Today’s letters reflect the growing unease about Ms May’s approach to Brexit as well as her culpability in the ongoing scandal of illegal immigrants crossing the Channel.


The leading article in the DT on 04/01/19 (see here) highlights the chasm between Mrs May and 57% of Tory grass root members, who prefer a no deal Brexit to her Withdrawal proposal.

That comes soon after 63% of Tory MPs voted for her as leader, knowing that she refuses to abandon her flawed proposal.

Strangely 63% also represents the number of constituencies (408) which voted to leave the E.U.  Even the most ill informed MPs must see that remaining under EU jurisdiction would not be leaving the E.U.

So it is inexplicable that many of the 544 MPs (84%) who voted to hold a referendum now prefer to see us enslaved to a politburo where leaders are not directly elected and want to bring an end to our nation state.

For MPs to pretend that they are respecting the referendum outcome, by supporting Mrs May’s fudge, is a betrayal of the sovereign people and of democracy itself.

Respectfully, Roger Arthur


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Government ‘no-deal Brexit’ ads: run for the hills!

The Government is going to run radio adverts telling ‘the public what they will need to do in the event of a no-deal Brexit’; however, in view of Mrs May’s determination to persuade MPs to accept her Brexit ‘deal’ despite the deep reservations of Parliamentarians and grassroots’ Tories about its potential for keeping us trapped and powerless in the EU, critics have described the move ‘as a ploy to unsettle the public and make MPs think twice about opposing the deal’ (Telegraph, January 4, 2019).

It is said that in the 1930s a radio adaptation of H. G. Wells’s War of the Worlds was taken seriously by some listeners who thought the Martians were really invading; a Martian invasion is just about the only dire effect of a ‘cliff-edge’, ‘crashing-out’ no-deal Brexit that the Government has failed to warn about – so far, at least – but their fear tactics are no longer being taken seriously by the public. They should stop wasting our own money on trying to scare us – or more to the point, priming young people to demand a second Referendum, thus overturning democracy. That is the real fear.

Of course, the BBC does not have to be paid anything – above the compulsory licence fee, that is – to spread fear, managing to include anti-Brexit propaganda even in episodes of Doctor Who and The ABC Murders; however, like the EU their slogan could very well be ‘Give us your money and we’ll tell you what to think’. Admittedly, that would not make a very good advert, but their subliminal pro-Brussels message makes an even worse advertisement for their supposed dedication to democracy.   

Respectfully, Ann Farmer


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With people landing on the Kent coast from small rubber boats a current topic of great interest, today (Thursday) on Radio 4 World At One there was an interview with Dame Pauline Neville-Jones. She explained that she had written to Theresa May, the then home Secretary, advising against the proposed cancellation of an airborne surveillance contract. May ignored the advice, and now there is a panic to increase coastal security.

So a bad decision by Theresa May. Bad decisions as Home Secretary are a recurring theme as more information comes to light.

The whole country must know that Theresa May failed dismally to implement Conservative Government Policy of reducing net immigration to the “tens of thousands”. Even worse, she did achieve a policy that removed people who the vast majority of us fair-minded Brits would have been very happy for them to stay – hence the Windrush Scandal.

Theresa May lectured the Police on what they should be doing, reduced numbers and put restrictions on “stop and search”; subsequently crime increased, numbers were insufficient  and knife crime created consternation, especially in London.

Theresa May’s prisons policy, if reports are to be believed, has resulted in staff increasingly less in control due to falling numbers.

Three years ago I came across a report from Reuters: “Specialist British police teams that guard against attacks on planes … are at risk of being disbanded because of cost-saving measures … Flight Path Protection Teams (FPPT), … were set up in 2008 to find and negate the threat from locations near airports”. As far as I can tell they were disbanded, and with “Gatwick” very much in mind this looks like another bad decision by the Home Secretary, Theresa May.

So, out of the Home Office and into No.10, and by far and away the single most important issue for Theresa May to deal with was BREXIT. We have been told repeatedly that what business needs is certainty so they can plan. And all have they got from this PM is uncertainty.

But given her track record as Home Secretary, as is being progressively revealed, Theresa May is the last person you would want to rely on for sound judgement. Could it be that is the “quality” those who put her in power found most attractive for their purposes?

Respectfully, Alan Wheatley


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