More and more people are now saying openly that immigration, especially the uncontrolled mass immigration we’ve seen in the past years here in the UK and in the EU, is actually a bad thing. More and more people are no longer afraid to speak out and act on this issue with their vote.

The International Left however and their handmaidens, the MSM here in the UK and across the world, are not giving up so easily. Their latest attempt is to make us weep and feel bad about ourselves yet again, crying “these are children! Think of the children!” when reporting on fakefugees, with ‘slebs’ at the forefront.

Something has changed though, and that is the reaction of their formerly adoring public. For example, they tweet back, asking them how many ‘children’ the ‘slebs’ have re-homed in their mansions, thus exposing the virtue signaling of those celebrities to the glare and laughter of the public.

While our home-grown virtue-signallers in the UK still bewail the fate of 20-year-old ‘children’, and while our MSM show fakefugees sitting pitifully on a cold street in Serbia (Serbia? Never mind, it’s right across the Channel, innit, and don’t mention that these people have refused going into proper shelters because they don’t want to be registered), the International metro-elites are now in a full fight with the President of the USA because of that ‘travel ban’. That’s a bandwagon our home-grown lot jumped onto with alacrity, and since the Government has rejected their pitiful ‘Ban Trump’ petition while agreeing with the one we published here on UKIP Daily, to invite the US President, they are now reduced to beating the drum for a demo on the date of the actual visit.

So far – so ‘business as usual’.

As always though, there’s an underlying theme hidden beneath the ‘travel ban’ noise and the wails about ‘children’. That is the slogan pushed by the various, Soros-supported NGOs: ‘Open Borders’. This will become more prominent because the ‘Intellectuals’ are refining their arguments and have now elevated it to the question of ‘nationalism’ and ‘patriotism’: are they a good or a bad thing?

International intellectuals, generally ‘left wing’, regard nationalism as a profoundly bad thing. It means, for them, a regression to the time when there were actual nations in Europe, pursuing their own interests with ‘violence’, a.k.a. War. This visceral rejection of nationalism and the nation state goes back to WWII. Today, we hear a lot about the mainly imaginary rise of fascism, but the one and only time that actual, real fascists attempted to take over the world, they were defeated by nation state patriotism!

If it hadn’t been for the nation states and patriotism, Hitler would have won the second world war. If the EU succeeds in combining the countries of Europe under one, unelected, supranational government, any future Hitler can simply take control of that without firing a bullet. This plaque, in the EU visitor centre, says it all:

The argument of the intellectual, lefty elites goes like this:  You don’t want war, do you? So you cannot possibly support the Nation State because Nation States always fight wars. And how can we prevent war, this dreadful fate? By abolishing the Nation State! By having Open Borders!

See how that works? Did you know you were a war monger because you want border control? Are you ashamed yet?

Bu there’s more.

Nationalism, they say, is in fact nothing more than overblown Patriotism, which is in fact just Tribalism, one tribe fighting against another, like in the Stone Ages. We however are modern and progressive, aren’t we, so we are doing away with all that … everybody is welcome … ‘no human is illegal’ … and if you think differently, shame on you, you Neanderthaler! If you’re not ashamed now, you won’t be invited to the champagne dinners in Quislington!

Be aware that this latest intellectual twist, denouncing nationalism and patriotism, is confined to high-brow publications at the moment. It will however soon appear in our MSM, now that they have run aground with their wails about immigrant children. We’ll no longer simply be smeared as xenophobes, but denounced as warmongers if we don’t allow more invaders to come in.

It is so obvious, isn’t it, that defending one’s borders is equivalent to war!

It is so obvious, isn’t it, that to ‘feel good’ about ourselves, we must be peaceful and let the invasion happen – else the invaders become angry and send terrorists, or so the opposition to President Trump’s so-called ‘travel ban’ has claimed.

By now it must have become blindingly clear that all this is not about rescuing some poor souls, but about the destruction of Western Society by all means possible. One of those means is economic, the unlimited immigration to the Western Welfare states, where ‘all are welcome’ means ‘all are welcome to receive benefits’. As the economist Milton Friedman said:

“It is one thing to have free immigration to jobs. It is another thing to have free immigration to welfare. And you cannot have both.“

Indeed. For how long are we going to allow our metro-elites to get away with their virtue signalling while we pay our taxes and see our hard-earned money squandered on fakefugees while our old people are literally being thrown on the scrap heap? What if we are no longer willing to accept this? It might end in tears – so how can the metro-elites prevent that?

Here’s their ‘solution’: we must be taught to feel bad about being patriotic, about defending our nation. That is the reason for the International Left elites decrying patriotism as ‘pure tribalism’. That’s why they are trying to teach us to feel ashamed about being patriotic, about standing up for ourselves against the invaders.

That is why we also must resist following the mental contortions by well-meaning ‘conservatives’ who are trying to somehow denounce patriotism. They are so entangled with the intellectually-left metro-elites that they are incapable of seeing the wood for the trees: control our borders or lose our state. They are scared of stating this simple truth: our Nation must be defended by us.

Ashamed of being a Patriot?

In a time of war, Patriotism is the salvation!

It’s as simple as that.

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