Warning! Johnson’s CV-19 policies ahead!


‘Outrageous’ is the correct expression to describe the latest Johnson CV-19 edict. But it’s what the nation wanted, isn’t it – at least according to ‘Our MSM’ where the DT and The Times headlined their online edition this morning with “PM slams the brakes …”. Well, he was ‘decisive’ though, and that’s what mattered, according toThe Times’ editorial (link, paywalled).

It’s fair to ask why Johnson felt compelled to take back the few ‘freedom guidances’ for the whole of Northern England. The situation must have been desperate because SAGE’s sages had told the PM on Wednesday evening that the ease of Lockdown was already as much as could be allowed. Last evening’s report in the DT reads like a report from the trenches of WWI:

“According to the latest Office for National Statistics (ONS) report, coronavirus, suppressed for months under a strict lockdown, was on its way back. “The ONS surveillance data was the clincher,” said a senior Cabinet source by way of explanation for the dramatic – opponents claimed chaotic – turn of events that followed. Downing Street insisted on Friday night that the Prime Minister and his team had acted on the data, seemingly showing a 63 per cent rise in infections in just two weeks, with a decisiveness critical to keeping on top of Covid-19. Within 36 hours of receiving the ONS data, swathes of the north of England had been thrown into a new, partial lockdown and Mr Johnson was forced, as he put it in a televised address on Friday, to “squeeze the brake pedal”across the rest of the nation.”(paywalled link)

Then there’s the report in that famous ‘paper of record’ where the authors don’t give out such scary numbers at all – one wonders why! They do try and hide Dr Whitty’s role in this by using suitably obscuring expressions:

“At a Downing Street press conference after households were banned from meeting each other at home in parts of the northwest, Chris Whitty, the chief medical officer for England, bluntly warned that the country had “reached the limits” of reopening. “If we wish to do more things in the future we may have to do less of some other things,” he said. “The idea that we can open up everything, and keep the virus under control, is clearly wrong.” (link, paywalled)

Don’t ask if that decision was truly necessary though. There are further worrying proposals coming from SAGE, but most importantly, first look at this report in the DT, with the actual number which made Johnson apply the brakes so decisively. Keep this information before it vanishes into the MSM’s memory hole (my emphasis):

“The decision to row back on the easing of lockdown came after the Prime Minister was shown data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) on Wednesday night which revealed a rise in Covid-19 infections. But the ONS data was based on just 59 people testing positive out of 116,026 swab tests. The previous week, just 45 people tested positive out of 114,674, which meant the tipping point for a northern lockdown may have rested on only 14 extra positive tests.” (paywalled link)

That’s correct: there were 14 new cases ‘detected’ by tests – fourteen! That’s why we must be very scared according to SAGE: 14 new cases means the virus isn’t ‘under control’. So stay at home if you’re living in the North of England and everybody better muzzle up everywhere else.

There’s worse to come. Since the PM and his cabinet are so clearly in the thrall of the SAGE scientists, we cannot take their other proposal as just something they would say. After all, given the beautiful weather with people again ‘flocking to the beaches’, the police had to set up roadblocks in Dorset and at Brighton and Hove to keep those horrid people out (link, paywalled).

Funnily enough those same police forces are incapable of keeping other ‘visitors’ to our coast from arriving there in the first place. Only Nigel Farage is talking about the scandal of ‘new arrivals’ who are coming in their thousands. If you haven’t watched his latest video yet, here is the link. Watch the video – pointing out the discrepancy of Lockdown restrictions for us, of our money being wasted while our taxes will rise, is surely unnecessary.

SAGE however in their sagacity have come up with another piece of advice, to keep us off the beaches and stop protests which they apparently expect to become violent:

“The military should be on standby to intervene as local lockdowns compound tensions, threatening disorder not seen since the 2011 riots, the government’s scientific advisers warn. Mass protests, illegal raves and increases in racism, inequality and unemployment are among the issues combining to raise the risk of disorder, according to a report by the Sage advisory group published yesterday. The police are ill equipped to cope and military assistance is likely to be needed if widespread rioting were to break out, the report delivered at a meeting on July 2 added.” (link, paywalled)

This advice was given at the beginning of July, and the summary of SAGE’s sage counsel as reported in The Times is frightening – but not in the way SAGE would like us to think:

“The Sage report warned of “a high risk of civil disorder across multiple sites, with serious implications for public health”. It said that as the summer goes on police will also have to balance the threat from protests against HS2 expansion, climate change demonstrations and anti-capitalist rallies, the cancellation of Notting Hill Carnival, illegal raves, a possible resurgence in terrorist activity and further far-right and Black Lives Matter protests.” (link, paywalled)

SAGE’s sages coolly assume that every single protest is a ‘danger to public health’ and is potentially violent.That alone is indicative of their anti-democratic attitude. However, that they are even capable of thinking to use the Army in peacetime in our country to ‘police’ protests is unspeakable. It illustrates the SAGE’s mindset that “we” must be controlled – and if ‘health reasons’ and fear and hysteria about ‘new cases’, swamping “Our NHS” isn’t sufficient, then the ‘precautionary principle’ must be used, based on the threat of possible violence like those seen at the Tottenham Riots in 2011.

This is another step further on the slippery slope to a ‘Health Dictatorship’ where fear of illness can be used to curtail not just our civil liberties but our democratic rights. Moreover, many Times readers are happy with this proposal, indicated by their comment posts. How did we get to this? How did we get to a situation where normal people unthinkingly obey anything government says?

Lockdown Sceptics publishes a reader’s letter a few days ago in which the correspondent describes a boat trip round the coast. Everybody was wearing masks, even on the deck of the boat, in fresh sea air and sunshine. He wasn’t and was glared at. Then the captain came on deck and announced that mask wearing on deck was unnecessary, whereupon they all (!) removed their masks. ‘Authority’ had spoken.

This is what’s happening in our country: people obey ‘authority’ with not a smidgeon of independent, critical thought. Moreover, they are happy to enforce ‘authority’s diktats’ on their fellow citizens while willing to accept the Army patrolling demonstrations.

I wonder if those people will applaud should the police and possibly the Army enforce compliance during this Eid weekend as people are  prohibited from visiting each other at home. That was outrageous enough, but the observations of a local MP are naturally totally beyond the pale:

“A Conservative MP blamed the rise in infections rates on sections of the Muslim community that, he said, were “not taking the pandemic seriously”. Craig Whittaker, the MP for Calder Valley in West Yorkshire, said the “vast majority” of infections in nearby Halifax were in people of Asian heritage.” (link, paywalled)

That was of course ‘racist’, even though his observations are supported by another muslim:

“Mohammed Nushai, from a mosque in Bradford, echoed Mr Whittaker when he said there were “people within our community who are not taking coronavirus seriously enough. […] A lot of people have been visiting relatives and friends and attending events in each other’s homes with very little thought of keeping themselves safe.” (link, paywalled)

So now that ‘community’ is angry. They seem to think that the government used CV-19 simply to thwart their festival. Perhaps Johnson will apologise to that community while he and his cabinet ponder over the weekend how best to keep the rest of us ‘under control’! 

As for me – I’m now suffering from a new version of morning sickness: a sickness caused by looking at the pages of our knavish MSM which praise Johnson for being ‘decisive’ in restricting our freedom and liberty for the sake of 14 new CV-19 cases. Am I a conspiracist when I think that there’s another, a hidden agenda driving this fear & hysteria, not just the ‘concern’ for ‘our health’?




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