Janice North reports:
“Brexometers and all Dogs are Brexit – UKIP NW London’s Brexit Stall in Hampstead on 6th April”
After the highly charged day of the week before – outside Parliament for what became Brexit Betrayal Day – we knew we had to get back on with things. We headed to Hampstead Town for a Brexit stall and to see what the local Tory voters felt about the government and their lies.
We got more abuse than usual. Strange, I thought – but then maybe everyone is sick of hearing about Brexit! We even got a ‘What are you doing round here?’
But there was a Remainer stall around the corner so we were glad we had turned up to counter it. They had what they called a Brexometer – a chart asking people to vote for their preferred outcome to Brexit – using sticky dots. There was WTO, or a customs union Brexit, or a People’s Vote etc. To be fair they were amicable and we had a nice chat. Two of them also came round to see our stall as well. It seems we are all weary and can agree on one thing – the government is useless and Parliament is now corrupt – aiming to please no one other than the self-satisfied and indulgent MPs who sit within it.
It was a beautiful sunny day and just as well otherwise our mood would have dragged us down – would we ever see Brexit? Many asked us that question. Supporters in the area who we had met before popped by – unable to express their opinions openly to neighbours but pleased to see us.
Our UKIP Pug attracted a lot of attention too – from other dogs as well as humans – we decided weeks ago that all dogs are naturally UKIP anyway – and it seems so. They all wanted to come over to us but some were dragged away by their owners once they saw the UKIP rosettes.
We are gathering a following across London and we had helpers from Barnet, Islington, Waltham Forest and Lewisham branches – thankyou very much! I also have to say that our UKIP flag and umbrella look aesthetically pleasing in most settings.
The Brexit stall that day wasn’t just to debate and convert to be honest – we wanted to be all together, campaigning for what we believe in, and we were happy to see each other. There isn’t just safety in numbers – there is camaraderie, unity, fortitude and positivity. We chatted, laughed, made plans, and all agreed to help Lewisham branch with a local council election. This is what UKIP does best – grassroots activism – we are fuelled by hard-working volunteers with a common belief and patriotism. We all love our country and we put it before ourselves.
It was nice to see everyone, and even to chat to the Remainers. Some of us had come a long way to be at the Brexit. So, after a few hours we headed to the pub as usual to talk over the events of the last few weeks and where it was all heading… And that, I am afraid, is an endless question…
One thing we knew for sure, we would attend the next Brexit Betrayal rally in Westminster the following week… to be continued…
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Felix Aubel writes:
As the West & Mid Wales Coordinator for the cross-party Leave Means Leave, I wish to let you know that the next street stall will be held on Saturday 20 April in Llanelli. We shall be meeting at the new UKIP Office in 54 Stepney Street, Llanelli, SA15 3TG, near the Job Centre, by 10.30am. You can also congregate near the meat van in Stepney Street by the arcade entrance to the Llanelli Shopping Precinct, where our stall will be located.
I wish to take this opportunity to thank the Llanelli UKIP Branch for their very enthusiastic support for this activity.  Thank you also to the Party’s Regional Organizer Tom Harrison for every assistance.
We’ve already had 11 recent successful street stalls: in Carmarthen on Saturday 24 November, in Haverfordwest on Friday 30 November, in Milford Haven on Saturday 8 December, in Narberth on Friday 14 December, in Carmarthen on Saturday 12 January, in Llanelli on Saturday 9 February, in Ammanford on Friday 22 February, in Cardigan on Saturday 23 February, in Port Talbot on Saturday 9 March, in Aberystwyth on Saturday 23 March and in Brecon on Saturday 6 April.
I’m very grateful to everyone who have assisted on our street stalls.  Thank you ever so much.
I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible.
If you require further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch.
Thank you.
Kind regards,

Felix Aubel

Llys y Graig, Trelech, Carmarthenshire, SA33 6QU

Tel: 01994 484 694 H/W.  07901 736 065 M.  No mobile signal in Trelech

Email: felixaubel@btinternet.com

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Ian Walsh reports from Torbay: 

On Saturday, we stood outside Torquay town hall in protest at the lack of democracy shown by the Remainer government. The press turned up (Inc. the Herald Express, who we did NOT invite!!! So watch out for their inevitable put-down in any write up they might do!!!) lots of people passed by and traffic tooted in support.

Here is the piece by local paper the Torbay Times: http://torbaytimes.co.uk/backs-turned-on-torquay-town-hall-by-ukip-torbay/

We stayed until 11am and then walked down through town to let the people at the Remain table (outside Primark) know we were there. We stopped opposite them, and in the short time we were there, gave out lots of our leaflets.

Ian Walsh, Ukip Torbay

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