Ed: After the long absence of this column, caused by a lack of letters – more than one per week are needed to make this column viable – this weekend we received the following substantial letters. Hopefully readers might now feel enthused to send letters, often, so we can keep this column going.


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regarding Brexit – Prime Minister Johnson has to look at the political consequences within the UK should he want to blink first. The UK has a totally broken political structure courtesy of Labour and devolution. In Lincolnshire there is talk of a change in the structure of local government, will there be any consultation.

It was the British Parliament that made the error of allowing the UK to become a member of the EU, there was no referendum. Parliament treated the British voter with utter contempt. Prime Minister Johnson became Prime Minister because he said the the UK would be free of Brussels and because parliament up to that time had treated the British people with, again, utter contempt. Confidence in politicians will be no longer exist except for “politicians” with extremist views. If the extremists take power the value of the Pound Sterling will fall, costs will increase and the UK will be just an insignificant so called nation off the west coast of main lane Europe.

Am I proud to be British, the answer is no because of parliament and the present political system. The native English are, as normal, being treated worse than slaves under the old Greek democracy. The UK is slowly reverting back to the the late 1800s and early 1900s regarding the provisions of health services and with wealth distribution.

If the UK remains in the EU, which is an organisation that is showing a contempt for laws not made by it, for example the statement that fish in the UK maritime economic zone do not belong to the UK yet under international law they do belong to the UK. Does the EU and its chief negotiator have any respect for the UK?  How can you negotiate with a negotiator who keeps changing the rules of the negotiation.

The easiest thing may be to state “The UK will allow EU fishermen, in total, for a one year TRANSITION period, 50% of the 2019 catch for the year 2021. The only right the EU will have is to apportion the catch allowed to it.   Once the catch allowed reaches its limit, as assessed by the UK, no more fishing will be allowed.   During 2021 the EU will negotiate the annual/biannual fishing quota with the UK, the UK having the right to decide the size of the overall catch. The EU will acknowledge that under international law it that it no legal right to control the UK maritime zone”.

The EU will also recognise that the UK and its overseas territories are lindependant countries in the world that exists outside the European Union . The UK being a part of Free Europe. The EU will the have to make a legal agreement that it will continue trading with the UK.

If the EU will not recognise BSI standards then the UK does not have to recognise EU standards. Each new model of EU car, van or truck will have to be tested in the UK to ensure it meets UK standards. Similarly with drugs, food and wine. “Fresh” food from the EU will not remain fresh whilst awaiting customs clearance and the value of the food will be reducing daily. If the ships cannot be off loaded quickly then ‘tough”. Return the lorries to the EU until the back log has cleared. The lorry lanes should be marked UK owned and Alien. Lorry parks should not be built in the UK for “Alien” lorries bringing imports into the UK. Lorries coming into the UK should have a valid test certificate for the vehicle. No valid certificate and the lorry and load is not allowed into the UK. A trailer load could be allowed in to the UK if the tractor unit is owned by an approved haulier.

If Prime Minister Johnson gives way to Barnier and the EU the word ‘Land of Hope and Glory, Mother of the Free” should be changed to “Land of No Hope and No Glory, Mother of the Condemned”.

Respectfully, David Turgoose


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BBC: new birth, or more of the same? In a speech to 20,000 BBC workers the new director-general of the BBC, Tim Davie, began by attacking the Corporation’s ‘“obsession with youth”’; he pledged to tackle bureaucracy and ‘“promised swingeing cuts including a 20 per cent fall in output”’, warning that ‘“he would shut channels and radio stations that did not perform”’, and telling ‘“partisan campaigners” they should not be working at the BBC”’ (‘Davie rips into BBC old order as he pledges major changes’, Telegraph, September 4, 2020).  

This is a promising start in the wake of the BBC’s decision to broadcast Rule, Britannia! and Land of Hope and Glory without words as part of this year’s Last Night of the Proms, supposedly because of Covid but in line with their ‘diversity’ obsession under which patriotism is equated with xenophobia and Brexit is evidence of racism – a decision upon which they made a screeching U-turn after a furious public response; however, he went on to say that under his watch the Corporation ‘would become more inclusive with a promise to employ at least 20 per cent Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic staff and at least 12 pere cent disabled.’ There will be no point in doing so if there is no diversity of opinion among these recruits – if they are all fully signed-up members of the woke brigade that has ruined the BBC’s reputation for producing real entertainment, replacing it with apocalyptic ‘green’ propaganda, miserabilist ‘drama’ and left-wing sneering posing as satire, while catering for ‘ordinary’ viewers with the working-class theme park, Eastenders, where people only get married in order to get divorced and/or murder each other. 

Worryingly, Mr Davie praises ‘landmark series such as Normal People, Line Of Duty, Fleabag and Blue Planet II’, calling them ‘unique high-impact work that is loved’, but the last-mentioned, like all the offerings of population control supporter Sir David Attenborough, is beautifully produced but thinly-disguised Malthusianism, while the first three are not exactly ‘family viewing’, which has vanished down the memory hole of viewing history. Children’s TV is banished online, blatantly advertised as being somewhere parents can park ‘the kids’ while enjoying a nap. And while parents are napping, the Corporation’s ‘yoof’ channel is purveying sexual diversity and obscenity (see here). If Mr Davie really wants to make some positive cuts he should axe BBC3. 

And while he is addressing bias, he should tackle the BBC’s one-sided approach to abortion, in which any concerns about it are ignored (e.g. here), in favour of stories about women not being able to get one somewhere in the world (here). For an organisation obsessed with youth and keen to increase its audiences, its anti-life bias is bizarre; but it does make sense as just another item on the left-wing shopping list of racism, sexism, greenism and a view of young people as potential revolutionaries, either political or sexual. Seemingly obsessed with building the future, they are helping to kill the future.

If Mr Davie wants to save the BBC he will replace the left-wing agenda with a mission to ‘inform, educate and entertain’ the public; in so doing, he will also save the mental health of the nation and may even earn their undying gratitude.

Respectfully, Ann Farmer


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