Today is the last day of the current EU Parliament’s session. They’re gone – they’re off … just like our MPs are ‘on holidays’. Nobody ‘at home’ to vote on anything. 

The good news is that M Juncker will be gone. The bad news is that the new EU Parliament will have to choose between the Dutch socialist candidate Frans Timmermans and the German Martin Weber, the candidate of Ms Merkel, to replace him. Both, according to this report, indulged in some diplomatic Brits-and-Brexit bashing,

Since nobody knows at this stage what the new EU Parliament will look like – although we pin our hopes on an upsurge of Eurosceptic parties abroad as well as here – speculations as to how this will affect the choice of a Juncker replacement and Brexit are just that: speculations. However, a very interesting assessment has been published here:

“The European Council of Foreign Affairs has warned would-be MEPs there could be as many as 97 million swing voters to convince ahead of May 23-26 ballot. According to the in-depth study, 54 percent of voters will have “no faith in politicians and political systems at both a national and European level” or “would like to see a reparation of power from Brussels”. One of the study’s authors, Susi Dennison, has warned that EU politics finds itself in a “highly precarious moment of system failure”.

Therefore we can predict with some confidence that the election campaign here and across the EU will be ferocious. Here is a taste of things to come: “Spain has banned the far-right Vox party from TV debates. Why don’t we do the same to Ukip and Nigel Farage?” writes someone in the Independent who is not exactly interested in Free Speech.

I am of course not suggesting that the leaders of our ‘loyal opposition’ would ever even think of doing such thing here in our country … but in your talks with Remainers you might ask them if they really want to stay in an EU where a country’s government  can so blatantly disregard the EU’s own Human Rights.

Staying with the EU and the EU Grandees who have presided over Ms May’s BRINO debacle, there’s a TV documentary by an EU broadcaster called ARTE with some interesting revelations – mostly self-serving, as one would expect. The Express has published a couple of reports with video clips homing in on those Central figures, e.g. M Barnier (here) and Mr Tusk (here). So their hands, in their own minds, are clean, it’s all our fault for daring to vote Leave.

Meanwhile, dark clouds are forming on the economic horizon, especially the German one:

“Germany has slashed its growth forecasts amid rising fears for the eurozone’s biggest economy. The German finance ministry now expects growth of just 0.5 per cent this year, half what it previously hoped for in the last forecast. It would make the country the worst performer in the single-currency area apart from Italy, which has suffered a recession.” (source)

This is confirmed by an article in the German National broadsheet ‘Die Welt’ where, using a machine translator, we read yesterday that “Only the State is growing in Germany’s Economy”, see also this report in the Express. It goes without saying that this is because of Brexit … but gives a clue as to why Germany and the EU want to keep us In.

Another item of interest is the talk about the possible successor of Mark Carney, the boss of the Bank of England – he of the many Project Fear predictions. This possible successor however looks like a Brexiteer. The DT (paywalled link) writes:

“He is Raghuram Rajan, often touted as a potential successor to Mark Carney at the Bank of England. […] What the world needs is more democracy and more localism, he says. That means praise for the spirit behind Brexit: “Sovereignty is important – take sovereignty back when you have given up too much”. He backs voters who kick elites when they deny ordinary people the opportunities they want: “periodically democracy gets really angry with the kind of cronyism that happens, and sends the message ‘we don’t want that’.” And it also means economists like him have to accept they do not have all the answers: “you also should allow for the possibility that [communities] make mistakes, and let them make mistakes – or maybe you are making a mistake when you impose” on them from afar. These are not ideas commonly expressed by members of the global elite.”

I had to rub my eyes and read it again – but yes, ‘tis true (see also this report) – he did say that. Well, that’s his goose cooked then, as far as Ms May and our Remain government is concerned. A pity.

Meanwhile, according to RemainCentral, The Times, the only noteworthy Brexit ‘event’ was a meeting of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat, with representatives of the ERG. She had visited Dublin before, making reassuring noises to the Taoiseach about how she’d do everything to help with that dratted border.

Why was her meeting with the ERG ‘noteworthy’? Because:

“Nancy Pelosi, the US Speaker, rebuked the hardline Brexiteer Mark Francois for being condescending during a private lunch this week. Ms Pelosi, the third most powerful figure in the US, challenged the “red-faced” former junior defence minister after an exchange about the nature of the Irish border.” (link, paywalled)

Ah! I’ll quote at length because this report is indicative for the way the Remain MSM are manipulating ‘news’:

“The programme included a lunchtime meeting with four members of the European Research Group faction of Conservative MPs at a Westminster restaurant on Monday. In addition to Mr Francois the group included Jacob Rees-Mogg, Sir Bernard Jenkin and Steve Baker. According to an account from someone in the room Ms Pelosi became “so offended by the ERG group that she turned to [Mark] Francois and reprimanded him”. She said, ‘Don’t condescend to me or to us’,” the source told The Times. “His face turned from already red to even brighter red. They were really condescending to the group, repeatedly saying the issue had been ‘concocted’ by Remainers, Brussels, and Leo Varadkar, and essentially that they were unwitting dupes.” (link, paywalled)

Ah! So tittle-tattle from ‘a source’ is what makes for a good anti-Brexit story, especially when it’s useful to attack one of the dreadful hardcore ERG members – how dare they have red faces! At least The Times asked Mr François as well, being even-handed:

“Mr Francois did not deny the incident when asked for his response. He said: “We had a good discussion with Speaker Pelosi and her delegation in which she kindly said twice, ‘You guys have been the most consistent of anybody we have spoken to since we’ve been here’. However, a number of the delegation had clearly visited the province prior to 1998 and made constant references to a hard border, including some cases of barbed wire and watchtowers. We did our best to point out that no one was contemplating any such arrangement on the border including Leo Varadkar who has said himself that no such infrastructure would be necessary.” Ms Pelosi’s spokesman declined to comment.” (link, paywalled).

Ah! Mr François didn’t deny he was red-faced, did he? Do note that, as always, the personal attack based on gossip comes first, the refutation comes at the bottom so that most readers will already have gone away, eyes glazed but reaffirmed in their opinion that Brexit and the ERG are bad – even the USA representatives say so …

These are the Brexit news: everybody is on their Easter Holidays, nobody is doing anything except gossip. But: please do use the material provided here to confront – in a most polite way, of course! – your Remain adversaries. As always – it’s up to us to win this battle.




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