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Every time when I think that the covid politburo and SAGE surely cannot become more divorced from reality one glance at the MSM shows me the opposite is true. One might have thought that the Easter Holidays would’ve taught that lot something about the mood of the country, that the comment posts in the MSM on the covid passport question, never mind the many letters written to MPs, might have led BJ and Gove to recognise the error of their ways – but no. They can always double down, they can always tighten the covid screws and by gawd, yesterday they’ve done it again.

There’s the absurd ‘everybody must test twice a week’ scheme, there’s the ‘covid passport’ scheme which suddenly is not ‘un-british’, and there’s the latest SAGE modelling. BJ will ‘celebrate’ his roadmap by going to an outdoor pub to have a pint on April 12th when this sort of activity will be permitted. I hope it rains cats and dogs that day – sorry, all you stalwart pub landlords, but for the sake of us all, BJ must not permitted to have his ‘day of glory’ while the rest of us have to live semi-permanently locked down, or, in the words of Richard Littlejohn, are ‘on parole wearing electronic ankle tags’ (link). 

Regarding that twice-weekly test: it’ll only cost us a good £1.2bn. The cost of removing the used tests from the environment isn’t even factored in yet. Why is the Green Blob not up in arms about proper mask and test kit disposal? They must be burned, to prevent inadvertent spreading of covid, surely? And burning such plasticky things surely can’t be good for our air? Hasn’t Carrie told BJ that he can’t hope to save the planet when he’s polluting the environment with his test kits and covid masks? Mind you – I expect we’ll have to pay a ‘rubbish removal surcharge’ to deal with all of that stuff.

But that’s only the tail end of that test-diktat. Professor John Lee wrote in the DM that no test is 100% reliable and that therefore the more tests are conducted, the more errors will accumulate, the more people will have false-positive results and will be told to self-isolate:

“Since the Government wants the entire population to be tested twice a week, that implies a false positive rate of around 120,000 people every week – all people being wrongly told that they have the virus.Think of the implications. That is a population the size of a large city, every month, being compelled by law to go into self-isolation when they are not even infected. From there, they are expected to order a more reliable – and far more expensive – PCR test, which will confirm that they are not infected. By this time, they have pointlessly wasted time at home, missing out time with family, earning money in a job or exercising. The human cost will only soar.” (link)

Indeed – and the more false positive cases there are, the more SAGE modellers will insist on keeping the lockdown going because we’re all lepers, all spreading the virus regardless of having had the jab. Why scientists are still not insisting on putting the ‘asymptomatic spreader’ falsehood to rest is beyond me. Why GPs aren’t up in arms about this medical perversion is inexplicable. They used to tell any ‘worried well’ that no, they can’t have a test for this or that when they don’t have symptoms – and now this doesn’t apply? Here’s Professor John Lee again:

“The Government insists that this mighty new show of testing is essential to catch ‘asymptomatic’ cases: that is, infected people who show no symptoms. But this is yet another absurdity. If you have no symptoms, you are not personally at any risk. And just as importantly, despite repeated claims to the contrary, there is no credible scientific evidence that asymptomatic people are a significant risk for transmitting the disease to others.” (link)

Another medic has called this test strategy ‘reckless’ – but not for the reasons Prof John Lee mentioned. No, it’s reckless because people might believe they’re covid negative when a PCR test would tell them they’re not because the danger is:

“that it will stop people getting a PCR test when they have symptoms if they have a negative [lateral flow] test, or increase disinhibition so higher risks of exposure happen”. (link, paywalled)

Spot the inconsistency: if people have symptoms surely that lateral flow test would be +ve, right? So this medic’s argument is all over the place. That nudge-unit professor, Ms Michie, told The Times that:

“she also feared that people would be falsely reassured by negative test results and let down their guard against the virus. There is already evidence that people have done so since the vaccine was introduced, she said, adding: “This problem is likely to be exacerbated by negative results which are not an accurate indicator of not having coronavirus.”  (link, paywalled)

So what then is an ‘accurate indicator’ of not having that virus? Moar tests, and not leaving the house for fear of catching it? You may have noticed that the covid politburo stance is that we’re all ill with covid unless proven otherwise and even then we could become infected the next day after testing. How this’ll reassure all the shops and venues opening their doors for those with a ‘covid passport’ is anybody’’s guess. Why those test promoters, why BJ and yon Matt don’t grasp that the nation is being jabbed and thus should be immune and not need that test – nah, don’t ask. 

Meanwhile, they’ve cleverly changed their language and are no longer talking about ‘covid passports’. This  is now labelled ‘covid status checks’ and we’ll just have to live with this until ‘the pandemic recedes’, never mind that we all know it’ll never recede as long as the SAGEs have their say and as long as mass testing continues. Savour this government explanation for ‘covid status checks’:

“There was nothing stopping businesses checking the Covid status of customers provided they were not breaking equalities laws, the Government argued, as it opened the door to companies across the country using them. The new thinking also rejects calls for an outright ban on “Covid vaccine passports” – saying that would be an “unjustified intrusion” on businesses. […] Boris Johnson denied on Monday that the principle of Covid status checks was “un-British”, pointing to surgeons who have to undergo hepatitis-B jabs before being allowed to operate.” (paywalled link).

Yes, we’re now all like surgeons operating on people and must show we’re ‘safe’ by producing this ‘covid status check’ to anyone who asks! At the moment BJ isn’t putting this to a vote in the Zombie, sorry: Zoom Parliament. Perhaps Starmer’s threat of not voting for this abomination made him reconsider, or more likely BJ’s SpAds and Mandarins are still working out how to get this on the statute books without a Commons vote. You might like to read Sir John Redwood’s Diary entry today (link) where he ever so politely lays into Gove’s and BJ’s ‘covid status check’ proposal.

I hope you’ll join me in this morning’s ‘exercise’ of bouncing off ceilings and walls in anger when you read the latest SAGE pronouncement. It shows clearly that there’ll be no end to the pandemic, as far as they’re concerned, regardless of mass testing and mass vaccination. SAGE has released new modelling papers, just in time to counteract BJs announcement of some hint of ‘freedom’ on April 12th:

“The papers, released by the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage), suggest that a full release from restrictions in June could trigger a new wave of Covid hospitalisations as bad as the January peak. One Sage source said that while vaccines are having a major impact cutting illness and deaths, they are not effective enough to allow a return to normal social mixing “without a big epidemic”.” (paywalled link)

Why have the jabs then when they’re still so concerned? There’s another government paper reported in the DT, along the same lines:

“The document noted that even with the success of the vaccine rollout, which has seen more than half the adult population get their first jab, concerns remain. One part read: “Even after two doses the vaccine will not be 100 per cent effective and some people will not take up the offer of a vaccine. As a result, some measures may be required for a period after all adults have been offered a vaccine in order to prevent a surge in hospitalisations which could put unsustainable pressure on the NHS.” (paywalled link)

Let’s hammer home what all those modellers, those covid lockdown promoters are stating, with no opposing voices permitted:

“The key document says: “It is highly likely that there will be a further resurgence in hospitalisations and deaths after the later steps of the roadmap. The scale, shape, and timing of any resurgence remain highly uncertain. In most scenarios modelled, any peak is smaller than the wave seen in Jan 2021, however, scenarios with little transmission reduction after step four, or with pessimistic but plausible vaccine efficacy assumptions, can result in resurgences in hospitalisations of a similar scale to Jan 2021. […] Scientists said that while vaccines are having a major impact in cutting illness and deaths, they are not effective enough to allow a return to normal social mixing “without a big epidemic”.” (paywalled link)

In other words: it doesn’t matter what we do – get the jab, test ourselves til the cows come home, self-isolate, stop living altogether – or don’t do. As long as the hybris of those SAGEs and their puppet BJ is in play – hybris because they believe that they can do in real life what they can do in a virology lab: stopping a virus from spreading or even ‘eradicating’ it – we’ll be the prisoners of covid, imprisoned to save you-know-what. 

I’m fuming! I suggest we use our anger and defy this covid dictatorship wherever and in whichever way we can.





Photo by cw_anderson

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