Drink up and leave – or even better: don’t come in at all …


It’s not just our Covid government suffering from Covid Madness – others do so as well. There’s one ‘cure’ governments here and on the continent seem to have found in addition to tests, and that is the closure of pubs and restaurants. More on that below. One other aspect is noteworthy this morning. There appears to be a rift developing in ‘Or MSM’ in regard to the attitude towards the whole Covid madness.

The broadsheets are still firmly in the camp of reporting gloom, doom, fear and hysteria when looking at this morning’s headlines in the print issues. They run with the news that pub closures are again on the cards, certainty in the North. They report this with a nod to Starmer who came out of hiding yesterday, demanding that BJ present ‘Teh Science’ on which that decision and the decision on the 10pm pub curfew was based.

The cheek of the man! Hasn’t Labour tacitly supported all those Covid measures by not voting against them, the last such event on Tuesday when they nobly abstained from voting against that ‘Rule of Six’? 

It would of course be uncouth and rude to assume that the threat of the Trade Unions Boss, to ‘pull the rug’ from under Labour should Starmer drift further away from Corbyn’s policies (link). Perhaps he hopes to win over Labour’s Scottish clientele? After all, Nicola is going to shut those pesky pubs down:

“All pubs and restaurants across central Scotland are to be closed under new measures aimed at tackling a surge in coronavirus cases. The new rules will apply to licensed premises across the central belt, including Glasgow and Edinburgh. Pubs and restaurants will be able to open in other parts of Scotland – but can only serve alcohol outdoors.” (link)

This ‘rule’ will come into force tomorrow, Friday, at 6pm. Forcing the long-suffering Scots in the Highlands only to drink outdoors in the long, dark autumn and winter nights, rain, sleet and snow included, must surely be a health measure: only the most robust will be able to go for a drink! The broadsheets seem to be  fine with this. 

The red-tops however, giving a nod to those pub closures, are asking why these are being imposed when data show that the Lockdown measures are failing, the DM being first and foremost with this question. It’s certainly strange (this is me being polite …) that the various ‘global health and science editors’ in the broadsheets aren’t also asking about this.

Of course, these headlines only appear in their print editions – the picture presented by their online publications is different: all online MSM must provide ‘rolling news’, with the latest rumours and gossip given prominence in order to generate income, a.k.a. providing click-bait.

The Express with its policy of creating EU-Brexit headlines as if on a production line is a prime example. Never mind that, on closer look, most of those ‘news’ are based on a remark by some Brussels ‘source’ or ‘EU diplomat’. This font of news, due to the Brussels’ pub culture, has now dried up: 

“All cafés, student beer halls, other drinking establishments and tea rooms in Brussels have been closed for a month in a “code red” lockdown to curb the spread of coronavirus. The measures, along with other national restrictions, come into force today [Thursday] amid a rise in hospital admissions in Belgium’s capital and soaring infection rates across the country. The restrictions in Brussels went beyond nationwide restrictions that were announced only Tuesday, which ordered bars to close at 11pm.” (link, paywalled)

Oh dear. Perhaps this is the reason for the disjointed, confused ‘report’ by the DT’s Remain Brussels correspondent. It seems neither the ‘sources’ nor the ‘correspondent’ are clear about the differences between the ECJ and the ECHR. Their main aim is to score political ‘Remain’ points (paywalled link). I’m sick and tired of these Remain games, based on gossip emanating from Brussels pubs.

Let’s return to the Covid madness, as seen through the eyes, ahem: as reported or indeed not reported in ‘Our MSM’. We know that they all copy from each other and above all from the BC – but it’s interesting to look at what is and isn’t copied. For example, the testing-is-best acolytes are still banging the drum for testing because ‘anybody could be infected’ and must be found:

“Testing only people with a cough, fever or loss of taste and smell, as per UK guidelines, may miss vast swathes of Covid-19 cases, a study has suggested. […] The study by University College London found that 86 per cent of people who tested positive for coronavirus during lockdown did not have those three virus symptoms. With a wider range of symptoms, including fatigue or shortness of breath, 76.5 per cent were deemed asymptomatic.” (link, paywalled)

Even as more and more scientists are pointing out that these tests are questionable testing is still ‘the cure’, the ‘gospel according to the WHO’ which must not be doubted:

“The World Health Organisation says people should be considered to have suspected coronavirus if they have both a high fever and a cough, or acute onset of any three or more of fever, cough, general weakness and fatigue, headache, aching muscles, sore throat, stuffy nose, trouble breathing, decreased appetite, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea and “altered mental status”. Many countries offer tests on that basis, and it is also common to have clinical professionals such as GPs involved in deciding who to test.” (link, paywalled)

Good grief! This is like a charter for hypochondriacs who believe that a sniffle, that the common cold, never mind the flu, means they must have Covid and are about to die! This jaw-dropping WHO ‘Covid symptoms’ catalogue means that catching the common cold (‘sudden onset’ of a stuffy nose, sore throat, cough) must be investigated because: “Covid!!”.

Note that the WHO doesn’t define what this ‘altered mental status’ actually is – having the blues, perhaps? Those blues caused by our Covid government’s demented Lockdown measures? Of course, our GPs in their fortress surgeries will be only too happy to demand Covid tests for patients which they used to send away with the advice to take some paracetamol and not to bother them further!

However, there’s a report by the BC which wasn’t taken up by the Covid MSM – perhaps because it undermines the ‘moar tests!’ message as promoted by the WHO? This is actually rather upsetting:

“Doctors are being told to “think carefully” before ordering any tests for their patients, amid shortages caused by a supply chain failure at a major diagnostics company. Swiss pharmaceutical firm Roche said problems with a move to a new warehouse had led to a “very significant” drop in its processing capacity. A spokesman said Covid-19 tests would be prioritised. But the backlog could affect tests including for cancer and heart disease.” (link)

That last sentence is worded very carefully – the full scandal is revealed in the next part:

“One NHS trust in the south west has already advised its GPs to stop all non-urgent blood tests. A memo seen by the BBC, sent to clinicians within a large hospital trust in London, said leaders were “preparing for a sustained disruption”. “We urgently need all clinical teams to only send tests that are absolutely essential for immediate patient care, delaying testing where possible,” it said. Thyroid and cortisol tests were unavailable, while certain cholesterol, liver function and inflammation tests were “severely restricted”. (link)

Which ‘immediate patient care’ would that be when patients aren’t seen by GPs or admitted to hospitals? Modern medicine is testing for a whole host of indicators before prescriptions are issued, some tests being vital for keeping e.g. thyroid medication in balance. And these are now ‘unavailable’ – why?

Does the procurement department of PHE only order test substances from one Big Pharma firm? Did they not stockpile such substances? Or is this in fact about ‘Our Holy Cow’ now having become a Covid ’health service’ exclusively? Big Pharma is aiding and abetting them in this endeavour – just look at this:

“In a statement, Roche said: “We deeply regret that there has been a delay in the dispatch of some products. We are prioritising the dispatch of Covid-19 PCR [diagnostic] and antibody tests and doing everything we can to ensure there is no impact on the supply of these to the NHS.” (link)

Where’s the outcry in ‘Our MSM’ about that? Are they too coy to mention further deterioration in patient care, for those patients unfortunately suffering from ‘ABC’ – that is ‘Anything But Covid’? Are the ‘global science health whatevah’ editors trying to keep their preeminence going, their permit to hog the headlines, by pushing on with the fear & hysteria campaign? There are some faint signs however, indicating that even inside the MSM’s newsrooms there are rifts developing, that there are Lockdown sceptics starting to come to the fore. 

We reported on the Great Barrington Declaration yesterday, with the appeal to please sign it. This morning, in an instance of ‘will wonders never cease’, The Times has an editorial about this Declaration, headlined: 

“The Times view on the Great Barrington challenge to lockdowns: Bold Thinking – A formidable scientific case points to the social and health damage caused by lockdowns. The government would do well to treat it seriously” (link, paywalled)

This is quite extraordinary – so much so that we’ll give it our “From Behind the Paywall” treatment later this morning. Meanwhile, here in Covid-Land it’s either going to become ‘drink up and leave’ or ‘don’t dare come for a drink at all’.

As we watch to see how long this madness will be kept going by the vested ‘health’ interests, we’ll




Photo by Tim Dobson

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