‘Just good friends’ – doesn’t really sound much like the introduction to a political article does it?

Well, just listen or watch for a while and I will introduce you to my good friend with whom I played golf this morning.

It was in our part of the world on a beautiful morning after almost a week of rain.  There were puddles in places on the walks, but the course has a great capacity to absorb monster downfalls and just a touch of overnight frost.  We had progressed to our half-way hut and settled down to ‘elevenses’, well, me to coffee and a couple of bananas, my partner to a more sumptuous repast including a sandwich and chockie bar.

The conversation opened as follows:-

Me          So, what about this election?

Him        Well P….. (his wife) is going to vote Labour, but I am undecided and wavering towards the LibDems. (Remain)

Me          Why are you wavering? You voted to Leave didn’t you?

Him        Yes, but a lot of time has passed and we have learned a lot about the disadvantages to everybody since then.

Me          Why did you vote Leave then?

Him        Because you persuaded me to (hoarse laugh – the man’s mad!)

Me          (note my composure: I didn’t exclaim OMG at this point.  My wife had a phrase for this situation – “If I told you to jump off the end of the pier – would you?”)  At this stage I pointed out to him that surely it wasn’t just blind faith that had persuaded him; that I had also gone on endlessly about the reasons we needed to escape from the clutches of the EU.

In the course of our short break I did set about re-educating him, but I am not sure I have convinced him enough not to fall in line with his wife.

I don’t suppose the above conversation is unique, because although I am a dedicated Leaver, three-odd years is a long time since the referendum and I am often not sure that I can still keep all my own reasoning ducks in a row.

I have mentioned this in comments before, but I think many people have forgotten the reasons why we voted to leave the EU, and certainly to many it was never established why this nation had an absolute need to escape from what I termed at the time an evil empire.

Just as at the referendum there must have been Remain fellow travellers (those scared of their own shadows or convinced like Cleggy that this nation was “not good enough”, was in fact third or fourth division material whose natural home was subservience within the tender embracing arms of the treacherous EU) so must there have been Leave fellow travellers – remember we were a nation brainwashed by the EU and in turn by our own establishment and Parliament, so much so that the penny had dropped and the mass of the population had realised they were completely divorced from their own government.

While the general population proved only too willing to raise two metaphorical digits to their government and were prepared to give the ‘elite’ and the supposed betters a bloody nose, en masse they probably didn’t dig into the reasons and indignities Nigel`s UKIP had enunciated during the previous 20-odd years.

I know the mantra was we would regain our sovereignty, allowing us to control our own Parliament, make our own laws and control our borders and fishing rights in our own waters, lose the Single Market and release vast sums to spend on the NHS, and be free to make overseas deals freely and particularly redress the wrong we had done to our Commonwealth.

But did anybody think to educate our people to the reasons why we needed to be shot of the EU or detail the infamy to which we were welded, perpetrated for years by our own enemy within?

We should not forget:-

a) The origins and conception of the EU and world government, the Coudenhove Kalergi plan.

b) The iron and coal community was originally a plan to preserve the power of the Ruhr.

c) The Nazi connections of heath and ignoring of warnings from their own officials.

d) The 1995 Barcelona Declaration.

e) The continental system of law based on the Napoleonic code, Corpus Juris, which is intended to supersede the British Magna Carta and the loss of Habeas Corpus and trial by one’s peers.

f) The probably ceding to the EU of the UK`s permanent seat on the Security Council and thus the complete cessation of world influence.

g) The loss of the power to veto iniquitous regulations imposed by the EU.

h) The imposition of the European Arrest Warrant.

j)  The EU`s ultimate aim of the establishment of the United States of Europe, with the consequent linking of fiscal arrangements and the loss of our independent ability to set our own taxes etc.

k) A European army, which means no longer could we have our own forces or equipment, and even our officers would not be under our own control to lead our own troops.

l) The loss of our ability to make our own trade deals or fish our own waters.

I will leave readers to add the dozens of items for which I have no space, but overall I would remind our voters if they still have doubts as to the ultimate perfidy of this dissembling EU and its ferocity when defending its own interests.

Think of their treatment of Greece: their only offence was to step out of financial line; surely they didn`t deserve to be robbed blind of many of their assets or to be left in virtual chains of slavery forever – they have no chance of escape or redemption.

Just think – it could be us. The EU is not our friend; it is a totalitarian empire and we must not remain one of its colonies.

Please tell the public the reasons we need to leave the EU or we could lose Brexit by default.

For the record: I won by four holes, makes up for his winning on Monday, so I suppose, yes, we are still friends but if he tells me he is dithering again ….

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