In just under one week, MPs are to vote on TMay’s proposed WA – with a few weasel words from the EU – which (if passed) would leave us enslaved to the EU rulebook.

She has tried to worry MPs into supporting her proposal, by saying that it is her deal or no-Brexit. It is critical that they are not intimidated, but hold their nerve and vote it down.

So why not send a letter to your MP copied to the Sun above, with the message below.

Why not also sent an open copy to a local paper? Your MP might then be less likely to ignore you!

Here’s a template:

Dear …..

544 MPs (84%) of MPs voted to hold a Referendum and 408 (63%) constituencies voted with a 72% turnout, to leave the E.U.  Few governments ever had a bigger mandate. Then over 80% of them were elected on a manifesto which undertook to respect the outcome of the referendum – NOT to leave us half in half out of the E.U.

Then 496 (78%) MPs voted to invoke Article 50.

But TMay’s WA is a trap which would leave us enslaved to the E.U. rulebook and so please vote it down. Now the only realistic way to remove the UK from EU jurisdiction is to leave on WTO terms.

If you want to honour your Manifesto promise and be on the right side of history, then you have no mandate to do anything else. So please don’t let us down.

Yours sincerely, your name

With thanks for publishing this appeal,

Respectfully, Roger Arthur.


~~~   OOO ~~~



This is my letter which was published in the local paper on St David’s Day:

“The depth of Dr Wollaston’s hypocrisy is staggering. She co-sponsored a bill in 2011 to provide that any defecting MP is automatically removed and a by-election is held but doesn’t see a reason why she should take her own medicine and stand down when she does exactly that. (MP Sarah Wollaston resigns from Tory Party: Kingsbridge and Salcombe Gazette Feb 22 2019). Worse, she is seeking to bring down the government and also to demolish Brexit.

The British people voted that the UK should govern itself and determine its own laws and policies. It has been clear that Sarah Wollaston has spent many of the 975 days since the Referendum undermining it or trying to overturn it. It was high time that she was challenged. The Totnes constituency Conservative Association had not done so. Well done Ian Phillips and James Heaven for holding her to account insisting that she should honour the Conservative Party manifesto on which she stood for the General Election 2017.

Maybe UKIP became demob happy after the Referendum trusting that the Government would deliver its written promise to implement the decision to leave the EU. Thousands of Totnes constituents who had voted UKIP in 2015 heeded Nigel Farage’s advice and lent their vote to the Conservative party two years later ‘to give Theresa May a strong hand in delivering Brexit’. Why Sarah Wollaston should be peeved that former UKIP members have joined the Conservative party to make sure that she did what she promised is bizarre.

Sadly, MPs such as Sarah Wollaston, enjoy the pay, perks and privileges of their status and have no interest in governing our nation. Or could it be that they lack the competence and confidence to do so? Is this why the majority in the House of Commons would prefer to ignore the mandate given to them by the People’s Vote on 23 June 2016. What else can explain their wish to remain shackled to the corpse of the EU and continue to have their thinking done for them by the likes of Tusk, Juncker and Merkel?

Respectfully, Ceri Jayes,

Chairman, Totnes branch UK Independence Party

~~~   OOO ~~~



All other things being equal, I should have just forwarded to you a copy of my message dated 15 February (see ‘Letters’)  extolling the benefits of Article XXIV of GATT and its perfect suitability for solving the present impasse.

The next thing to emphasise is that the UK has no right to extend the Article 50 period; this can only be done with the unanimous consent of all the other 27 member states of the EU.  As Mr Macron has made very clear indeed, such unanimity is very far from being guaranteed.

Accordingly, the only way now to salvage something beneficial from the current mess is to use the second vote scheduled for the middle of next month.  Obviously the dreadful and venomous proposed Withdrawal Agreement must once again be soundly defeated on the first vote, and the second vote is therefore the vital one.  Before proceeding with it, the triumphant trick that the PM must pull out of the hat is that irresistible sweetener of proposing an interim free trade agreement under Article XXIV, also pointing out what Mr Macron has said.  This should meet with approval as the only sensible way forward.

Respectfully, Septimus Octavius


~~~   OOO ~~~



It occurs to me that the phrase ‘Political Elite’, often used to describe those in power, has become a complete misnomer.  The word ‘Elite’ is defined as: “A select group that is superior in terms of ability or qualities to the rest of a group or society”.  

Given the current state of affairs in Westminster, a more appropriate description would perhaps be, ‘Cabal’.  A cabal is defined as: “A small group of people united in some close design, usually to promote their private views of, or interests in an ideology, state, or other community, often by intrigue and usually unbeknownst to those outside their group”.

Does that not rather accurately describe the mendacity and duplicity of over 600 of the most venal, self-serving traitors to ever sully the green leather benches of the House of Commons?  Sadly, less than 50 truly deserve to be addressed as “Honourable Members”.

Respectfully, Geoff Lazell


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