INDEPENDENCE Daily is a news and commentary outlet for all things Brexit, like the opinion and letters pages in a quality broadsheet.

With the difficulties over the past year having been exacerbated in the last couple of months, it’s time for Brexiteers all over the country to pull together to ensure that we get the Brexit we all voted for.

INDEPENDENCE Daily aims to give a platform to all views about Brexit, so that they can be discussed in an open and sensible manner.

We want the grassroots to have a say in how the government is carrying out the expressed wishes of the majority who voted to leave the EU in 2016.

We also invite people from industry, the media and from think tanks to offer their views about the course of action being taken by the government.

INDEPENDENCE Daily is, as its name suggests, independent of any political party but is supportive of any party, group or organisation whose aim is a clean, full Brexit.


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