Ignorant, obtuse, stupid, vacuous and foolish: that’s the Remain MPs, that’s Ms May and that’s the Remain MSM. Then there are the ever so clever turncoats who have wafted soft, intelligent arguments about Brexit over us every time they opened their mouths, be it in the HoC or on telly – I’m looking at you, Mr Jacob Rees-Mogg, and at you, Mr Boris Johnson! You and your acolytes have told us for months how bad Ms May’s WA is – but now you will vote for it (here and here)?

Suddenly, within less than a week, we are supposed to believe that ‘No Deal’, which you lot maintained was always ‘better than a bad deal’, has become so terrible that Ms May’s despicable WA – the WA which you have denounced for months as a treaty to sell us out and into vassalage – is the only option? Really?

Mr Rees-Mogg’s ‘reasoning’ (see here) is that staying in the EU is worse than the WA deal. You couldn’t make it up! Why the fuss then? Why the hours and days of ‘debate’? Why didn’t you vote it through at the earliest opportunity?

Naive people like me would of course like to know what has changed your lofty minds! The prospect of a GE which you assume you’d lose should there be an extension? Or the shiny bauble of a possible resignation of Ms May when ‘her deal’ goes through? Are you really so gullible as to believe one word she says, after the years of her lies? Or are there now some secret protocols which convinced you to back her – but which we plebs must of course not be told about?

When there’s a major shift in the interpretation of a set piece, for example in science, the call alway is: ‘show us your workings’ so that we can follow your reasoning.

Politicians, especially those clever clogs, should now show us theirs: why has this WA, denounced all over the place since it was presented by Ms May, suddenly become the only game in town?

Were the debates about the Backstop, the arguments from the DUP all just smoke-and-mirrors, posturings for posterity? Were they a personal ‘Project Vanity’, for future use, to climb up the greasy pole to become PM?

This evening Ms May will meet the 1922 Committee where the backbench MPs will tell her that they will sell their souls, their promises to us, for a bowl of pottage and vote through her WA if only she will resign:

“The Prime Minister will attend a meeting of the 1922 Committee of backbench Conservative MPs where she will be pressed to announce she will be gone by the autumn. In return, “a lot” of Brexiteers would drop their opposition to her Brexit deal, giving her until Friday night to get it agreed before a deadline set by the EU.” (paywalled link)

One’s got to read carefully between the lines though to grasp some meaning, see here (same paywalled link):

“Some Eurosceptics will make it clear to her on Wednesday evening that the price they will extract from her for their support is her departure.”

So ‘some’ are now ‘a lot’? There’s more:

“Nigel Evans, the executive secretary of the 1922 Committee, said: “If the Prime Minister announces a timetable of departure, I think that’s going to swing a lot of people behind her deal, we could get it over the line. A number of Brexiteers are reluctant to support her deal because they think if it gets over the line she will say ‘look what I’ve achieved, I’m staying’. We need to know that she won’t be in Number 10 for the next phase of the negotiations […] If she doesn’t come out and say it, I think some MPs will directly ask her to name the date.” (paywalled link)

What makes those MPs think that she would keep her promise? Remember ‘No deal is better than a bad deal’?

Do the legal arguments of e.g. Mr Howe QC or of Sir Bill Cash not matter any longer? Those of you with good eyesight can read the letter sent yesterday by Sir Bill Cash and others here. But then again, that’s now seemingly irrelevant.

These little ‘news’ coming from the EU – have you turncoats pondered them in your wisdom and decided they’re negligeable? For example:

“The European Commission announced today it will withdraw two stations from the European satellite navigation system Galileo in the British Falklands and Ascension Isles. Brussels says the system cannot be located in a “third country” which the UK will become following its withdrawal from the European Union.” (link)

We’ve not yet even left the EU, according to the old timetable!

And what about the EU parliament just having passed the Law that kills the internet (link)? Oh, and lookit here:

“Guy Verhofstadt, the European parliament’s lead negotiator, said yesterday that he was “very pleased” that MPs had voted to take control of Brexit from the government. “Until now all the Commons votes have been against something. This is the first time that there is a vote for something, cross-party co-operation. We have long called for that.” (link, paywalled)

Why doesn’t that make your blood boil, Mr Rees-Mogg? And what of Kate Hoey MP’s question to the Speaker? Philip Johnson writes in the (paywalled) DT:

“Kate Hoey, the Brexit-supporting Labour MP, asked the Speaker: “[…] Does EU law overrule our Parliament?” Well, yes Kate. Is that not the issue here, one largely drowned out by a sterile argument over trading relationships, tariffs and chlorinated chickens? For most Brexit voters this whole business is about sovereignty.”

The Rees-Moggs, BoJos and other formerly oh-so-principled Brexiteers surely know that? Is this vital issue of our sovereignty now irrelevant because they need to cling to their cushy jobs as MPs – with a salary rise kicking in on April 1st …?

Andrew Lilico in the (paywalled) DT closes his coruscating article thus:

“Well, when I said May’s deal was worse than Remaining, what I meant was that May’s deal was worse than Remaining. […] And when I said MPs should vote down May’s deal and force our opponents to cancel Brexit, if they must, rendering themselves and their parties politically toxic, I meant that as well. The Spartan Whigs [Ed: the firm 30 or so Brexiteers who won’t vote for May’s Deal] are right. Defeat here, in the form of Brexit being cancelled, will empower our cause, not finish it. Vote down May’s deal, and let the deluge commence.”

Not that his advice will be heeded: sell-out is the motto of the day. But there will be a reckoning, and the allegedly ‘1 million remainers’ bussed into London last Saturday will not prevent it. Do read Kipling’s poem ‘The Beginnings’ again! The time is coming for civic unrest – which must be shrewd, witty and wily but non-violent.


The Brexit Countdown has become irrelevant.

Still, we will KBO

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