It is obvious that the world order is in some turmoil. President Trump has really been active in changing what was the norm and accepted. Paris climate agreement, NATO and now the UN, to name but just a few of the tremors he is creating.

He has world leaders looking to their navels in cringy subservience to his actions, thoughts and behavior. He has the worlds biggest economy and armed services behind him together with a population that largely adores him, even though some would never admit that, to give him the resolve and determination to press ahead.

Since he began campaigning, he has stuck to the rhetoric that the press are liars and bearers of false truths. Relying on twitter to message directly, his millions of followers he has cut out the middle man and therefore reduced the spin.

Shame we have no one at present in this country to be so bold and take a similar stance. We are as a populace lied to daily by the press. We are also briefed by our elected politicians via the press who spin their lies with unaccountable frequency.

The recent march in London calling for a so called “peoples vote” was widely reported on to have numbered attendees of 700.000 plus. The real figure, some months later confirmed by the Metropolitan Police to be approximately 250,000. The press made much of this number as did various remain pundits and politicians of all parties as a signal to the growing number of those wishing for the second referendum. No apology or redress has been made.

The same but reverse conspiracy was promulgated by the “Brexit Betrayal” march where we were told by various news outlets and pundits that the number of attendees was at best 5,000 and worst 1500. The true figure now confirmed was 17,000. But it did not of course serve the narrative of the remain press and punditry to give that correct figure.

On New Years day a fourteen- year old girl was raped in Burnley in full daylight. Her attacker was an Asian male. His description though circulated by Lancashire Police was that of a man who had a beard and a “tan”. A picture circulated of him tells a very different story.
Where has this culture come from. Who is driving it and what is the aim behind this. Some great whoppers have been told in the past of course, such as the weapons of mass destruction said to be in the hands of a less than compos mentis, Saddam Hussein.

Another big whopper was the original EEC (common market) sold to the public by Ted Heath the then Prime Minister as nothing more than a common trading market largely for agricultural products, he knew and did not say anything about the ultimate aims and ideology of the EU. He is dead now of course and so only his legacy and character can be called into question. Not the man himself.

Nick Clegg, apologies Sir Nick Clegg told two big beauties, no tuition fees and his accusation of Nigel Farrage that his allegation of the prospect of an EU army was a “dangerous fantasy”. He lost his seat in 2017 and has now moved on, largely unscathed to a position with Facebook from where he can hide.

His legacy was untold damage to his party; the Liberal-Democrats who have never really recovered from the coalition they formed with the Tories in 2010. Power does not always auger well for those who seek it at all cost.

Those on the left of politics quickly and confidently label anyone who is of a different opinion as far right … this is not just a slur or an allegation. They know full well that many people who demonstrate on the streets, take to main stream media, or logically argue on tv panels with a different view are not far right at all. They are mainly and in the biggest majority normal working- class people who are angry at whatever malaise they find themselves in. Far Right is a convenient and derogatory label they throw around unchallenged with great frequency.

It is what it is, a lie.

Jeremy Corbyn`s “stupid woman” remark garnered a great deal of press, women from his party flocked to his initial defence. They stood by their hero leader, yet it was obvious that his reputation was very tarnished by this remark. His return to Parliament to explain and defend his words left no one in any doubt whatsoever, Mr Corbyn`s halo had slipped.

The biggest lie perpetuated for some ten or more years is that we have an ageing population and as such they are the sole reasons behind the current state of the NHS. When anyone, of course from the “far right”, dared to raise the prospect that 10 million migrants who have come here to live, work and many of whom are illegal in their residence, have contributed to the situation, they were immediately with aplomb and aggression shut down as xenophobic or of course racist.

Nothing then has been said about the Lancet which has stated that 6.5million immigrants have registered with GP`s in the last six years. This number of people suddenly accessing the NHS cannot have had anything more, than an enormous impact on the day to day running and costs of this out of control institution.

Lying to the people of this great nation is now accepted as a norm. It is accepted as a way of life, something we shrug our shoulders at or chuckle about. That does not make it right. It only confuses and arms those that would take control with a mechanism to do so. It is to be truthful, scary.

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