Felix Aubel reports:
As the Leave Means Leave Coordinator for West Wales, it was a great pleasure to organize the most successful cross party clean Brexit LML street stall in Owain Glyndwr Square, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, on Saturday 23 March. I must confess that, initially, I had some reservations about holding a pro-Brexit street stall in what was allegedly bastion of Welsh Nationalist Remain voters. In reality, I had nothing to worry about, apart from a few cat calls from a couple of Remain voters who shouted that “You lot are a disgrace to Aberystwyth and you should not be allowed to hold a stall here”.  So much for democracy and the right of free speech!
What, however, was particularly encouraging is that not one Leave voter whom we spoke to, now supported remaining in the EU. Also, several Remain voters in 2016 now supported Brexit because of the terrible way in which the EU were treating the United Kingdom in order to frighten any other member state from contemplating leaving their authoritarian and essentially undemocratic institution. Several hundred miscellaneous pro-Brexit leaflets were also distributed to passers-by, some of whom requested additional literature and badges to give to their family, friends and neighbours.
Thank you to everyone who assisted with this vital cross party work to Stand Up for Brexit and oppose the Brexit Betrayal of the EU Withdrawal Agreement.
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Janice North reports:
Five go to Westminster – UKIP North London make a stand against the Remoaners Rally on Saturday 23rd March
I don’t know why I had to be in Westminster on the day of the so called People’s Vote march or what I hoped to achieve – I just knew I had to be there. This is my city –  my home – and I refuse to hand it over to these miserable whinging unpatriotic Remainer whingers for even one day! We arranged to meet at Westminster with our Union jack flags and our UKIP flag on a massive pole and wandered into the square.

‘Thank goodness you are here!’ someone shouted, and a coach driver ran over to greet us. He was bussing them all in, but was an arch Leaver, and a UKIP voter. His colleague was the same. We talked about everything and how angry we were that they thought they could scupper democracy.      

This proved to be a theme for the day – Brexiteers coming over to say hello and thank us for being there. We were the main focal point for them as they were all incognito. There were 6 of us to start – and throughout the day phone calls came through from  other Ukippers trying to meet up with us – slowly we were all deciding we could not leave our city to these  traitors even for one day!

We knew we had done the  right thing – all Brexiteers are feeling depressed at the moment – being together and doing something helped. And as I always say, no day spent campaigning for Brexit is ever wasted. At least 3 people asked for our details and said they were going to join, and a few even stood with us.

‘Its too dangerous for you – the marchers are coming!’ I turned to see a policeman, full of  concern, standing behind us. They had been alerted we were there and wanted to move us away from the square. The remainers were on their way. I gave my details as leader of the group, and the police said we had done nothing wrong, they were just worried about us, and someone had complained about us being there! In MY city! My HOME!     

We eventually moved to the railings where the monument to the murdered policeman rests, giving a couple of interviews along the way. We felt like a complete novelty to the press – but the ‘secret’ Brexiteers waiting around to see the march were grateful for our presence.

The police were still worried about us but still unable to persuade us to move on for our safety, they allocated us our own policeman  who was unbelievably kind and supportive. He didn’t argue with anything  we said and agreed to photos as well. He seemed fascinated but also pleased that we were making such a stand. We found other Brexiteers by the railings holding up signs and braving the wrath soon to come.

And come it did. Soon the Remoaners arrived in their thousands with their placards and foreign (EU) flags. A photographer whispered to us he was a Lever too and took our photo. Others whispered their support too. We stood our ground for an hour while they heaved past us. The money they have is unreal – celebrities, huge screens all down the streets, loud music, loudspeakers, trucks, you name it, they had thrown their wealth at this, and seemed very pleased with themselves.  So we enjoyed the aghast expressions on their faces even more when they saw our UKIP rosettes and flag. It was becoming even more worth it!   

Eventually we started to tire so decided to make our way to a Weatherspoons pub. Our policeman shouted over to one of our members ‘They’re off to the pub!’ for me. The crush was huge, but I felt sure we would break free soon, but it got worse as we pushed along.

‘What’s UKIP doing here?’ ‘Brexit is… uh oh!’ when they saw us. Children with ‘B***cks to Brexit’ and ‘Sh**e’ on their T-shirts. Dirty looks. Arguments. Pushing, shoving, shouting, tutting. It was all too much as tried to get out and eventually we all lost each other. Two of our chaps had to have a police escort to get through and the crowd were of course disgusted that UKIP were being looked after…

Stuck in a corner, Tom Watson was announced. Get me out of here I thought! Then a load of drivel bellowed out on their expensive microphones about how all medicine  for all serious illnesses would immediately be unavailable… I started to sweat… the speeches were worse than the crush…I felt sick and it wasn’t the overcrowding but the nauseating drivel…

Along the way we gathered supporters, some we lost in the crowd, but even once we reached the pub Brexiteers ‘incognito’ came  over to chat and have a drink with us.  

Was it worth it? Yes it was. No one marches through my city  demanding we destroy democracy, calling us racists and idiots, without us trying to do something about it. We weren’t taking it lying down and we didn’t. This is our home – the land of democracy – are we now to be dictated to by traitors and have a foreign flag flown everywhere?

 The worst thing? The majority were white British – and they hate their own people, culture and country.

Are we finished? Have we lost? Not if we have anything to do with it….!

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