According to a new survey, 66 per cent of 25-34-year-olds ‘favour “strong leaders who do not have to bother with Parliament”’; a quarter think ‘democracy is bad for Britain’, and ‘36 per cent support military rule’, with ‘nearly twice as many voters’ saying ‘they wanted a society that “focuses on giving people more security” rather than one that “focuses on giving people more freedom”. 63 per cent of those questioned believed that ‘“fewer people are getting married because of a decline in family commitment and values”’, and 59 per cent thought that ‘“increases in immigration have had a negative impact on the economy overall”’.

The report’s co-author Will Tanner, formerly a No 10 advisor, said: “‘Most voters are not freedom fighters who want more rampant individualism, a small state and lower taxes”’, while Lord O’Shaughnessy, a former policy director under David Cameron, ‘said this marked “a break with 60 years of liberal consensus”’, and warned that the Tories must deliver Brexit or risk ‘losing five million voters at the next election’, therefore Boris Johnson ‘“needs to deliver Brexit … and to move on from freedom and give these voters the security they crave”’ (‘Millennials favour a strongman in No 10’, Telegraph, August 8, 2019).

The poll was conducted by ‘centre-Right think tank’ Onward, and its findings will no doubt be ‘weaponised’ by the Left as a warning against the rise of fascism. And yet this is the same Left which has helped to stoke such sentiments with their political correctness and bullying ‘tolerance’; who see the family not as the building block of society but as an obstacle to be swept away; who favour open-door immigration and then complain about a shortage of housing and pressures on schools and hospitals. Although no longer exposed to the reality of Soviet Communism, as happened during the Cold War, they have been exposed to social Marxism and clearly do not like it.

And although there are many examples of communism or state socialism – China, North Korea, Vietnam, Venezuela – with the help of a compliant BBC, attention has been diverted from their horrible realities to our own ‘victims’ – the LGBT+ ‘community’ – and green issues, with special horror reserved for the ‘threat’ of Donald Trump, Boris Johnson and ‘the Tories’, Israel, and most important of all, the ‘climate emergency’. Ironically, the ‘choice’ promoted by the Left in regard to personal matters has led younger people to reject compulsory economic ‘solutions’ that lead to poverty ‘for the many’, and eco-fascism that would force people to stop driving, eating meat and having children.

However, in craving a ‘strong man’ to carry out their political wishes there is the danger of getting the wrong sort of strong man – a Hitler or Mussolini, elected on a promise to do the electorate’s bidding but with more dangerous ideas of their own. Electing a Lenin or a Stalin would be little better, and Labour’s John McDonnell has shown his hand in threatening to demand that the Queen dismisses Boris Johnson in the event of him losing a vote of no confidence (see here).

But the answer is not to get rid of the Opposition, or to get rid of Parliament. There will always be those on both sides of the political divide who are impatient with democracy when things are not going their way, but young people need to understand that democracy offers a peaceful way of changing government instead of bloody revolution. They may be turned off by debate – and once again, it is the MPs who refuse to accept the result of the Brexit referendum that are guilty of bringing Parliament into disrepute with their childish antics – but debate is the whole purpose of Parliament, the peaceful alternative to civil war. 

The thing to fear is not debate but lack of debate, and they themselves have seen the pernicious results of ‘hate crime’ and ‘de-platforming’ being used to censor and silence debate, with the cooperation of a politicised police force even while we face an epidemic of violent crime.

Some people are tired of politicians disagreeing, but it is even worse when they agree to agree – and Mr McDonnell has Conservative allies in his anti-democratic campaign, notably Dominic Grieve. Coalitions are only justified in time of war – it is when peace-time ‘cross-party’ alliances spring up to defeat democracy that we need to worry.

The young people polled say they want security over freedom. Brexit will give us freedom, both personal and political, and – since we will no longer be tied to Brussels, which sees peace-making as doing nothing and is therefore guaranteed to lead us into war – Brexit should also give us security. At least it will if Boris can be the man who is strong enough to deliver Brexit.


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