Our very busy Brexit stall on Sunday 20th January – and an invitation: do it again!


I came round the corner to find quite a few of us already there – happily chatting and setting up. It was going to be a good day! And it was indeed – sunny, dry, no wind, cold but just about OK.  On top of that we had 2 members from Harrow who had come to help, one bringing the most amazing posters for us which he had designed and made himself. We also had help from a Barnet branch member who travelled for one and half hours to get to us –  and our regular helper from Walthamstow – thank you! We decided to put the posters up on the wall behind us and they certainly attracted attention all day.



Hampstead was extremely busy, so just as well there were nine of us across the day, and we attracted a huge amount of attention. As well as posters we also had our Union jack, Brexit leaflets and Hoaxit leaflets, Outpost newsletter, UKIP membership flyers,  and our WTO badges. We were ready for anything! Lots of people stopped to chat, some for and against Brexit of course. Many were pleasant and genuinely wanted to debate it, which was very refreshing. Some had concerns about the economy, and we were happy to discuss it.

But there were of course a few of the usual rude Remainers – we had the odd swear word thrown at us, and I had a leaflet demanded and then torn up in my face and handed back to me – how mature! It’s funny how that type never stop to explain their position!  However no one seemed shocked to see us – we’ve been there a few times now so probably it’s not a surprise anymore!

What I did gather though is that there are still quite a lot of confused people out there – telling me they would be voting ‘Remain’. OK… but the vote was nearly 3 years ago?! Blank stares – hmmm – they can either see into the future or they are very, very confused – have some people still not woken up!? What amazed me was some people clearly only visiting the UK telling us firmly that we had made a mistake in voting for Brexit – we were misinformed and lied to apparently – yes but not by the side they think!


One of my strangest visitors was a man who tried to take a bundle of leaflets without me seeing – so I asked him why. He said he was a Socialist and a Corbyn supporter and would like to deliver them for us. When I questioned his motives he became indignant and said ’don’t you want them distributed?’ In the end I gave in…who knows, maybe he will…!   I also noticed a man taking lots of photos of me while I was photographing some people chatting to our team – when I spotted him he ran off…! Perhaps I’m going to appear as a ‘far right activist’ on some sort of propaganda somewhere – I guess asking my actual opinions is of no consequence these days….!

However we all agreed it was a really good and worthwhile day – lots of us, lots of passers by chatting, lots of good interaction, and lively and busy most of the time. Most of the team got into some very interesting conversations.

As we packed up, we started planning the next one straightaway.  Why not come along and join us?       




Find the details for this appeal  in  ‘For Your Diaries’


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