“Test – Test – Test”- regardless …


There’s no end in sight if ‘Our MSM’ have anything to do with it! It’s tedious to find anything that isn’t about criticising Mr Hancock for everything PHE did wrong (more on that below), unless it’s criticising Mr Sunak and Mr Raab for everything they did. After all, ‘Our MSM’ must keep their ‘Project Fear&Hysteria’ going. 

There’s one underlying theme in ‘Our MSM’ – and that is that government, that all those ‘culprits’, should have done what the discredited WHO told the world to do. This blind faith by ‘Our MSM’ in the wisdom of supranational institutions, without asking any questions, is something we know full well since 2016. 

For example, Remain is still the religion of Whitehall Mandarins who advise all those hapless politicians who happen to become ministers. Woe to any Brexiteer in a ministerial chair! Their mandarins will never forget or forgive. A report in RemainCentral describes how the Chief Mandarin at the Foreign Office blamed ‘ministers’ – that’s Dominic Raab and Matt Hancock – for not entering into the EU ‘procurement effort’ to buy PPE and ventilators. He was asked about this at a select Committee hearing – and had to backtrack:

“Tom Tugendhat, the committee’s conservative chairman, asked Sir Simon whether it was a political decision by ministers. “It was a political decision,” he replied. “The UK mission briefed ministers about what was available, what was on offer, and the decision is known.” Later Sir Simon wrote to the committee saying: “Due to a misunderstanding I inadvertently and wrongly told the committee that ministers were briefed . . . on the EU scheme and took a political decision not to participate in it. This is incorrect.” (link, paywalled)

‘Incorrect’ is Mandarin-speak for ‘I lied’ – but RemainCentral could not resist to write anyway:

“There have been claims that Britain’s lack of involvement was motivated by Brexiteer ideology, which Downing Street denies.” (link, paywalled)

Obviously, they cannot bring themselves to ask if that Mandarin lied to the HoC select Committee because of ‘Remain ideology’. Equally obviously, like all Remain MSM, they cannot afford to delve into numbers, not even when it’s about our money going to Brussels. Our friends at facts4eu have published a devastating report yesterday, with numbers and graphs – here

This report documents our ‘off-budget’ payments to the EU, payments which will go on regardless of us being Out. The sum is not negligible at all. It’s for ‘a good cause’, for ‘development’, see, like supporting refugee camps in Turkey!

You really ought to read the whole thing, but let me quote the devastating conclusion:

“At times like these, every £100 million the Government can spend is vital. It can have a real effect on people’s lives, whether it be used for buying PPE equipment to protect frontline health workers, or for payments to hard-working, self-employed people who will not otherwise be able to pay their bills at the end of the month. To report on £8.5 BILLION POUNDS of expenditure being wasted on the EU gives us no pleasure whatsoever.” (link)

Well, let’s hope that some on Mr Frost’s team are aware of this drain on our money and will put a stop to it!

As for ‘our fight’ against that virus: there’s a ‘secondary battlefront’ being opened, and that is about making people wear face masks when out. ‘Our scientific experts’ cannot bring themselves to say aye or nay – they’ve only come up with a ‘maybe’. Apparently ‘home-made’ masks (i.e. like tying a bandana across your nose and mouth) won’t protect you from infections but might slow the spread of CV-19 (link, paywalled). 

‘Tis really difficult to make a right decision! We shouldn’t be lulled into a false sense of security by tying a piece of cloth across our face on the one hand but on the other, ‘real’ masks are needed for NHS staff and we shouldn’t deprive ‘Our Heroes’ from getting those.

In any case, opinions are divided – those experts have been meeting three times so far, to come to a conclusion. Now they are waiting for “WHO Guidance” (link, paywalled). Our experts, on which government relies, are so scared of putting a foot wrong, of being blamed across “Our MSM” for not following the WHO, that they prefer not to make a decision at all.

Just as the blessed EU cannot do wrong in the eyes of Remain so, in the eyes of ‘Our MSM’, the discredited  WHO cannot do wrong. That’s the same WHO who told us to ‘test-test-test’, a strategy taken up by ‘Our MSM’  to clobber government with. 

Now though there are two reports in the DT about PHE and those tests. These come under ‘you really couldn’t make it up!’. In the first report we read that:

“Coronavirus tests given to thousands of NHS staff so they could return to work have been found to be flawed and should no longer be relied on, a leaked document reveals. The memo from Public Health England (PHE), sent earlier this month [April 11th], warns of “degraded” performance, meaning the results are less reliable than first thought. […] It raises the prospect that thousands of NHS nurses and doctors who were told they were free of coronavirus may have been sent back to work while they were contagious. In other cases, those found to be positive may assume they have developed antibodies to the virus when in fact they have never had it.” (link)

That raises the grisly question of NHS personnel unwittingly infecting their co-workers. Perhaps the death of NHS doctors and nurses, reported in ‘Our MSM’, is due to the fact that the PHE tests failed, rather than the virus sweeping the whole country, locked down or not. There’s more:

“All PHE’s 12 centres have been told to stop using the existing tests by Thursday [April 23rd], instead using checks supplied by commercial firms. NHS laboratories still using the method have been told any uncertain results must be double-checked until all have switched to only using such kits. The PHE memo […] warns of “quality assurance difficulties” in the programme, saying shortages of swabs and transport led to local variations in the way the national scheme has been run. It says enzyme performance in the tests had degraded since the results were originally validated.” (link

So now commercial tests are acceptable! We recall that some of them, having been bought in, have had to be returned because they were contaminated. Remember though: this is not the fault of PHE or NHS lab staff – it’s only and exclusively the fault of Matt Hancock. He ought to have checked those enzymes personally …

The second report in the DT describes how in January (!), at the start of the outbreak, government scientists developed a ‘gold standard test for CV-19′. It was the scaling-up to mass production which seems to have led to this debacle:

“The original PHE tests, according to a memo sent by its senior lab team, were less reliable than first thought, struggling under the strain of mass reproduction. […] The problems, says the PHE, were first detected in March and showed that its effectiveness at the beginning was not matched in the mass roll out.” (link)

Note well that PHE detected those problems in March (!) – at the time when the whole MSM pack was clamouring the government had to do as the WHO told them to and ‘test-test-test’. Next, here’s the PHE’s rowing-back ‘excuse’ – it was ‘the plan’ all the time:

“The fact the PHE test is now being ditched in favour of the commercial kits is not a shock. The system is supposed to work that way, with PHE accepting that its home-grown kit is always intended as a stopgap until the commercial kits come on stream.” (link)

As these tests were run in PHE labs as opposed to private, commercial ones, it looks to me as if PHE should carry the can for this failure – but what do I know! And now ‘Our NHS’ is rolling out mass tests for NHS workers, according to an article in The Times. You have to savour this quote:

“Matt Hancock, the health secretary, said that checks on asymptomatic staff were part of the plan to hit a target of 100,000 tests a day, which is coming under increasing scrutiny as the amount of wasted laboratory time grows. Downing Street has insisted that it has confidence in Mr Hancock and has backed the target. More than half the country’s testing capacity is still going unused despite tens of thousands of NHS staff being forced to self-isolate.” (link, paywalled)

Ah – it’s all ‘part of the plan’: to hand over testing by PHE to commercial outfits, to test ‘asymptomatic’ NHS staff – who may be asymptomatic because of failed PHE tests. Is ‘lab time wasted’ due to the test problems PHE has flagged up, since March? The Times surely could have found out! Instead they and the massed MSM are baying for the scalp of Mr Hancock. I suspect that he’ll be out of his job as soon as Johnson is back in No10.

Meanwhile, ‘our scientists’ at Imperial College London, ‘providers’ of ‘that model’, are counselling that the age cohort of 60-70 year olds should also stay in self-isolation, for as long as the over-70s (link, paywalled). Why not put all the other ‘vulnerable’ people under house arrest as well? Like those with diabetes, high blood pressure, being overweight? Their GPs will have the data and can hand them over to plod, no?

Hurrah for getting closer to a society which only “The Healthy” are allowed to enjoy, a society governed by scientists and doctors, by “Our Sacred Cow”. Who needs democracy, who needs Parliament …

For me, until they remove my internet connection from my cold, dead hands, it’s




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