A ‘mystery drone’, NATO and the MSM


Today, I present you with a veritable hotchpotch of ‘news’. From ‘sanctions’ to ‘mystery drones’, from the EU to Biolabs – we have everything even though our MSM prefer to see everything through blue-and-yellow tinted spectacles. Therefore I couldn’t avoid looking at ‘Russian Propaganda Sites’ even though this is becoming increasingly more difficult. 

Here’s why we are forced to see only our own state propaganda: The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday that the EU had ordered the removal of Russian state-owned media from search engines results:

Europe’s effort to cut off access to Russian state-owned media extends to search engines and social-media posts, not just their television channels and online-video feeds, according to a copy of an email from the bloc’s executive arm.The email, disclosed by Alphabet Inc.’s Google in a public database of removal requests, shows how the European Union’s sanctions last week against RT—the Kremlin-backed outfit previously known as Russia Today—and sister online media outlet Sputnik News, are broader than some initially understood. The EU imposed the sanctions in an effort to cut off what officials described as Kremlin war propaganda during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.” (link)

Meanwhile, good old Auntie Beeb has a fulsome piece on that EU meeting where apparently not much was decided (link). There are two news items picked up from the Russian News Agency TASS which one might have hoped to find mentioned in our MSM – if they were, somewhere, I apologise: I’m not wading into that media bog every morning ‘for the duration’. I do need to stay sane. So here’s item No 1:

“PARIS, March 11. /TASS/. The West made a mistake by promising Ukraine NATO membership, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell said in an interview with LCI TV channel.” (link)

Well I nevah! Surely that would’ve been worth a paragraph or two? And then there’s the reaction of Ukraine’s PM, Mr Z. It’s item No 2:

“Last EU decision not ones that Kiev expects, Zelensky claims – The Ukrainian leader claimed that he expects “new sanctions decisions” from the international partners “today” (link)

Bad Macron, bad Ms vdL, bad EU – not doing what Mr Z ‘expects’! Then there’s another item regarding those biolabs in Ukraine which surely should be of some fleeting interest. Depending on which news source one looks at, are either a Russian propaganda invention or are proven to exist, given the documents released by Russia. Reuters, not a Russian propaganda outlet, reported yesterday:

“March 11 (Reuters) – The World Health Organization advised Ukraine to destroy high-threat pathogens housed in the country’s public health laboratories to prevent “any potential spills” that would spread disease among the population, the agency told Reuters.” (link)

Please help me out: why would the WHO tell Ukraine to destroy something which allegedly didn’t really exist? Here’s another piece of news which is an excellent example for how to twist a story while reporting factually. Yesterday, a drone crashed near Zagreb (Croatia). ‘Tis a shocker, as the DT headline shows:

“Russian-made military drone crashes in Croatia after flying through eastern Europe – Local security experts label incident ‘a Nato failure’ as object said to have crossed Romania and Hungary before it crashed.” (paywalled link)

Ah – a ‘Russian’ drone, was it! Clearly, Russian soldiers must be too stupid to use their own drones. The BBC has a nice little ‘mood piece’, reporting from ‘the Balkans’, but acknowledges that this drone was of Soviet era vintage and had been used by Ukrainian forces in 2014 already (link). The rest of the British MSM all report on this ‘mystery’ drone, RT provides a bit more details (link).

The mystery isn’t why this drone flew unhindered and unremarked into and around NATO airspace. The true mystery is who deployed it. Apparently, saying it was ‘Russian’ makes it look like ‘case closed’ for our reporters who seem disinclined to take a closer look because “we” believe the Ukraine, do we not! The BBC slipped this little remark into their piece:

“Although Ukraine’s embassy in Zagreb declined to comment, the Jutarnji List website quoted an adviser to Ukraine’s defence ministry denying that it was their responsibility.” (link)

Yep, it wasn’t them because they say so and our reporters won’t even try to ask if that could possibly be correct. Next in the ‘news mishmash’ there are statements from Biden and the US State Department, Mr Biden first:

“WASHINGTON, March 11. /TASS/. The US won’t go to war with Russia in Ukraine but will defend NATO territory, if necessary, US President Joe Biden said in a speech about Ukraine at the White House on Friday.” (link)

Now that’s reassuring! However, please help me out again: is NATO now  a sovereign state with its own territory? I never knew … Next, we’re told that the USA won’t interfere in the ongoing negotiations between Russia and Ukraine. It’s a report in RT, so must be Russian propaganda:

“Washington will back any negotiations to peacefully resolve the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, but it won’t persuade Kiev to surrender to Moscow, US State Department spokesman Ned Price said on Thursday.” (link)

Ah well, fighting to the last Ukrainian standing it is then, and Mr Z will have more opportunities to harangue the EU and other western leaders, the USA excepted. Meanwhile, in ‘business news’ or rather’ ‘sanctions news’, we learn that the USA is ’ramping up pressure on Moscow’:

“On Friday, the United States prohibited the exportation, re-exportation, sale, or supply, directly or indirectly, from the United States, or by a United States person, of US dollar-denominated banknotes to the Russian government or any person located in Russia.” (link)

That’ll certainly make Russians rise up en masse and ‘cancel’ Putin! And just like Biden is blaming the US rise in gasoline prices on Putin, the ‘supply chain issue’ is being raised in the DT, firmly putting the blame on food price inflation on Putin:

“Russia’s blockade of Ukraine’s Black Sea port is devastating for global food supplies. Russia and Ukraine, respectively the largest and fifth-largest wheat exporters, together account for 29 per cent of international annual sales. Prices are already surging, […] Ukraine’s agriculture minister said 15 million tonnes of wheat, corn and barley are currently piled up in and Ukraine is desperate to export them.But it can now only do so by land.” (paywalled link)

In a sane world, the CEOs of trade, food and business ‘councils’ would by now tell their governments to do all they can to get Ukraine to negotiate with Moscow, to end this war. We are however not in a sane world any longer.

It becomes ever more obvious that the powerful of this world, be they the government ‘leaders’, be they the industrialists, bankers, trade and business leaders, are more interested in ‘punishing Putin’. Never mind rising inflation, never mind economies trashed everywhere. This only affects ‘the little people’, i.e. us – and we’re happy to bear such ‘small sacrifices’ for Ukraine, aren’t we!

As it’s the weekend, I leave you with this one text to read. It’s the transcript of the press conference and ensuing Q & A session following the meeting between Mr Lavrov and the Ukrainian Foreign Secretary in Turkey on Thursday 10th March. The site will load very slowly because it’s a Russian site. You also need a machine translator. I’ll also publish the text, translated by machine. You can read it here.

Enjoy the weekend but don’t believe a word our MSM write about Russia and Ukraine, not while we’re prevented from checking out Russian news sites ourselves.


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