Is this it? Is Ms May’s WA now off the table? That depends on which MSM “source” you consume. So, to follow a saying by the great 1st Duke of Wellington: “All the business of war, and indeed all the business of life, is to endeavour to find out what you don’t know by what you do; that’s what I called ‘guess what was at the other side of the hill’.”, let’s see what we do know on this wet and windy Thursday morning!

Firstly: there’s no deal on the Backstop. The Attorney General was unable mellifluously to boom M Barnier into oblivion. Coming back from Brussels yesterday he said that the talks had been ‘robust’ – which means they did scream and shout but it didn’t quite come to fisticuffs. We don’t know if talks are ongoing or not – see the video clip of his interview here. But while he was playing to the rules, i.e. being tight-lipped about negotiations, the EU, as customary, was not. They leaked details of the talks to ‘Buzzfeed’ – a hugely respected news outlet, innit! – according to the DT, who then was able to pick up on those details:

“It emerged that he had presented two ideas to Mr Barnier – an arbitration panel that would decide if the UK and the EU were acting in good faith over the backstop, and a new “mini backstop” that would limit the scope of the backstop to border infrastructure only. Both ideas were rejected by Mr Barnier, as a note of the meeting leaked to Buzzfeed criticised Mr Cox for trying to find “a legal solution to a political problem”. The European Commission’s chief spokesman Margaritis Schinas said: “Discussions have been difficult. No solution has been identified at this point that is consistent with the Withdrawal Agreement, including the protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland which, as you all know, will not be reopened.” (paywalled link, my bold)

Since when are legal problems solved by ‘political solutions’?

So – are we now set for the Maycocalypse, the defeat of the WA come Tuesday, and a No-Deal-Brexit?

Not so fast!

While the MSM are reporting in a somewhat subdued fashion that May will face defeat (here and here, and paywalled here), they are far keener to report on ‘new plots’. We are being told that Corbyn and Tory MPs are ‘in talks’ about a ‘super-soft Brexit’, see here and here, with Corbyn promoting a “Norway Deal” which would in effect keep the UK in the EU. The Times (paywalled) reports:

  • “Jeremy Corbyn opened talks yesterday with Conservatives backing a Norway-style soft Brexit as peers voted to keep Britain in a customs union with the EU. To the anger of some Labour MPs, Mr Corbyn spent more than an hour with Sir Oliver Letwin and Nick Boles who back Brexit but support remaining in the single market. The discussions coincided with the House of Lords vote in which peers voted by 207 to 141 to demand that MPs “think again” about forming a tariff-free trade bloc with Brussels. This amendment to the Trade Bill creates fresh problems for ministers who must now take it back to the Commons to try to overturn the change. With all opposition parties supporting a customs union, a few Conservative rebels could defeat the government.” (my bold)

I hope you read the above carefully because it contains another bit of news which we need in order to ‘guess what is on the other side of the Brexit Hill” – the traitors in the HoL.

Yes, that’s right: not only are Labour bent to demolish Brexit, not only are Tory MPs happy to betray their own Party and the manifesto they won their seats on, the unelected Lords, Remainers in the vast majority are betraying our country as well with this new ‘demand’.

Add this  juicy little piece of news which may elevate your blood pressure, reported in the (paywalled) DT:

“Remain Tory MPs will meet on Thursday with senior members of Emmanuel Macron’s government to discuss extending Article 50 as a path to a second referendum. […]Mr Grieve has invited fellow pro-European MPs for a meeting with Ms Loiseau, her advisers, a French senator and a senior official from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. France has reportedly been pushing for a 21 month Brexit delay while the terms of a future deal are thrashed out. Mr Grieve and other Remain Tory MPs are pushing for a longer extension to Article 50 as they attempt to secure a second referendum. Remain ministers are understood to have held secret meetings with ministers from Germany, Belgium and other nations as part of talks on extending Article 50.”

Given our experience these past two years, it’s obvious that the EU is our enemy. What does one call ‘collaboration with the enemy’? Yep, ‘tis treason.

Meanwhile, Allister Heath at the (paywalled) DT doesn’t mince his words, advocating a No Deal Brexit:

The downsides of a clean Brexit have been massively exaggerated, as have the benefits of single market and customs union membership. We have been led up the garden path, in the worst campaign of official disinformation since Tony Blair’s dodgy Iraq WMD dossier. […] The Treasury numbers are a gigantic con. They are not merely orders of magnitude wrong: they are a disgrace to the economics profession. Gordon Brown’s Treasury, for all its flaws, was more honest about the EU than George Osborne’s and Philip Hammond’s. […] In the absence of a miraculous breakthrough in the talks, there is only one sustainable solution: a clean break with the EU.” (my bold)

To drive that point home, here is the 2nd part of Phil Radford’s devastating analysis of the damage done to our economy by the Customs Union. We published the link to Part 1 here, yesterday. I urge you to read it!

With these bits of information, we can ‘guess’ what is on the other side of the hill: treason. And we can be pretty certain what the 1st Duke of Wellington would have told Ms May: ‘go for the clean, no-deal Brexit’.


22 days to Brexit – KBO!


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