Today’s letters are – and how could it be different – all about Brexit:


So where do we go from here?

One might have reasonably supposed that when Theresa May’s ‘Withdrawal Agreement’ (WA) was voted down by an all-time record majority on Tuesday the end result would have been No Deal, but when did logic and common sense ever come into it ?

If, as the head honchos of the European Union had repeatedly told us, the terms of the WA were the best we were going to get, one might easily be forgiven for thinking that because it was struck down in the House of Commons that would have been the end of the matter and that we would have been left with ‘No Deal’, which is, of course, effectively what the country voted for on 23rd June 2016.

But think again, our MPs have other ideas !

They haven’t as yet come up with any alternative idea around which they could all coalesce but the majority of them seem to have taken it into their heads that, at all costs, ‘no deal’ must be prevented !

They simply don’t get it !

With honourable exceptions they are refusing to recognise and accept the verdict of the 2016 Referendum. They are refusing to concede that ‘No Deal’ is the equivalent of the clean break that the majority of us voted for.

And why is that, you might well ask ?

Because, putting it bluntly, they are unwilling to put the result of the biggest ballot in British political history ahead of their own beliefs and personal prejudices.

So, where do we go from here ?

After nearly three years of political shenanigans the patience of the voters is exhausted so, please Parliament, spare us another referendum or yet another General Election.

Similarly, spare a thought for all the investors, the entrepreneurs and the captains of industry who have had to endure years and years of frustration not knowing how to plan for an uncertain future.

Regrettably it appears that the majority of our politicians, whose real motive is to prevent us making a clean break with the EU, will continue to plot and scheme to frustrate ‘no deal’, notwithstanding the fact that that option is the only one that respects the freely expressed will of the people; puts an end to the bitter divisions of the past; gives decision-makers the certainty they crave and the only one that holds out any hope of restoring faith in our democratic processes.

The alternatives now being bandied about by clever-clogs politicians in Westminster, to ensure continued entanglement with the EU, will almost inevitably lead to trouble.

Whether that trouble manifests itself in riots and/or civil disobedience remains to be seen, but Parliament surely cannot have forgotten how the ill-fated Poll Tax was destroyed by the thousands and thousands who simply refused to pay.

If the 17.4 million Council Tax payers  who voted Leave adopt a similar tactic in response to a non-clean Brexit on 29th March, duplicitous MPs will have only themselves to blame.

Respectfully, Christopher Gill


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I can’t be the only reader of this blog who has asked themselves this since November or maybe since Chequers.

I know work keeps you busy, I know it’s cold out and there’s a million other good reasons not to go outside and make our dissatisfaction known but it is only through doing so that we realise that there might be a million reasons not to but there’s 17,410,742 reasons to make a noise. My own life keeps me busy enough but we have the very future of our nation in our hands.

Brexit was a surprise. Many of us had resigned ourselves to the feeling that gradually things would get a little worse each day. Gradually more and more of our nation and culture would erode into just another star on the EU flag. Little symbols like lbs and oz might seem a small thing but we know it is is all those little things, those little platoons that make a nation.

We say Brexit was about taking back control, which we will from Europe but to make sure that happens we needed to trust in our parliament and our political process. We have seen every dirty trick deployed, every desperate ploy, but through luck and strength of character we have seen them off so far.

It was hard work to even get a vote that Cameron was sure would shut us up and it’s going to be hard work to make sure we get our voice heard but we are Britons, we aren’t afraid of hard work, nor are we afraid of going it alone.

It is an irony perhaps that the Yellow Vest is a symbol from the Continent, of dissatisfaction with globalisation, but in a peculiar way I am in favour of European unity, not of union – but we are a family of countries that has plenty of reasons to hate one another but even more to work together. We should be looking to support those in France, the AfD, Sweden and elsewhere. That we may want No Deal with Europe does not mean we want no part of the continent.

If we have a political class who are all identical why not a populist (a word I do not consider dirty) one of shared identity. Just because Pierre drinks wine, Hans drinks lager and if we can find it, we drink ale, it doesn’t mean we cannot work together.

Ask yourselves how you can help not only our cause here in the UK at its moment of crisis, when every institution and seemingly every politician is desperate to avert the will of the people, let us see if we can each do what we can. If it is protest then do so, if it is simply to persuade one Remainer a day, then do so, whatever it is make your voice heard. Do not be disheartened, we must go on.

Respectfully, Arthur Lyon


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You have to ask yourself why a Remainer would have stood for the Tory leadership after Cameron’s retreat. I’m a Remainer (I’m not, I’m just script-writing!) and there’s a chance of becoming PM by winning the leadership election. I either do this for personal political advancement even though the mantle of Brexit-negotiator is a tough one, or … OR I’m a Remainer and if I can take over the Party and thereby become PM, I can work to make sure that Brexit never happens. I can sleep at night through all the drama because I know that in the end my legacy will be The Prime Minister Who Saved Britain From Brexit! Never ever sacking that Remainer Quisling Hammond is a clue. Another is the way people like Johnson, Davies and Raab could not work with her – it was openly admitted that it is May who runs the Brexit negotiations, not whoever happens to hold the title of Brexit Secretary. I have said from the day the result of the referendum was announced that “They will never let it happen”. Just let’s see.

To simply block Brexit, ignoring the result, would have caused catastrophic harm to the Tory Party. By her method of stringing out the process until we are all pissed off with it, she can let us reluctantly and regrettably sleepwalk into staying in the EU. And the peasants will NEVER get another referendum unless there ever happens to be a majority of MPs in Parliament who are committed to and elected to bring about Brexit!

Respectfully, Tom Trust


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