Felix Aubel writes:

Alongside Clive Easton, the hard-working UKIP Chairman in Brecon & Radnor, I was delighted to organize the very successful cross-party clean Brexit Leave Means Leave street stall in Bethel Square, Brecon, Powys, on Saturday 6 April 2019.  Many thanks to Clive Easton for ensuring that we had one of the largest turnouts of any of the previous ten very successful stalls which have been held across West and Mid Wales since November 2018.  Hundreds of various pro-Brexit leaflets were distributed to shoppers, some of whom wished to have more literature, pens, and badges to give to other people.

Both Clive Easton and I would like to say a special thank you to all the UKIP Brecon & Radnor members who gave up their time to man our stall.  Also a big thank you to the several other people of various pro-Brexit party political persuasions who travelled to Brecon in order to stand up for Brexit and oppose the terrible Brexit Betrayal of the EU Withdrawal Agreement and the Remainer dominated Parliament, which is seeking in every possible way to overturn the democratic wishes of the record 17.4 million people who voted to Leave the EU without any ifs or buts.

Afterward, we all agreed that although there were the inevitable rude Remainers plus a couple of extremely rude young Communists, the overwhelming impression was of real support for a clean Brexit and frustration with the Government and Parliament.  One middle-aged couple ventured the opinion that although the wife had voted to Leave the EU, the husband voted to Remain.  However, he soon said that he was now supporting LEAVE because of what was happening in Westminster!

Altogether, we had a most enjoyable and very successful day, which also provided an opportunity for like-minded people to socialize together as well as campaigning on behalf of the common cause to free the UK from EU tyranny.  

I look forward to returning to Brecon & Radnor in order to do another Brexit Means Exit stall, in the not too distant future.

Our next pro-Brexit stall will be held in Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, on Saturday 20 April.  More details to follow.

Kind Regards,

Felix Aubel

Leave Means Leave Coordinator

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