Yay for the WHO – where would we be without it!


Yesterday the HoC was turned into a ‘virtual parliament’, kicking of with the first PMQs. I’m afraid I didn’t watch – after all, there was sunshine and going out into my little urban back garden is the only way I can get fresh air, so why waste time on our peacocks! The parliamentary sketches in ‘Our MSM’ (e.g. here) convinced me that this was the right decision. 

It doesn’t seem to have occurred to MPs and ministers that this ‘virtual parliament’ demonstrates that Parliament is no longer needed: the power of Parliament to scrutinise government has been ceded to TV ‘personalities’ and to the MSM where everybody who declares they represent an interest group can have their say, accusing government and taking over the role of MPs as ‘scrutinisers’. That these people are unelected, unaccountable and only representing their own pressure groups goes without saying. That this makes a mockery of our parliamentary democracy also goes without saying!

Meanwhile, criticism of e.g. COVID-19 numbers, stats, and measures taken by governments in ‘non-authorised’ (i.e. ‘Not Our MSM’) publications on the internet has been labelled as coming from ‘conspiracists being paid by China and Russia’. The headline of that report in The Times actually states that China is to blame for spreading CV-19 Panic. Hm. So ‘Our MSM’ must have been paid by China then, being the top ‘panic spreaders’? See for yourselves how they set the stage:

“Western agencies have been alarmed by a global echo chamber created by Russian, Chinese and Iranian official campaigns that picks up and repeats unproven claims about the pandemic, its origins and Western responses to it. In a new report, the US State Department uncovered an unprecedented level of co-operation between the three countries on spreading disinformation, both opportunistic and by design. The European External Action Service (EEAS) reached similar conclusions in its assessments, blaming Russian and Chinese “official and state-backed actors” for targeting European audiences with “conspiracy narratives” about the virus.” (link, paywalled)

Ahem. Didn’t ‘Our MSM’ report all those ‘unproven’ claims first? Were they thus the ‘victims’ of Chinese and Russian ‘trolling’? Are the reports about the EU’s dismal handling of the outbreak all untrue and simply due to ‘Chinese and Russian trolling’? There’s more:

“Moscow and Beijing have raided foreign media for accounts of Western failures, including images of British health workers wearing bin liners as protective gowns, for domestic audiences. Russia has honed [sic!] in on evidence of European disunity after Italy and Spain’s pleas for debt support from the EU.” (link, paywalled)

Since all these failures were first published in ‘Our MSM’, before their reports were ‘raided’ by Putin and Xi, can we now expect a total media blackout on reporting about all aspects of the handling of the Pandemic by government, ‘Our NHS’ and their Quangos? After all, don’t these reports help China and Russia to ‘disseminate disinformation’ …?

Is the EU doing extremely well while being asked to give trillions to the mediterranean countries – yes, that’s the latest demand from Spain (link)? Is reporting on this, on the dire financial situation of EU countries, never mind ours, now to be prohibited because it helps ‘Chinese and Russian trolls’? Or is it a trial balloon, to see how far TPTB can go in keeping us in the dark while ‘entertaining us with TV ‘productions’ of MPs in a virtual HoC and feeding us ‘news’ from self-appointed ‘scrutineers’, such as TV ‘political editors’ who always want to know why government ministers aren’t ashamed yet?

Perhaps government should simply stop this daily PR TV show? After all, the numbers and ‘advice’ given by the government’s scientific experts might be part of that ‘disinformation campaign’, no? Perhaps ‘Our MSM’ simply ought to stop publishing ‘outcries’ from vested interests, aimed to make us afraid, very afraid, such as this one in the DT where it’s claimed that 400 elderly people are dying every day from COVID-19 in care homes (link)? There’s no proof, the connection between deaths and the virus is only ‘suggested’ – that’s got to be ‘Chinese and Russian trolling’, right?

The Times muddies the waters further with even more scary numbers of 41,000 deaths (link, paywalled). Never mind that this number was ‘extrapolated’ by clever clogs in the Financial Times – anybody who can play with numbers to get a ‘be afraid, be very afraid’ result is now an expert. Actual, proper medical proof – not even test results, never mind post mortems – are not needed. I’m sure Russia and China will be happy to use these numbers to ‘disseminate disinformation’! 

Here, btw, is the proper antidote to those number games, provided by our friends at facts4eu. They use the same ONS numbers from which the FT ‘journalists’ extrapolated their scare numbers. I know whom I trust when it’s a question of numbers and stats!

And what about the saga of PPE not being provided by government? Surely reports (link, link paywalled) that NHS trusts have been stockpiling them is only due to Chinese and Russian disinformation campaigns, right? Nevertheless, here’s a little piece of information that slipped out inadvertently:

“The row over the supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) has intensified after dozens of companies said the Government had ignored their offers to supply gowns and face masks. […] Some companies […] have been dealing with hospitals, care homes, other care providers, GP surgeries and pharmacies directly despite not hearing back from the Government.” (link)

Never say that private initiative and enterprise beats state-controlled ‘distribution’! And wouldn’t you know – PHE is still alive and kicking! They have now come out with ‘advice’ to ‘all of us’! They tell us that we should all take Vitamin D supplements because the Lockdown keeps us indoors (link). Oh dear …

Are you feeling nauseated yet? Here’s more to help you! PHE, in preparation for easing the Lockdown, is planning to set up a ‘tracking system’ within the next three weeks:

“An army of thousands of coronavirus contact tracers is to be trained within weeks to help Britain to exit lockdown. Council staff and civil servants are among those who will be drafted in as part of a three-tier system to ensure that every infected person is isolated before they pass the virus on to others. Public Health England aims to have a system running within three weeks so that it can be used if the government wants to ease restrictions.” (link, paywalled)

Words simply fail me! It’s not only that this ‘programme’ will give untold power to local busybodies, nor that this ‘idea’ shows again perfectly how the minds of our civil servants work (‘control the peasants!) – it’s another proof that That Lot, the unelected Mandarins advising ministers, don’t trust us one bit, regarding us as mindless kids who must be kept in leading strings!

And how come this pernicious scheme which should be unthinkable for any British civil ‘servant’, has even been thought of? See here:

“The WHO said that countries wanting to exit lockdown must “find every case” and “trace and quarantine every contact”.” (link, paywalled)

First their disastrous ‘test-test-test’, now ‘trace-trace-trace’ – can we do nothing without WHO input? And how come the WHO isn’t regarded by the world’s MSM and security services as organisation ‘trolling for China’? Perhaps the security services and world MSM are aiming to make us accept that Chinese app where everybody is monitored and given ‘social credit’ for ‘good behaviour’?

We’ve read that actual doctors were puzzled by the fact that their A&E  departments were empty, that GPs and specialists were warning of avoidable deaths because cancer patients and others with serious illnesses have not been seen since the start of the Lockdown. We remember that ‘Our NHS’ had to prepare for the tsunami of COVID-19 patients, even unto building new Nightingale hospitals – which are now standing empty.

There’s an amazing proposal from the Defence Secretary Ben Wallace, to use these hospitals to treat cancer and heart attack patients instead (link). It makes sense, so it’s not gonna happen. After all, we must expect that ‘Second Peak’, or even a ‘Third Peak’ should government dare to lift Lockdown restrictions before there’s a treatment or a vaccine. Mr Hancock was fully on WHO lines already, saying we must be able to ‘test, track and trace’ … (link).

There’s an interesting remark from Neil Ferguson, laying bare – inadvertently, I’m sure – that the Lockdown might have been wrong. You recall, from the past, that the hysteria was fuelled not least by ‘Our MSM’ rejecting the idea of ‘herd immunity’ out of hand: ‘people will die!’ The reason for the Lockdown was of course to safely wait for ‘a treatment’ or ‘a vaccine’.

Independent scientists have pointed out repeatedly that a Lockdown, while stopping infections, would lead to ensuing peaks because a herd immunity would not develop. And here’s ‘Mr Modelling’, Prof. Ferguson, now:

“Meanwhile, Prof Neil Ferguson, of Imperial College, who sits on Sage, said it was likely that only 5 per cent of the population had contracted the virus and warned that the country would be vulnerable to a new peak when lockdown ended. “There is almost no herd immunity and a very large risk of a second peak if we relax current measures without something to put in their place” […]  “Which is why I think large scale community testing and contact tracing […] is likely to be vital.”(link)

But – wasn’t that the aim of the Lockdown, to stop the virus from spreading? Have I missed something? In any case, it’s yay once more for the WHO, for their ‘test, track and trace’ ‘solution! The WHO alone knows what we should do. No, don’t even think of China! How very dare you! And don’t look at Sweden which didn’t follow the WHO,  trusting their citizens instead to behave as responsible adults, following advice about hygiene and social distancing – without Lockdown.

A Swedish scientist concluded his observations on Sweden’s success yesterday (paywalled link, in German) by saying that ‘herd immunity’ had become a dirty word in the world-wide COVID-19 debate while in fact ‘herd mentality’ is the greater evil. Amen to that!



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