Today, being the second Monday in March, is Commonwealth Day. But does anyone care?

Well you should. With twice as many countries and four times the population as the EU the Commonwealth is a pertinent reminder that the World is a much bigger place than as seen through EU blinkers. Commonwealth countries want to work together for a better future for all. The Commonwealth Games, the “friendly games” is a good example. Commonwealth policy is for the better off countries to help the less well off through trade, not aid. Commonwealth studies have shown there are reduced cost when trading countries are both Commonwealth Countries. But does anyone care?

Well UKIP should. But rather than promote the Commonwealth as an ideal means of demonstrating the benefits of leaving the EU, such as during the recent Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in London, it has studiously avoided the beneficial opportunity. But does anybody care?

Well we all should. Presenting the advantages of the Commonwealth would be a positive and enlightening contrast to the negative moaning about BREXIT going wrong.

But hey-ho, as the EU goes into terminal decline dragging the UK with it there are 52 other countries whom I am sure would be happy to have you as immigrants.

Respectfully, Alan Wheatley


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Here’s another sample letter to send to your constituency MP:

“Dear MP,

It is beyond dispute that a WTO Brexit is less desirable than might have been possible, but it cannot be right to avoid it regardless of the dreadful implications for democracy in the UK.

This government has had well over two years to achieve a satisfactory deal, but Brexit, disgracefully, is still in chaos.

Indeed by its behaviour this government has given us clear reason to suspect that it has never negotiated with the EU in good faith with the British people.

Everybody can now understand that there is no chance that further delay will permit a genuine breakthrough under current leadership.

The only honourable options remaining are:

  • to leave on 29th March with no deal,
  • to leave on 29th March using WTO article 24 to continue trading under sensible terms whilst a new deal is negotiated between equals,
  • to negotiate a delay beyond 29th March to permit holding both a general election and European elections, followed by setting up new negotiating team(s) and conducting new negotiations.

Parliament has just a few days now to do the right thing and avoid betraying the clear instruction that the nation gave them at the referendum.

Some of these options may be repudiated by the EU, but the time for agonising over innumerable shades of Brexit is over.

MPs must keep faith with their democratic mandate – the result of not so doing would be far worse than a less than ideal exit from the EU.

The United Kingdom now expects every parliamentarian to do their duty.

Respectfully, Jim Makin


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I submit a letter readers might like to send to ERG MPs:

Dear ERG MP,

I m probably your most fervent fan, and have an immense amount of admiration for all you do and say. I am therefore genuinely mystified as to why you, and indeed the whole ERG, are not demanding, and in a very public way, the adoption of the policy I have advocated. You will recall that this involves formal notification by the UK to the EU that, in accordance with Article 50, the UK will be released from the Treaties of the EU at 11.00 p.m. UK time on Friday 29 inst, but combined with a formal offer to enter into an interim free trade agreement under article XXIV to commence at the same moment.  I really cannot understand what’s not to like about this. I should therefore be most grateful if you would please enlighten me as to the problem or problems you see with my suggestion.

Fond Regards, xxx

Respectfully, Septimus Octavius


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This is a questionnaire from Yvette Cooper.

Under “What is the most important  change you want to see under Brexit”, I posted this:

“544 (84%) MPs voted for a referendum and then 408 (63%) of constituencies voted to leave the EU, with a 72% turnout. They did not vote to be left half in half out of the EU. Then over 80% of MPs undertook to respect the referendum outcome, in their Manifestos and 498 (77%) of them voted to invoke Article 50. But sadly Mrs May’s proposed WAB is a trap which would leave us enslaved to the EU rulebook and that would NOT honour your manifesto promise. The only realistic way to do that now is to vote against her proposed WAB and leave the EU on WTO terms. You have no mandate for anything else.”

I included this under “your answer” near the bottom:

“The AG said the UK could find itself locked in to the NI so-called “backstop” with no legal escape route – but he has been unable to get a unilateral means of escape. But is not just the Backstop that needs to be removed, as seen below.

a) Article 5(3) of the TEU says that “The Union is justified in exercising its powers when Member States are unable to achieve the objectives of a proposed action satisfactorily.”

b) Article 7 of TMay’s proposed WA includes the words “All references to Member States shall include the U.K.”

c) Transition was supposed to end in 2020, but TMay seems to envisage an extension to 2022, while Art. 132 says that it can be extended up to ‘31-12-20XX

d) Bill Cash exposed an explicit intention of her WAB (The Withdrawal Agreement Bill) – to reverse the Withdrawal Act and the Referendum result.

e) Article 7 of TMay’s proposed WA includes the words “All references to Member States shall include the U.K.”

f) International Treaties such as NAFTA and NATO have escape clauses but her WAB does not and is a trap.

As seen on this link Martin Howe QC says “the entire exercise in which she and her “negotiator” are engaged is not intended to change the deal she has agreed, but only the perception of it.”

So vote down the WA trap and GO WTO

Respectfully, Roger Arthur


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