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The posh kids and their parents, possibly even their grandparents, have had their playtime at Glastonbury. Now the ‘rulers of the world’, the ‘leaders of the G7, are disporting themselves at a castle in Germany, with the expected declamation of ‘we’re with the Ukraine forevah’. Here’s the link to the collection of headlines, giving the impression that our mighty MSM editors aren’t quite certain what to shout about. Oh – there’s one headline ‘for the people’: “Fightmare”. No, this ain’t the SUN, this is the Daily Star and it’s about ‘airport chaos’. Still, ‘tis a good effort.

It’s interesting to check which important issues have vanished, sunk below the horizon. There’s no mention any longer about Lithuania’s blockade of Russian goods to the Kaliningrad enclave. Last week we were told this might be the trigger for nuclear war, so one might have thought that something in the way of an ‘all clear’ might have been in order. After all, it’s unconscionable to let people go away for summer holidays with such threat hanging over the world. Perhaps the G7 are secretly working on a solution, having recognised that this was a poke too far?

There’s another piece of business news which isn’t in the business news of our MSM. It’s strange because this would surely provide material for wonderful headlines about ‘Putin Bad’. Still, perhaps the Whitehall ‘sources’ aren’t yet certain about how best to spin it. At the time of writing this column the BBC is the only News source reporting on this issue (link). In their report they give background – sanctions! – for this ‘default’, with jaw-dropping sentences hidden in the report’s undergrowth:

“The $100m interest payment was due on 27 May. Russia says the money was sent to Euroclear, a bank which would then distribute the payment to investors. But that payment has been stuck there, according to Bloomberg News, and creditors have not received it. The money had not arrived within 30 days of the due date, that is, Sunday evening, and so is considered a default. Euroclear wouldn’t say if the payment had been blocked, but said it adheres to all sanctions.” (link)

The entry in the pages of that font of all knowledge, wiki, is quite interesting (link), especially when one checks who ‘owns’ that clearing bank. It’s yet another example for the claim, stated so many times by Western politicians, that the West’s political and economic system is ‘based on rules’, as opposed to based on international laws. After all, one can change rules at the drop of a hat without going through long political processes needed when trying to change laws! This is now one of the main differences between Russia, China and ‘the West’. 

And so to that G7 summit in Germany where the ‘Leaders of The West’ are demonstrating in unison that they are economically woefully illiterate by happily rushing out headline-making statements. For example, we’re informed that the G7 will now not buy any Russian gold any longer (link). How Putin will cry! How will that impact our economy? Don’t ask … Here’s something that will impact us: 

“Joe Biden will on Monday attempt to block Boris Johnson’s plan to move away from green fuels amid a transatlantic split over how to tackle the global cost of living crisis. Mr Johnson will address G7 leaders at a summit in Germany and ask them to repurpose land currently used for crop-based biofuels to grow more food. The Prime Minister believes using less green fuel would dampen soaring food prices and help avert famines in poorer countries that rely heavily on Ukrainian grain blockaded in ports by Russia.” (paywalled link)

Someone must have realised that it’s not a good image to let the world starve because ‘Teh West’ want’s to ‘save the planet’ by growing ‘crops for fuel’ rather than food. However …:

“Mr Biden’s officials made it clear on Sunday that Washington will attempt to block the plans in a bid to protect US farmers and avoid jeopardising climate commitments. Downing Street sources admitted that Mr Johnson’s plan would fail without the support of all G7 nations. The Telegraph understands Germany is backing the plan, but it has been rebuffed by the US and Canada.” (paywalled link)

In a nutshell, the USA wants to be both green and support their farmers while that food crisis can go hang as long as Putin can be blamed for it. Another ‘news item’ from that G7 summit is reported by Reuters: they will splash out $600bn to counter China’s ongoing ‘belt and road project’ (link). Ah well, that’ll make not just Putin cry but will also shake Mr Xi in his boots.

More worrying for us is that the Remainers are again trying to nudge us back into the benign arms of Brussels. There’s Macron’s latest ‘initiative’. He’s the ‘EU Leader’ for three more days and has been preparing the ground for the ‘time after’. Macron dreams of a ‘club of European leaders’ which BJ is ‘very enthusiastic’ about, according to France, while his allies deny strenuously that we’d join (paywalled link).

It’s a brilliant piece of Macron Meddling. The worrying bit is that, given Whitehall’s enthusiasm for Remain, given the prospect of Remain Starmer getting into No 10, this may well be the road to ‘Rejoin’, especially in view of the energy market. France’s big energy suppliers which supply us as well are already calling for rationing supply to households “because: Russia”(paywalled link).

You tell me why rationing French households would be necessary when France’s electricity is mostly coming from nuclear power plants – me, I don’t understand it. And what will “we” do, given that we’re facing the same situation thanks to sanctions? You couldn’t make it up:

“Millions of households could be paid to use less electricity at peak times this winter under plans from the National Grid to reduce the risk of blackouts. The company responsible for keeping the lights on is working urgently to establish a scheme to pay consumers with smart meters to ration their usage voluntarily when supplies are scarce. It believes that this could be a cheaper and greener option than paying fossil fuel power plants to generate more electricity, as Russia restricts the gas supplies to Europe and stokes fears over security of supply.” (link, paywalled)

See- ‘smart meters’ now come in very handy, don’t they! According to iNews half of British households and small businesses now have them (link), meaning that the other half hasn’t. Is it even legal to pay half of British households extra money which comes out of the pockets of the other half? Ah – but we don’t do ‘legal’ any more, we only do ‘rules’ nowadays. The ‘plan’ is to pay households “as much as £6 for each kilowatt-hour that they avoid using at peak times” (link, paywalled).

Interesting – does National Grid think that raising the price for peak-time use is somewhat inconvenient? Weren’t we told that using electricity for cooking is greener than using gas? Is there anyone at all in Whitehall who is capable of making coherent policy statements?

I leave you with one more G7 news item. No, not that Mr ‘e will address the G7 summit – that’s unavoidable nowadays. No, it’s about BJ and Trudeau levelling down the tone of that meeting. RT reports:

“‘Shall we take our clothes off?’ UK PM asks G7 leaders (VIDEO) – Boris Johnson and Canadian PM Justin Trudeau joked about exposing their “pecs,” in an apparent attempt to mock Vladimir Putin” (link)

Do, if you can, watch that video. It’s got subtitles so you can grasp what the PM said. It’s nauseating that we’re represented by an immature man who believes that the international stage is just right to display schoolboy ‘humour’.  And finally, staying with BJ and Mr ‘e, the DT reports that:

“Zelensky may be invited on state visit to UK to bolster Boris Johnson’s leadership – Officials are said to be working on the plan, which could include an audience with the Queen for the Ukrainian president” (paywalled link)

Words fail me. It’s irrelevant that these plans are ‘for after the war’. The thought alone of inflicting Mr ‘e on the Queen is nauseating. As for the ploy of inviting yon comedian in order to bolster the political prospects of the other comedian, the one in No 10: I’m rent utterly speechless.

Will no one rid us of this delusional, dangerous, unfit PM?




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