Editor’s Note: This piece is a continuation of a subject published right here on Independence Daily last week.

Firstly thank you all for the many responses and encouragement, they gave me a lot of food for thought.

Inevitably there was a lot of reference to Ukip & Reform and that highlights an issue that has always bothered me about Ukip, namely the management conflicts between the NEC & Leadership which has always reminded me of the relationship between a football club owner and the manager. Reform is considerably more streamlined of course but through appointments rather than any democratic influences.

For LMI I envisage a much simpler organisation because the input will come (hopefully) from people like yourselves. Democracy in action if you choose to contribute. Its only purpose is to collate ideas and provide support, to allow Independents to collaborate and stand out, rather than stand alone. Whether they choose to is another matter. However the usual approach of splinter Parties is a list of what they would like to do differently, which the vast majority pretty much ignore, and they fail because they work alone against the might of the ConLab establishment.

The logic behind LMI is simple and two-fold;

1. to build a portfolio of shared political objectives, and

2. to provide a common platform for the public’s recognition, to challenge that ConLab establishment head on, and make the independent vote worthwhile.

Of course, that will take money and organisation including a website but with sufficient support I suggest it could prove to be a lot more popular electorally and give “the blonde potato” and others something to really worry about, especially if we ever start talking about consequences and as supporters, can work collaboratively, contacting letters pages for example.

What kind of party claims that sexually active under-aged girls are making an informed choice? That they should keep quiet for the sake of diversity? That cannot stand up to woke protestors, or BLM. Perhaps more to the point, what kind of spineless or twisted people do they attract? I’ve noted two shockers from Labour but I don’t regard the Tories as any better – I just cannot think of any good examples from the other side right now, other than their rampant corruption and the emasculation of Parliament.

One area I really do think is worth dwelling on is Common Purpose and in particular what we have lost through it. The passage between the Dixon of Dock Green era and Cressida Dick’s modern Police Force. We can all see the results of Common Purpose – and anything promoted by the B liar, they are the kind of wrongs that I’d like to see us seek to right, rather than just blindly accept the future direction of travel while grumbling in the wings. I want my kids to have a decent future.

Simple statements of what we all want would be a great start and any help would be gratefully received. I will attempt to collate and categorise sensibly. A few opening gambits;

  • keep our statues safe, take pride in our history, respect for UK values and the current lack of consequences if you don’t like the rules – ie. do one. (The appalling business at Batley school a case in point.) Putin is very specific about keeping Russia Russian. I suggest we like-minded Brits do the same.

  • Secure borders, controlled immigration, gender equality, safe streets,

  • an unbiased BBC. I’m not sure we can do much about the feeble MSM other than recommend The Spectator but I’m sure you can all think of plenty more things currently threatened that we would like to preserve or bring back.

And here’s another thought, if Independents stand under our banner then betray it on the hustings, let us help their opponents destroy them.

One LMI political opportunity I want to highlight here is the one engaging just about everybody right now, how Covid has been handled by gov‘t (ie. badly) and the almost total lack of Parliamentary opposition, the same House Viv frequently refers to as the House of Ghosts (when not peacocking). I am NOT suggesting it is the only opportunity but I am suggesting it’s a very good example of what we could aim for if LMI can be made to work.

There is a very timely letter in this week‘s Spectator called ‘Starmer’s Failure’ (see here), responding to the idea that Kier Starmer has decided to ‘suspend normal political combat‘ (for a year!) because of Covid. The net result has been no effective opposition except from a few Tory backbenchers such as Desmond Swayne.

The handling of Covid is the one big issue that has finally forced influential people to speak out and there is plenty of criticism from figures in the media, Andrew Neil, Peter Hitchens, NF, Lockdown Sceptics, UK Column, UNN, and other disciplines, Lord Sumption, The Great Barrington Declaration and NHS whistleblowers to name a few. There is much to criticise and the letter writer obviously agrees because he goes on to say ‘surely the reverse is true‘, that because no prominent party (or political force) has questioned lockdown, voters are frightened into believing it is the only way…etc.

I‘m suggesting LMI could become that force – beyond Covid I mean – if we can focus on the wrongs that we want to right, and provide sufficient attraction for Independent candidates to want to support it.  No baggage of a Party name or need for registration with the Electoral Commission, no political Klingons, the type that now swarm around the Reform Party trying to justify their existence. Just a lot of idea contributors and a small core of people with a sufficient income stream to create and support the LMI vehicle and in due course attract Independent candidates, nationally if not locally, to help make their presence more widely known. With a core agenda we all agree on.

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