For a lot of years I have watched and been involved with attempts to break the ConLab stranglehold on British politics, which has never been more obvious than now under Covid, Boris locking the country down every which way and Starmer asking for more restriction, not less!


Parliament has been rendered useless but beyond Covid, the established Parties are unrecognisable to older eyes, whether through candidate selection, electoral complacency or enfeebled media.


Splinter Parties have waxed and waned but will never achieve the following necessary to change national politics. The closest attempts we‘ve seen have relied very heavily on Nigel Farage‘s influence but even he has always been excluded from the House of Serpents, by fair means or foul.


Which brings me to “Like-Minded Independents – a collaboration of …”  The collaboration I envisage is not cross-political, the intention is to reach beyond, to non-political public figures and organisations who can see the decline we see and have already expressed major concerns with the manner that covid has been managed in the UK. 


Politically, if it gets that far, the idea of Like-Minded Independents is just that: Not a Party, nothing requiring registration or a small army of Party klingons – just individuals, prepared to stand as Independents, broadly supporting the concerns and outcomes expressed by the collaborators with  a simple expression of political, even radical, objectives. 


Mine would include:

  1. significant reform to the structure of Government, 
  2. the promise of a stable, patriotic, financially responsible, independent nation,
  3. the exposure, influence (and influencers) of Common Purpose
  4. the exposure and punishment of corruption, 
  5. brutal objectivity
  6. consequences …


There‘s room for plenty more but avoiding a Party leaflet approach – the why us not them – is intentional, trying to focus instead on what type of country we want and how to get it back.


I‘m putting it to the followers of INDEPENDENCE Daily, a site I‘ve followed since the early Ukip days, and because I want to collect and collate ideas and periodically publish them, rather than see them lost as the days move on, documented in and by INDEPENDENCE Daily.


At the moment I‘m still running a business (when the doors open again!) so I have some admin capacity and I am not concerned about funding at the moment, unless and until the idea gathers momentum in which case a rethink might be due. What I‘d like right now is ideas: 

  • Potential contacts, incl influential ones: how to reach them and maintain interest.  Imagine every Wetherspoon pub visually supporting L-MI
  • How people could stand as an Independent – what support they’d need, etc
  • The importance or otherwise of involvement with local politics –  is focussing on national events more important?
  • And what role can L-MI supporters play, to spread the word etc?


That‘s it for now – over to you, comments welcome! Call me stupid but I feel we have to try!


Ed: I’m happy to offer the pages of INDEPENDENCE Daily for collecting ideas and information. 


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