Until this country achieves independent tariff-free trading relationships with the remaining members of the European Union, we should fly the Union Jack at half-mast below the domineering Brussels ‘Ring of Stars’.

I feel that this Government is about to commit hara-kiri, in disregard of the Pro-Brexit electorate.If we remain, then we will be duly absorbed int[ an anti-nationalistic regionalisation.

I await the future with great trepidation.

Respectfully, Peter Ashcroft

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Please see copy of letter to my MP Richard Bacon. Feel free to replicate it in “Independence Daily” if you wish”:

“Dear Richard,

How very gratifying it was to see you on yesterday’s “Sunday Politics” show, espousing the views of the majority of your constituents on the burning issue of our time – and to see that your own views are still very much in line with ours.  As you will know from my previous emails to you, I was beginning to wonder, so thank you for restoring faith in one politician at least! Quite how you resisted the urge to gag Norman Lamb MP with his own tie during his frequent and rude interruptions however, I do not know!

Sadly and as we now all know, yours is something of a minority view amongst your parliamentary colleagues, despite the fact that it represents the majority view of the electorate!  This subversion of fundamental democratic principles by an apparently uncaring and arrogant political ‘elite’ is something which many will find impossible to forgive. The machinations of the likes of Soubry, Grieve and especially Bercow are difficult for an essentially fair-minded populace to stomach.  This country is currently experiencing a level of civil unrest unprecedented in modern times and I genuinely fear it will deteriorate further if the clearly expressed wishes of 17.4 million people continue to be so disdainfully ignored.

Almost 330,000 people have now signed the online petition in support of a Brexit on WTO terms, which as you know is being debated in Westminster Hall this afternoon, along with various other, less well-supported petitions on the issue.  This number of signatories places the petition firmly within the all time ‘Top Ten’ of online petitions and when compared with those raised in opposition to a ‘No deal’ departure once again demonstrates a very clear majority view in favour.  Could you therefore please remind all those Machiavellian ‘Remoaners’ (as you did to Mr Lamb when he let you get a word in edgeways) that the people have already had their vote and have issued a very clear mandate.

We do not want a second referendum (which we know would be so worded as to split the “Leave” vote!), nor do we want Mrs May’s ‘sell-out’ deal.  We certainly do not want Mr Corbyn to replace her, nor do we want Brexit to be postponed or (God forbid) cancelled. Parliament voted overwhelmingly to grant us our referendum and to enact “Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty” in order to implement the result.  It really is as simple as that – or at least, it should be. Please do your best during one of the most important weeks in our country’s history to persuade some of the spineless and self-serving members of an increasingly discredited place that whether they like it or not, we, The People, have spoken.  That is democracy, so get over it and get on with it!

Good luck!

Sincere regards, GHL”

Respectfully, Geoffrey Lazell

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TMay’s flawed WA proposal will likely be defeated in Parliament today and there is probably not much to be gained from last minute lobbying of MPs. So what comes next?

She will likely request an Article 50 extension, to give more time. The EU might agree, provided we hold a GE – or another referendum. How might we counter that?

Well A50 says that the EU27 must agree UNANIMOUSLY to an extension and I have been urging MEPs to lobby Italy and other disillusioned E.U. members NOT to agree.

You might want to urge local Eurosceptic MEPs to use their influence with colleagues from countries which have been in conflict with rulers in Brussels, over their dictatorial tendencies. Why not send them this message below?


“Dear xxx,

I hope that you are well.

The U.K. government is patently incapable of delivering on result of the referendum and we must expect very soon to see a request from Mrs May for an extension to Article 50, when what we really need on 29th March is a transition to WTO rules.

As you will know, A50 requires UNANIMOUS agreement by the EU27 to such an extension. On that basis it would only need Italy or another disillusioned E.U. members NOT to agree, to thwart efforts to keep us under EU jurisdiction.

EU rulers have made clear their agenda (see web link below) to end the era of the nation state and to emasculate parliaments – something which many across the EU do not want.

In that context the enemy of our enemy (the EU) is our friend. So I am appealing to you to mobilise like-minded allies across the EU, to lobby their governments to reject any application from the UK, to extend the 2 year A50 period.

Our natural allies are those with direct experience of EU intransigence and their refusal the EU to allow subsidiarity. This is surely a big opportunity for them to fire a warning shot across the bows of the EU Titanic, before it drags us all down.

I hope that you will give this due consideration and that in the process you will strike a blow for democracy and government for the people. Many thanks for taking the time to read this.



Thank you for publishing this appeal,

Respectfully, Roger Arthur

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