All 450 million EU citizens have the legal right to come and live in the UK and expect to receive all the benefits of living here. We have no right to return rapists, drug abusers, murderers etc to their own countries if they come from the EU. Also, when the Conservative government misguidedly, (and most probably illegally) joined the EEC in 1973 the UK had to accept and adopt all EEC laws made before that date.

So, for over 45 years the UK has had to implement virtually every EU law regardless, with no input from our elected MP’s at all. Just last week John Bercow had to admit in parliament that EU laws took precedence over UK law. How sovereign is that? Yes, we did have some opt outs from the Schengen agreement and thankfully the Euro, but these will be eliminated by the Lisbon Treaty if we stay in!

There are a multitude of good reasons for leaving the EU. Here are just four:

1 Trading with the EEC/EU

Before the UK joined the EEC in 1973 UK trade with “Europe” was roughly in balance. However, since the UK joined the EEC in 1973 UK trade with the EEC/EU on EU terms has currently (i.e. corrected to 2017 figures) resulted in a balance of trade deficit (loss) of £1.639 trillion.

Yet trading with the rest of the world has currently earned the UK a balance of trade surplus, (profit) of £477 billion, 43% of which was on WTO terms. Our trading future is clearly outside of the EU.

2 UK financial liabilities to the EU

A report by Bob Lyddon, of Lyddon Consulting Services Limited and published by the Bruges Group as “The UK’s liabilities to the financial mechanisms of the European Union” shows that the EU’s financial institutions can call on the UK to contribute up to nearly £1 trillion in the event of a financial crisis. In addition, the EU can call for “extraordinary support” above that!

The EU’s financial crisis is very likely to happen in the next few weeks. The longer we remain in the EU the more chance for the EU to demand that the UK pay up the money it is currently liable for.

3 EU pensions liability

Many MP’s and others want to reverse the democratically achieved vote to LEAVE and to stay in the EU. This is despite the implied risk for the next generation of UK taxpayers having to support, all their working lives, the “pay as you go” pensions for millions of EU workers. This liability, for the next generation of EU taxpayers, can be estimated from the University of Freiberg report to be well over €30 trillion!

4 Cost of being in the EU

Tim Congdon estimated that in 2014 the annual cost of being in the EU was 12% of the UK’s GDP or about £190 billion. See his report “How much does the European Union Cost Britain?” It can be shown, using this figure that from 1973 to 2017 the total cost of being in the EU could have been in the order of £11 trillion. A severe handicap on the UK economy. This could only get worse the longer the UK stayed in the EU.

As a parting shot UK tax payers would be better off today by £275 billion, the current value of all our nett budgetary payments to the EU. Taxpayers cash gone for ever!

So, who do remainer MP’s and others like Salisbury for Europe think they are representing? Not the average UK taxpayer or citizen surely?

Respectfully, J G Wraith

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