Finally! The Polling stations are open. We, the peasants, the plebs, the sheep, the actual Sovereign of this country, can now go and have our say. Let me repeat what we’ve said during this last campaign week: we must go and vote. Staying at home is not an option. No matter whom you vote for or if you’re going to vote NONE – your ballot must go into the ballot box. 

The MSM have finally woken up to the danger that a Labour victory means for our country, themselves included, see e.g. here. A bit late, one would’ve thought! Will their visceral hatred for Leave, for Nigel Farage, for TBP and indeed for Johnson, bear the socialist fruit they don’t really want? It’ll be too late for us voters to tell them ‘you broke it’ when we find socialists in Nos 10 and 11.

Their wails about the dangers of a hung parliament (a pity, many say, that it’s not going to be a hanged parliament) are still to be found in today’s morning editions, e.g.:

“Boris Johnson has warned that every vote for the Brexit Party today will increase the likelihood of Labour gaining power after a new analysis revealed that Nigel Farage could stop the Tories taking 16 seats. […] The move came as an analysis by YouGov identified 16 Labour marginals where the Tories could fail to make a breakthrough because Mr Farage’s party was splitting the Leave vote. There are also concerns that poor weather could lead to a low turnout. Forecasters have said that conditions for Britain’s first December election in almost a century will be wet and chilly.” (link, paywalled)

Isn’t it great to have a scapegoat handy! I’m tempted to tell Johnson that pointing the finger at someone means three fingers are pointing back at yourself, but we know, don’t we, that this never applies to our establishment figures. As for the weather … if people can brave it to do their Christmas shopping, they can brave it to go and vote, right?

Meanwhile RemainCentral is making a final push by dedicating a whole article to the campaign of a Tory defector who crossed over to the Yellow Swinson party. It’s quite an extraordinary puff piece for that defector, a certain Mr Phillip Lee. Interestingly, it also shows that The Times had their feelings hurt because Sir John Redwood apparently didn’t want a RemainCentral reporter following him when canvassing:

“Sir John Redwood is rattled. Days before The Times visits the Conservative candidate’s Wokingham constituency a poll predicts his majority being squeezed and he is one of seven “big beasts” that may be unseated at the election.” (link, paywalled)

You can already feel RemainCentral salivating at the prospect when you read this paragraph:

“He is facing a stiff challenge from a buoyant Liberal Democrat who until three months ago was a Conservative MP for the neighbouring constituency of Bracknell. Phillip Lee, a practising GP, left the Conservatives on September 3 and crossed the floor of the House of Commons to sit with the Liberal Democrats over the Tories’ handling of Brexit, putting paid to Boris Johnson’s majority in the process.” (link, paywalled)

“Our NHS” must be in great shape if a ‘practising GP’ can canvass for weeks, never mind sitting as MP! Of course, RemainCentral cannot possibly take Sir John Redwood’s answer at face value:

“The potential for a hostile reception on the doorsteps could be one explanation for his declining The Times’s request to join him canvassing. On the phone, Sir John reveals that he doesn’t hold much faith in the polls and says he has been campaigning hard. “I am not a commentator, I am a candidate and we have been getting on with campaigning,” he says. “I am fighting the election on what I have done and what I intend to do.” (link, paywalled)

These are also his words in his Diary post this morning – terse and to the point:

“May you all vote wisely. It’s your decision. I have said all I wish to say about this election  and now look forward to the results tomorrow morning.” (link)

I’ve gone on at length about this particular constituency battle because it’s a prime example of how the MSM, especially RemainCentral, are trying to influence the vote even at this late stage.

One other top player is of course the BBC. Yesterday, their top political editor Laura Kuenssberg committed a pretty bad ‘faux pas’:

“Laura Kuenssberg , the BBC’s highly respected political editor, sparked criticism after discussing rumours of postal ballot results in a live television interview. In an interview on the BBC’s Daily Politics programme, Kuenssberg said: “Postal votes have already arrived. Parties are not meant to look at it but they do get a hint.” Kuenssberg then went onto to speculate how people had cast their postal ballots.” (paywalled link)

You can find her ‘speculation’ in this tweet that made the rounds – it’s not good quality but what she said is astonishing, especially as it can be interpreted as giving aid to Labour, to make a final push. Do take a look! The DT observes:

 “One in four votes – around 20 per cent – is likely to be cast by post at today’s general election. Parties are allowed to view the opening of postal ballots as part of the verification process. However it is illegal to communicate any information about how postal ballots are cast […].” (paywalled link)

Surely this has to become the main argument for an urgent reform of Postal voting? It’s not just that political party activists can obviously transmit their findings surreptitiously to their electoral campaign managers – it’s that 20% of the electorate have voted while the campaign still went on.

It’s not credible that 20% of the electorate are either out of the country on polling day or too ill to get to the polling stations! Postal votes used to make up 2-3%, before a certain Tony Blair fiddled with this system. And I’m not even talking about the electoral fraud to which this system has opened the doors. 

There are two more points to be made. One is about the exit polls which will come out as soon as possible after the polls have closed at 10pm. Here is a good description, explaining why exit polls are more accurate than ‘normal’ ones.

The other point is of course the EU. Tomorrow they hold their first summit under their new leadership and as Barnier has made his customary noises that Johnson’s deal cannot possibly be done in a year, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard reports:

“One thing is certain as voting day finally arrives: Europe is rooting for Boris Johnson.  The more seats, the better. Nobody in high office will say it. […] The overwhelming view in the great capitals is that further years of British civil war and cross-Channel brinkmanship risk a strategic debacle.” (paywalled link)

I’m not sure if that’s especially helpful, but I do like the next quote, straight from the mouth of one of the top Brussels horses, ahem, ‘diplomats’:

“If they wake up on Friday morning to a Corbyn government, the mood in Brussels will be close to panic,” said Andrew Duff, a veteran EU insider and president of the federalist Spinelli Group. “It would be a disaster. […] They are praying for a government with a big majority that can end this bloody nonsense, and that means Boris. They don’t have any respect for the Remainer coalition,” he said.” (paywalled link)

That comes under ‘it would serve you right …’. It is good to see though that some Eurocrats are finally waking up to the mess they helped create, especially by giving prominence and breathing space to the likes of Sturgeon and Swinson. AEP’s conclusion is pithy:

“By all means vote Labour if you want free tuition fees, free broadband, a 32-hour week, or a blitz of 1970s nationalisation. But don’t do so thinking it will lead to better relations with Europe.” (paywalled link)

And that applies to the whole of the Remain cabal. Finally, a bit of ‘house-keeping’ info. If you want to prepare for the night and early morning, the DM has published a handy ‘guide’ to the expected ‘Portillo Moments’ (link) as has RemainCentral, with the key moments expected at 3am:

3am: Now the results are flooding in and could bring the first big defenestration of the night. Dominic Raab, the foreign secretary, faces a serious challenge from the Lib Dems in Esher & Walton. Polls suggest that the race is too close to call. Less tight, but still within the margin of error, is Sir John Redwood’s seat in Wokingham. The former Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith is under threat in Chingford & Woodford Green, and the former Tory attorney-general Dominic Grieve will learn his fate after standing as an independent in Beaconsfield. […] To cap off a lively hour we should also get the results from Tony Blair’s old seat of Sedgefield, which is expected to turn blue. Sheffield Hallam, Sir Nick Clegg’s old seat, will be a fight between Labour and the Lib Dems.” (link, paywalled)

Set your alarms, but that’s for later. More importantly, here’s the link to the Met Office’s weather forecast, with a handy map of the UK weather. So take your brollies and go to your polling stations.

We’re Brits, we don’t melt in the rain. Today is our opportunity to tell That Lot what we really think. Don’t miss it – don’t waste it, and




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