls pointing to a majority for Boris Johnson.” (link)

It’s always the old Tory voters who stay at home and don’t vote, isn’t it … especially when it rains … past experiences and exit polls notwithstanding. And there are of course no old Labour voters. The MSM also seem to think that complacency amongst  Red-Yellow supporters doesn’t exist nor that they’ll be affected by inclement weather.

For us, there ‘s just one point to keep hammering home: go and vote! The polling booth is private, and it’s between you and the ballot paper what goes into the ballot box. But you must go and vote: not voting is not an option.

It’s not just about the outcome – it’s about us showing That Lot that we’re not going to be manipulated: not by the MSM, not by polls, not by politicians. They messed up Brexit, they called the election, they try to sell us pie-in-the-sky: on their heads be the outcome!




Photo by HeinzDS

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