Aaaand – they’re back! Aaaand – the ‘sources’ have started flowing again. Aaaand – they are all spouting the same guff as before. But: the political game is changing before our eyes, thanks to Nigel Farage and TPB. More on that below.

Yesterday’s main question was: will the 1922 Committee do something or will May stay? The answer is: it’s business as usual. We read this morning that both Remain and Brexit Tories are accusing each other of having a death wish (here):

“One of the leading rebels is Nigel Evans [Leaver], a member of the 1922 committee executive who claims there is a “clamour” for Mrs May to quit. However another 1922 committee executive member, Antoinette Sandbach [Remainer], is calling for Mr Evans to stand down over the plot.”

Edifying, isn’t it! The other possibility to oust Ms May is the EGM called for by Tory branch chairmen (see here) but this will only be possible after the EP elections after the horse has bolted.

The Cabinet met yesterday and it’s It’s instructive to note how different papers report on this same issue. Here’s the DT (paywalled link):

“Theresa May has been told by Cabinet ministers that she should end talks with Labour “immediately” and focus on overhauling her Brexit deal and winning round the DUP. […]The Prime Minister defended the continuing talks with Labour, saying that while many in Cabinet disagreed with the ongoing discussions “we have to govern in the national interest” and “this course of action is what the country expects of us”.

No, it’s not, Ms May! Here’s another ‘source’, focussing on Ms May apparently trying to put Labour under pressure:

“In a sign that the discussions have hit an impasse, the Prime Minister told her Cabinet that the timetable for the UK’s departure from the EU had become a key sticking point between the two sides. She is also understood to be concerned Labour will wreck crucial Brexit legislation in the Commons to block her EU withdrawal deal for a fourth time.” (link)

Then there’s this report, based on yet another ‘source’:

“ […] it emerged that the Prime Minister may try to bring her deal back again in the next ten days despite three defeats already. The Prime Minister is holding cross-party talks with Labour in an attempt to find a Brexit compromise which will win the support of a majority of MPs. But they appear to be faltering, and if they fail the Prime Minister could try and bring her Brexit deal back. Mrs May’s official spokesman also suggested Labour is dragging its feet over the Brexit talks and said: ‘Progress needs to be made urgently’. (source)

Finally, here’s how RemainCentral, The Times, has spun this Cabinet meeting, using another ‘source’:

“Theresa May is preparing to challenge Labour to support the legislation needed to achieve Brexit if cross-party compromise talks break down. In a high-risk strategy, the prime minister is considering introducing the bill that would give effect to Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union within weeks.The move would effectively decouple the withdrawal agreement, which Labour largely supports, from the plan for a future relationship, to which it is demanding changes. It would also bypass the so-called meaningful vote on the complete package that has been rejected three times by MPs.” (link, paywalled)

This next quote is very interesting:

“Downing Street hopes that the new approach will put pressure on Brexiteer Labour MPs to support the legislation needed to ensure Brexit happens before European elections in a month’s time. Mrs May is also understood to have suggested that the passage of the Withdrawal and Implementation Bill through parliament could be a “forum” to allow MPs to compromise. (link, paywalled)

At three minutes past midnight, i.e. after the May Extensions, she and her remainers now say that ‘progress ‘needs to be made urgently’? Goodness me, hasn’t May, hasn’t her Cabinet had enough time to ‘make progress’? Like – nearly three years? Really?

At three minutes past midnight, Ms May threatens to bring her WA back for a fourth time? Is she hoping for a No Confidence Vote after yet another defeat?

At three minutes past midnight Ms May, using a sickening historical twist, is now talking about ‘National Unity’, comparing Brexit in the Nation’s mind to WWII? Note that she seems to think that her desperate attempts to get her abomination through the HoC can be achieved by letting them talk about compromise!

We, unlike the pratfall of clowns, cabinet included, know that Brussels will not change the WA. It’s done, cooked, stick a fork in.

We also know that the EU Parliament is legally obliged to assent to this May WA. But: it’s gone – finished, done, reconvening on July 1st, after the EP elections.

The Tories fear these elections. They know that the only way to avoid them is to get ‘something’ on the table. The redoubtable Sir John Redwood wrote in his Diary:

“I do not favour the attempt to broker a deal for the PM to step aside in return for getting through a bad Agreement. I am urging the PM to lead us out on May 22nd, by cancelling the European elections. Under the Extension Agreement with the EU we would then automatically leave on May 22nd.”

Indeed. He knows that this is the only way out for the Tory Party because he and all the rest know that The Brexit Party is gathering momentum. The Tories don’t need to read the MSM who won’t report on TBP anyway, they have ‘helpers’ to scour the internet where they will have  found this, for example (names in the linked article):

“After the announcement of seven candidates last week, today Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party has added five new candidates to their list. It’s an impressive lineup and a big change from the kippers of old. Just 58 to go…”

And how about this:

“Tory grandee Ann Widdecombe has defected to Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party. The former minister has been a member of the Conservative party for 55 years, but has been put her retirement on hold to ‘campaign vigorously’ for Farage’s party in the upcoming European elections in May.” (link)

Ms Widdecombe will stand in the SW, against Labour’s Lord Adonis … that will be an epic fight!

No wonder that Labour is screaming blue murder, with a Labour MEP writing in RemainCentral (The Times) where he uses the same old and tired arguments attacking Nigel Farage (‘snake-oil salesman’):

But behind the fancy marketing and the fawning media platform, it’s the same nasty stuff that won’t solve a single ailment and instead will only make you sicker.” (paywalled link)

He and presumably Labour also haven’t grasped the tidal change in our country’s politics. They’re still fighting the 2014 EP elections ‘war’ …

He, Labour and their helpers in the MSM don’t get it that actual, real Labour voters outside the M25 regard Corbyn’s ‘negotiations’ with Ms May with as much disgust as do Tory voters.

They don’t get it that we out here have had enough, collectively, of the smoke-and-mirror performances by those inside the Westminster bubble.

They don’t get it that we’ve had enough of the political games they play just for themselves. We’ve had enough of the MSM’s support for that despicable status quo. And we will vote accordingly.

Be sure that the backroom ‘strategists’ of those parties know this full well. Be sure that the Labour strategists know full well that we won’t buy their 2nd referendum. Be sure that the Tory backroom boys know full well that we won’t buy Ms May’s WA. That’s why they’re so desperate to avoid having to run the EP elections next month.

What they don’t realise is that by somehow abolishing the EP elections they will have kicked off a political storm the likes we’ve not seen in this country for centuries.

It’s ‘Nigel ante portas’ – Nigel at the gates. Defeat for That Lot looms in the EP elections – and if May and her crew, with the help of Corbyn, is successful in scuppering the EP by selling Brexit out – then all I’ll say is ‘they ain’t seen nuthin yet’.




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