I once enrolled on a teacher training course, after spending a few years lecturing at university, I thought it would help me improve my teaching skills.

Early on in the course, I and other students were in a classroom and I happened to say something to one of the other students, the lecturer, a teacher took offence at this and said to me: “do you want pain?”

The teacher was a bully, he may get away with this talking to schoolchildren like this but not to me, I said to him: “fine come and give me some pain then, let’s see what you’ve got.”

The teacher a large man with a beard, I think from my general demeanour, could tell that I meant it and I did, I was quite happy to look him straight in the eye and see him in hell. Although the man backed down, I think this was the beginning of the end of my teaching career.

I picked this example because schools are where today’s Political Correctness and Liberal Lefty values are forced upon our children and sometimes, I think we’ve lost them. My relationship with the teacher training college was all downhill from there, until I finally left before I really did put my fist down someone’s throat.

I’d sometimes talk to these Politically Correct Liberal Lefties about their beliefs, I’d ask them about the practicality of some of these ideas and how they were supposed to work in practice. Sometimes they’d discuss this a bit, maybe even admit I had a point, before then completely disregarding these points and going back to their mantras of multiculturalism, globalism and immigration.

The extent of Politically Correct brainwashing is frightening, these people seem to be able to do little more than regurgitate sound bites, news clips and what they hear from their fellow lefties and so it is pointless to argue with them, they just aren’t capable of critical thought. Brainwashed Zombies in other words.

In spite of all of this, although I certainly don’t regard myself as an academic, I do have an academic side to me and have worked with some of the top academics in the world. Because of this, I can understand the true implications and scope of this Politically Correct, Cultural Marxism to which we have been subjected, it must have been brilliantly planned in extremely fine detail for a very long time.

I’ve racked my brains for years trying to understand the origins of Globalism, Cultural Marxism and Political Correctness, all of these attributable to globalist organisations such as the European Union and the United Nations. I’ve written before about the Nazi roots of the European Union, but little did I realise how deep they were.

Sometimes in life, a piece of information will turn up and the dots join up, things make more sense and somehow you just know you’re on the right track, this happened to me recently while happening to watch this video by Anonymous.

“Anonymous. Update Jan 11, 2019. POTUS in contRol. Monarch and The Deep State”

The quality of information from Anonymous is of variable quality because there are so many people now operating under the Anonymous umbrella, this is a good video but it’s one specific piece of it that I’m interested in here.

It is generally known that after the Second World War, Nazi scientists in the fields of physics, weapons and aviation amongst other disciplines, ended up being recruited by the United States to carry on their work and it seems that this included the work of: Dr Josef Mengele, although he himself never went to the US.

Mengele was a softly spoken man, he’d play in a friendly way with two children, catching them off guard, before killing one of the children, just to observe the reaction of the other child. Mengele’s experiments were wide-ranging, covering many fields of human biology and behaviour, they were also usually horrific and frightening. You can find more details of Dr Mengele’s evil work here.

Globalism and Cultural Marxism has permeated the US government as much as it has our own government, it seems to be the foundation of the European Union and the United Nations, indeed fighting this has become a global battle.

When I look at Eurocrats like Merkel and Junker as they smile and offer friendly reassurances, as they plot to destroy our countries, it reminds me of the evil Dr Mengele as he smiled and played with children before killing them.

Many of us have realised that behind its altruistic and noble facade that the European Union and globalist organisations in general are not what they seem, that they have a darker side. If what Anonymous has to say on this subject is true and I think there is a lot of truth in it, then it is not just a dark side, it is thoroughly and unspeakably evil side.

Globalism, Cultural Marxism, Political Correctness and Multiculturalism are destroying our country and I believe that behind the smiling altruism and noble propaganda that it is fundamentally evil. As our government prepares to sell us out to the European Union the weeks from now until Brexit are just as fraught as the weeks of the Battle of Britain and just as critically important for our country and way of life.

It looks like that until the day that we leave and free ourselves from the European Union we are going to have a fight on our hands. It is important that you are proud once again of your country, that you look these people in the eye and are prepared to see them in hell.

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