Janice North writes:

Rainy Days and Brexit – UKIP North London’s Brexit Stall in Stanmore on Sunday 3rd March

Our branch is now looking after Harrow as well so we decided to head to Stanmore – being the busiest town centre in the constituency. Our candidate for the area came along and we had the Harrow version of our branch’s new newsletter, dealing with local issues – and aptly named ‘Harrow Local’ (we have also published Camden Local and will be producing Brent Local as well).

We set up outside Sainsbury’s with a bit of shelter from the rain. The day went well. A few people of both opinions stopped to chat. We noticed a man walking up and down alongside us but in the road. Eventually, I offered him a  leaflet ‘No thank you’ he said without looking at us ‘I don’t take leaflets from Nazis!’. Mission accomplished he then rushed off (don’t they always?).

After a while some security staff came out of Sainsbury’s.  I braced for the request for us to move on, but they seemed in no hurry. Eventually, they came over and said they had received some complaints about us being outside. As it was their land I offered to move our stall. ‘No’ they said. ’It’s OK – customers complain about everything under the sun anyway – you can stay!’. Turned out one was a Remainer and one a Brexiteer – both very pleasant and they stayed for a chat. All well and good and a pleasant surprise.

We had a few leaflets fired back at us at top speed like catapults but that’s nothing compared to what we’ve experienced elsewhere. Due to the demographics of the area we had a couple of interesting conversations about Israel and the perception of UKIP within certain communities. One man turned out to be a huge champion for UKIP and was very happy to see us, having defended us constantly to his friends and family who had the usual misconceptions about us.  This is why it’s good to get out and about everywhere – especially in areas that have been neglected for a long time. We show that UKIP is alive and kicking, that we are still fighting for Brexit –  and also opens up lots of conversations.

 So far our ‘Local’ newsletters have been popular – in fact, a couple of local problems that have been highlighted to us had already been addressed in the newsletters.

One of the most common questions we get asked as soon as people see us is ’What do you think is going to happen with Brexit ?’ And an interesting discussion normally ensues.  Local people want to know how Brexit or the delay of it will affect their everyday lives and UKIP must be ready to discuss this. Many MPs seem only concerned with what they want rather than how ordinary people are being affected by this constant wrangling.

The rain was coming back so we decided to leaflet the local streets for half an hour in the direction of the nearest pub and head on inside!

Another good day’s work for Brexit and UKIP. Look out for us this weekend in North Finchley!

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