The French State is violently repressing the protests of the Yellow Vests, bludgeoning and maiming protesters.

To see the level of atrocity perpetrated by French police on peaceful protesters, watch this appeal (video, in English) by a French Yellow Vest lawyer. She shows photographs of citizens who had an eye gouged out, or lost a hand, by weaponry used by French riot-police.

Could we ever expect to see anything like this on British streets?

Well, Theresa May, when Home Secretary, told Parliament that “of course” she would call on “special intervention units from our EU allies to come onto British soil”, “if we identified the need”.

She is now Prime Minister. So any street protests against her blatant betrayal of the People’s Expressed Will for Brexit risk seeing these same French murderous thugs in uniform on British streets, meting out the same atrocious violence to British citizens as they do to their own citizens in France.

Let us also remember the Spanish riot police who were sent to beat up the peaceful citizens of Catalonia when they tried to hold an independence referendum there in October 2017.

Several EU states are merging their riot-police into the paramilitary European Gendarmerie Force.

The Danger of EU Enforcement Agents on British Streets

Mrs May wants to keep us in Europol, and in the European Arrest Warrant, as per Article 62 of the draft Agreement, even “after Brexit”, and as stated to Parliament by her Home Secretary Amber Rudd in 2017.

She has also stated, in Parliament, her willingness to “of course” welcome EU gendarmerie units “onto British soil” “if needed”. This would be fatal. Here is the exact quotation from the Hansard of what she said, through her mouthpiece the Home Office Minister, when she was Home Secretary:

“22 – Criminal Proceedings: EU Law (Hansard, written answers for 11/06/2012)

Mr Raab: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department [Theresa May] with reference to EU Council Framework Decision 2008/675/JHA, in what circumstances she envisages that the UK would request special intervention units from other EU member states to operate on UK soil. [110125]

James Brokenshire [Home Office Minister]: The United Kingdom’s response to any incident will be individually tailored to the nature and scale of that incident. Should we identify the need to seek the support of our allies in managing a crisis situation, we would of course do so. [emphases added]”

The main point about this incredible, reckless, statement, is that lethally-armed, paramilitary EU forces – for that is what the “special intervention units” will be – once allowed onto British soil, will not leave if asked to by a merely British authority, for they will acknowledge allegiance only to their Masters in Brussels.

If there arises a dispute before the ECJ as to the legitimacy of an Act by a new Westminster Parliament, and the ECJ decides that the Act in question is illegitimate, the Eurogendarmerie, present on British soil by a foolhardy decision of our Prime Minister, will enforce the decision of the ECJ. We could see scenes in the Commons such as have not been seen since Cromwell’s Ironsides marched in, or when King Charles I entered with his men-at-arms to arrest some Members.

For more details on the dangers of EU gendarmerie on British soil, read this!

With the recent news of 502 MPs voting for the Cooper/Letwin amendment, and only 20 voting against, the political establishment seems to have found a way to coagulate against Brexit at last.

At this point, the government doubtless realises that if it wants to avoid Brexit, it will have to go back to the people in some shape or form to get a “second opinion”. Parliament is aware that it cannot set its face openly and directly against the People, whom they are elected to serve – Britain is not some South American republic where they could have a coup d’état (and in any case, the army would probably side with us!) A second referendum would be too obvious, unlike the Irish or the Danes, the British people would not stand being told “Sorry, wrong answer, you have to take the test again!”  Alternatively, a general election would need the consent of a majority of MPs to dissolve Parliament now, with many risking their seats, and turkeys are unlikely to vote for Christmas.

So they are probably thinking that with a delay of at least three months, or even two years as suggested by some on the EU side, the UK will have to take part in the EP elections at the end of May. The result can then be used as a de facto re-run of the referendum.

Last time UKIP came out top, as the biggest single party, but did not win a majority of votes cast. This time there will then be a count of the votes cast in favour of LibLabCon+SNP et al., vs votes cast in favour of UKIP + Farage’s new Brexit Party. If the former, taken together, win more votes, this will enable the establishment to say “The People Have Changed Their Minds”, and cancel article 50, or find some procedure whereby they can put Brexit into reverse, or arrange a “Brexit in name only”, without appearing to ride roughshod over the Will of the People.

If they do decide on this course of action, we must stand ready to face a tremendous, bitter, electoral battle, with 90-95% of the MSM ranged against us. If there is a delay, and the UK does take part in the forthcoming EP elections, it will be essential for the Brexiteers to win more votes than the Remoaner parties. The people’s will for national independence, self-government, freedom and democracy, bubbling underneath, will thus be able to burst through the establishment’s institutional pie-crust stopping us from achieving these goals.


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