I have sent the attached letter to Donald Tusk via this link.

I suggest that as many as may feel the same way do the same ASAP, copy

to their MP. It doesn’t matter whether leaver or remainer, the more the merrier.

Respectfully, Jim Makin

Text of letter:

Mr Donald Tusk

President of the European Council


Dear Mr Tusk,

I write in sadness and dismay to advise you that any letter from the United Kingdom purporting to extend the date on which we will leave the European Union should be regarded as misrepresenting the position of the United Kingdom.

The constitution of the United Kingdom is clear. The laws of the realm are given force by the Monarch when the Crown gives the Royal Assent to an Act of Parliament.

The Monarch also upholds the laws of the realm, if necessary through Her Majesty’s Courts of Law.

The ministers of Her Majesty’s Government being servants of Her Majesty have no authority to act in conflict with the laws of the realm that Her Majesty upholds.

The law governing the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union is perfectly clear.

The EU (Withdrawal) Act 2018 states that exit will occur at 11pm (UK time) on 29th March 2019. It also lays down that this exit date may be changed by a Statutory Instrument that is approved by a vote in both the House of Commons and the House of Lords. Until such a change of date has been lawfully executed, the UK will leave the EU on 29th March.

Thus Her Majesty’s Ministers currently have no authority to agree a new exit date and any communication that suggests otherwise must be an unlawful misrepresentation of the position of the United Kingdom.

Realistically it is inevitable that such a misrepresentation will be challenged in the Courts.

For the avoidance of both uncertainty concerning the relationship between the UK and the EU in the forthcoming weeks and months, and of associated widespread confusion, I would recommend that the EU should promptly reject any such misrepresentation and allow such clarity as may still be mustered to prevail.

As citizens either of the EU or of the UK, we now look to you for good leadership.

Yours sincerely,



~~~   OOO ~~~



The MPs below have been amongst the most steadfast, in their opposition to TMay’s WA trap, but she continues to try to wear them down. So why not send them an email of encouragement:


Dear …

Thank you for continuing to fight for a clean Brexit, which is much appreciated.

The PM did not have the authority to invoke Article 50 and has now overstepped her authority in requesting an extension to it. Her contempt can and must be, challenged.

She may hope that a series of “indicative votes” will cause you to renege on your manifesto promise (to remove us from ECJ jurisdiction) and to vote for her WAB trap, which has no unilateral escape clause.

But clearly the sovereign people did not vote to be left half in/half out of the EU. So an exit on WTO terms is now the only realistic way to respect those in 408 (63%) constituencies who voted to leave, with a 72% turnout. Parliament has no mandate for anything else now.

Yes we know that EU rulers would prefer to keep us enslaved to their rule book and to bring an end to our nation state. But the sovereign people have never voted for that, or for Parliament to be emasculated. So we need to burst the chains that shackle us to the EU.

Now, compliance with EU regulations was estimated by Gordon Brown (in 2005) and others, to cost around 7% of GDP, ie around £150 billion pa, recognising that over 90% of UK companies don’t even export to the Single Market.

Just add a few years of that to the £39bn, plus emerging tariff gains and it is clear that there is absolutely no case for further delay to Brexit and for anything other than a clean break –  without which the UK could carry large financial liabilities in event of a Eurozone crash

So there is absolutely no case to kick the can down the road for a few more years. If we are going to have a confrontation with the EU, then let us have it now and leave on WTO terms.

If you want to save your Party, then this is not the time to lose your nerve. Help us to return to government for the people, by the people.

Please don’t let us down and don’t vote for the WAB trap, or anything else that would leave us enslaved to the E.U. rulebook.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.


Thanks for publishing this letter, the names and email addresses of the MPs in question are listed below.

Respectfully, Roger Arthur

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