As I parked up, I got a text ‘A People’s Vote bloke is here! In our usual spot!’  – I immediately thought ‘It’s going to be lively!. Kilburn is a busy area on the Edgware Road, so I like to campaign there regularly, as I may have mentioned before.  There are always regular religious groups competing and Labour turn up late afternoon sometimes with a huge table of leaflets. People are generally disgruntled with Labour but somehow till vote for them… But this would add a whole new dimension to the day!

And as we turned the corner, there he was, the People’s Vote man, (didn’t we already have the people’s vote?)  all by himself, handing out leaflets to those getting off the bus. We had doctored an old ‘Vote Leave’ sign to say ‘We Voted Leave’ so one of our team sneaked behind him with it and we took a photo…  oh well, it had to be done!


We had a good turn out from our own branch including Harrow, and a good few members turned up from Barnet.

One of Barnet’s younger members managed to recruit 2 new members – one for Brent and one for Barnet – well done!. Our one was a Turkish chap, married to an English lady, who had previously been a member of UKIP in Essex. He said he firmly believed that if you live in a country, you must integrate and do what is best for your new country – what a breath of fresh air!  He was glad to see us out and about and will hopefully be at our next meeting.  The other was younger and keen to find a way to be involved in politics but was disillusioned with the Tories and Labour – well he’s found the perfect home with us!

We attracted some swearing and shouting from an older gentleman – but not surprisingly, when asked to articulate his objections he eventually cleared off.  I couldn’t resist a visit to our Brexit market stall holder who sings with the Christian gospellers on the High Road, and he too is worried about Brexit, but his resolve to make sure Brexit happens is as strong as ever, and my feeling is that the general population, including many original remain voters, are becoming increasingly disgusted with the behaviour of parliament.

Everyone worked really hard, and we packed up and made it to the pub just as the clouds started to prepare for rain. We had already made a plan to help


Barnet in Golders Green next Sunday 3rd February, and of course, all are invited to come and help! We were a happy bunch (have you noticed Brexiteers smile much more than Remainers? – maybe I’m biased!)  and we asked the pub owner (who was Eastern European) to take our photo with our ‘We Voted Leave sign’.   He happily obliged but when he read the sign, he looked perplexed.


‘But why?’ he asked, ‘why did you vote to leave?’.. We looked at him and then each other…… ‘Now that, my friend, is a long story…..’


So  – come along and help us next Sunday in Golders Green – 11 am outside Marks and Spencers….all welcome!

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