Today’s first letter is from our contributor and correspondent Roger Arthur, reflecting on the state of the Brexit debate in Parliament:


Some say that 17.4m did not understand what they were voting for, when they voted to leave the E.U.

So let’s make it very simple. Obeying the E.U. rule book, for as long as Brussels decides, is NOT leaving the E.U. – by any stretch of the imagination.

Clearly MPs have NO MANDATE to do that and cannot spin it away, with soothing words from the EU. The only mandate they have is to REMOVE us fully from EU jurisdiction.

To do that, Tory MPs must elect a PM who has the vision, tenacity and conviction to deliver on the referendum outcome and to LEAVE the E.U. – including the Customs Union and the Single Market.

Thus we don’t need a back stop – we need back bone and Tory MPs must not procrastinate any longer. They must replace her now.

Respectfully, Roger Arthur


On that same issue, our correspondent Septimus Octavius sent in his observations:


Restore Parliament’s Sovereignty? Not yet, you idiots!

It is truly bizarre to listen to all the rubbish being trotted out by all and sundry concerning the topic of “giving control of the Brexit procedure to Parliament”. The irony of this stupidity is delicious! How could these people forget that one of the main reasons 17.4 million people voted to leave the EU was precisely to RESTORE sovereignty to the UK Parliament, because it certainly does NOT have it now. The unelected European Commission is the UK’s supreme lawmaker, and EU law always trumps UK law until we escape.

Should the UK Parliament exercise its right just given to it by EU law unilaterally to revoke the Article 50 Notification, thus stamping with a jackboot on UK democracy, the riots in France would be dwarfed by those that could happen here.

In the absence of such a tyrannical move, Article 50 will proceed entirely regardless of anything done in the UK.

Respectfully, Septimus Octavius


Our correspondent Paul Chambers sent us a copy of his letter to his constituency MP:


This letter has been written to my Conservative pro Brexit MP:

“How much longer must this traitor of a Prime Minister be allowed to thwart the will of the British People? Her appalling deal must go and so must she. How much longer is the Conservative Party going to tolerate her arrogance and contempt for, not only the British People, but Parliament itself? As my representative, I am formally asking you to send a letter to Mr Graham Brady calling for the immediate removal of Theresa May as Prime Minister via a no confidence vote.

I am angry and appalled at the behaviour of the political establishment and all parties who are trying to overthrow the will of the British People. Clearly we only have democracy when the political class agree with our vote. They have obviously been taking lessons in democracy (or the lack of it) from the EU who traditionally get countries to keep voting until they get the right answer. The current behaviour of Mrs May and the Conservative Party in keeping her in office is totally unacceptable.”

Respectfully, Paul Chambers, Branch Secretary, UKIP South Norfolk


Finally, our contributor Stephen Place sent in his report on a Conference on CSE:


Here is my report on a Conference on CSE.

On Saturday 8th December members from five different branches met in Middleton Manchester for a conference on Grooming Gangs.

It was sad to note that a few who had confirmed attendance including two members of the NEC did not attend, but that did not detract from the day. The conference was organized by Alan Craig, party spokesperson for Families and Stephen Place from the Bradford Branch. Members from Bradford, Leeds, Huddersfield, Trafford, Rotherham and Rochdale attended.

The theme of the day was to find commonality for campaigning in the forthcoming local elections in May 2019. Speakers in the morning included Alan Craig, Cllr Alan Cowles from Rotherham, Rob Mudd from Rochdale and Stephen Place from Bradford.

What is crystal clear is that a common denominator attributed to the promulgation of rape gangs, is that in every town or city where there have been convictions for abuse, they are all Labour dominated councils. Evidence is in abundance to substantiate a claim against the Labour party that they have turned a blind eye to this cancer within our society for the sake of political correctness. There is an ethos of not them wishing to upset a large number of Labour voters.

After lunch delegates worked in a plenary session to produce a common leaflet surrounding the grooming gang phenomenon and a leaflet that does not signal to any particular community, or ethnicity. The leaflet when settled on clearly steers the reader toward the Labour Parties involvement.

Funding is now being sought to produce 250,000 of these leaflets for immediate distribution in the new year. This was an example of Ukip members coming together to work as a team from all different parts of the country to make a change for the better.

Much prior background work had been done in research and meetings with outside parties by Alan and Stephen to facilitate this conference. The evidence available is quite shocking and involves all agencies who would be relied on to safeguard young girls in our society to prevent this type of industrial scale abuse, trafficking and rape. The public should know that the Labour party are complicit in this malaise in our society and these leaflets will shine that light.

Respectfully, Stephen Place

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