On 31st October 2019 the British people suffered a major defeat at the hands of our mainstream media, our own politicians and an arrogant foreign power.

Make no mistake, defeat is what it is. Within a few years we will be poorer, weaker, damaged in a hundred ways, forbidden from unleashing our native genius in finance, technology and food production, broken as a competitor to Germany and France. Our cities, already bursting at the seams, will be overflowing onto our villages and  market towns, with agricultural land being engulfed by shoddy, endless estates.

In ten years’ time our young men and women will at best be off to serve months of token military service as conscription is used to fill the ranks of an EU army. At worst they will come to say goodbye dressed in a foreign uniform, off to fight in conflicts caused by the tactical, strategic and diplomatic incompetence of our new overlords.

Let us unite to ensure that our defeat is not absolute, to show that the fight to become a free union of nations will not cease.

Write to punish: do not allow lies to go without challenge on the radio, television or in print. In particular, complain when the BBC stuffs its programmes with pro-EU sycophants and paid mouthpieces, or when their opinion formers display their open prejudice against our countries. Threaten to no longer pay for the BBC.

Buy to punish. The EU is beyond our political control as it is under the control of Berlin and Paris, but behind even that facade the strings are being pulled by the hyper rich, by big business and by a massive French agricultural sector that terrifies the French government. We can do nothing to fight the hyper rich but we have some control over the others. From now on buying a new German or French car is an unpatriotic act. Choosing Japanese, Korean etc vehicles, buying New World wines, British cheese and boycotting Irish beef is something small we can do to express our resentment.

Vote to punish. Conservative governments are lying to us. Labour shadow ministers, Lords in their ‘best club in London’ are lying to us, even the Judiciary have shown that they cannot be trusted. Vote to punish by demanding at every opportunity that our politics must change. Vote to punish those MPs who lie. When Nick Clegg lied he was driven from office by an unexpected eccentric wastrel: no matter how bad his successor was he could not do more damage than an untrustworthy cheat with his hands on the levers of power.

Short of a miracle we are under the boot of foreigners for the foreseeable future. Each morning look into your bathroom mirror and ask yourself what you can do this day to punish the foreign powers who will not cede us our liberty, and what you can do to break the traitors and lickspittles who rot the roots of democracy.

Why you? Why us? Because our leaders have betrayed us. Because the democratic consensus that held for a hundred years is smashed beyond easy repair.

Why you? Why us? Because there’s nobody else. We’re on our own. 

Respectfully, Julian Flood


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In the light of the recent tragic discovery of 39 bodies in the back of a truck, is it not time to address the root cause of the problem of human beings placing their lives in danger in order to attempt entry into this country?

To my mind, the solution is simple. The UK must cease to be a ‘magnet’, drawing ever increasing numbers of desperate souls seeking by various illegal means to reach what they perceive as ‘the land of milk and honey’. The fact that only 6% of those apprehended this year have been deported must surely be sending entirely the wrong message to not only those pursuing what they hope might be a better (or an easier) life but also those who criminally exploit them by facilitating their journey.

It is time our weak politicians and woefully under-resourced immigration authorities adopted a more robust response to this lamentable human trafficking by immediately sending every one of them back again.  Given that they have all obviously failed to observe the requirements of the Dublin Agreement by not seeking asylum in the first safe country they entered, not one of them has any legitimate claim to do so in this country, whether we remain a member of the EU or not.  Deportation should therefore be a mere formality. If this were the case, the word would soon spread amongst the ‘refugees’ on the continent that it is no longer worth paying the criminals to convey them and the current constant flow might begin to dry up.

Instead of warm beds, free healthcare and generous state benefits, perhaps illegal immigrants should be met with a ferry ticket back to France?

Respectfully, Geoff Lazell


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