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Bernard Chalumeau is the founder and president of the Alliance pour la souverainite de la France and I have known him for many years. I sent him the following set of interactive photographs of several French and English towns from 1944 during the Normandy invasions, and 2014 as those same views look today. Among the French towns you can see then and now are Sainte Mere Eglise, Sainte Marie du Mont, Saint Aubin our Mer, Colleville sur Mer and Saint Lo. Photographs of Weymouth and Moreton in Marsh feature on the British side of the Channel.

Bernard was moved by these images and is proud of our common fight in 1944 and why his Alliance and we today are fighting a similar enemy. Bernard recalls that his grandfather fought in Normandy in the resistance and died there defending his country. Do have a look at these remarkable images.

We have previously on Freenations described the background and politics of the French President and why his corporatist political career so suited him to being the driver of the all-controlling anti democratic Euro-state. This latter piece has been published in French on Bernard’s Alliance website.

Macron’s actions in this COVID19 crisis, how he treats his own citizens (unthinkable to the British) and his ruthless opportunism in his manipulation of EU rules as it suits him are now laid bare! When other EU countries were closing their borders Macron slavishly kept France’s borders open rather than break the EU’s Schengen agreement on free movement, thus exposing the French to extra danger. But when Italy and Spain were critically short of protective equipment Macron simply requisitioned them for France, breaking all EU single market trade rules. As the French newspaper L’Express exposed, Macron’s Government seized four million masks belonging to a Swedish company which were bound, in part, for Italy and Spain.

Here is the letter from Bernard Chalumeau:

Dear Rodney!

How can I thank you for this magnificent gift that I received from you with these extraordinary pictures of our Normandy in June 1944 after “D day” and today in the same places!

Dear Rodney, please notice that these images are going very deep in my heart, not only because my paternal grandfather, member of the French Resistance, died there while blowing up trains, but that these images show the friendship that existed then between the French and the British who were coming to free our territory.

They also show the strength of the friendship that binds you and me and that binds our two peoples. It is on the basis of this friendship that, from now on, the Liberation of my Fatherland will be carried out in honour and hope.

All of us here, we sincerely hope that you are well and that you are protecting yourself as well as possible from this strange pandemic.

Here, as you can see, the head of state does just the opposite of what is needed to be done to protect the people he is in on charge of…….Many laws passed by this government are similar to Nazi laws!!

For example, to move outside our homes, even for a very short time, we must sign a government approved certificate very similar to the Gestapo’s Ausweis!….Yes, indeed!..

We may have to pay heavy fines and the law provides that we can be deprived of our driving license for 3 years (even if we were on foot!..), we are thrown into prison for six months without remission and we must pay a huge fine of 10,000 euros !!! (all these punishments together!!)

Again, as one of those who actively participated in the eradication of Legionnaire’s disease in France 13 years ago, I am terrified to see the absurd, even the criminal way followed by the government (?!) in the face this pandemic. So typical of the methods of the EU!…

Above all, let’s take good care of ourselves, because on the one hand the coronavirus crisis is far from being mastered, on the other hand it is to be feared that a vast economic and monetary crisis will start soon. Great Britain, now outside the EU, should suffer less, at least I hope so.

 With all my thanks again.

Truly yours,



Bernard shows that, as in Britain so in France and all EU member states, the decent, the honourable, the patriotic promoters of inter-nation peace know that the politics of Macron in this crisis betray exactly the mind of the totalitarian euro-fanatic State.

The EU has virtually wiped out nations and democracies and would undoubtedly (had it not now failed so badly for all to see) have exploited this pandemic to achieve (as the globalist fascist Tony Blair now promotes) their moronic and dictatorial vision of a world Government – so distant from and therefore totally unaccountable to the peoples of the world but the ultimate source of corrupt and absolute power for pipsqueak politicians who would be the globalist dictators of tomorrow.

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