We, as ordinary voters, do not set the rules governing the democratic process. We are rule takers. We all recognise that First Past The Post (FPTP) is deeply flawed but we can do nothing about it.

People have been campaigning for years to get rid of it, to no avail.  Everyone has had to abide with a deeply, unfair, two party system whether they like it or not.

No election has ever been rerun under a FPTP system, irrespective of how close the result. The most striking example was Kensington and Chelsea in 2017 where Labour won by 20 votes –  after three recounts.

Leave would have won the referendum regardless if it had been by one extra vote or ten million more votes in its favour. The fact that no one expected ‘Leave’ to win, is besides the point. We did expect the rules to be adhered to. 

The Electoral Commission gave no indication of the size of the majority required.

Leave won by a startling 1,269,501 extra votes – over a million extra votes (see here)!

If the London result is taken out, Leave won by 11%, including every other large metropolitan area.

When Cameron said that he would honour the referendum result, we all believed him. We thought this country was fair.  We thought Parliament played by the rules.

The referendum was very clear – the British government agreed to abide by the result.

The referendum did not mention ‘deals’ or give ‘half in, half out’ questions.

Even worse, both major parties campaigned in the 2017 General Election to honour the results of the referendum – in other words, they both campaigned on a ‘Brexit’ manifesto.

And then 498 MP’s voted to back the government’s bill which set a deadline for article 50 and said that, deal or no deal, we will leave  the European Union.

How can  MP’s or ministers of either party be believed any longer?

If democracy is broken, people have nothing to fall back on.  It does not matter about any economic arguments or technical arguments – nothing is as important as democracy and trust.  Once that trust in democracy is broken, it is very difficult to get it back.

People believe that  they have no say and nothing makes any difference and their voice has been silenced.

All the focus has been on the splits in the Conservative Party but the real issue is the complete break down in the democratic process.

Would  Labour have fared any better as a party dealing with Brexit?  It is questionable.

Corbyn and Tony Benn have always been Brexiteers. Corbyn knows that Labour will not be able to implement 50% of it’s 2017 manifesto if Britain remains within the EU.

Working class Labour voters are generally Brexit voters. All of them understand that mass immigration affects people’s wages and ability to get decent jobs. (Btw – The Democratic Party in the USA also used to be the party of borders and immigration controls against Big Businesses demand for cheap labour.)

Against that, Corbyn has some 80% of his members who support Remain. Labour is rumoured to have lost 150,000 members recently over this issue (see here).

Clearly Labour is as split as the Conservatives, just in a different way.

Ironically, the only party that has really been focusing on Brexit recently (after UKIP went off to promote Tommy Robinson rather than Brexit) is the “Communist Party of Britain Marxist Leninist’’  They are staunchly for Brexit. They were handing out leaflets at the Leave Means Leave rally last week in London

Democracy, Sovereignty, the Rule of Law, control of our borders, British jobs, a British army, (not a European army!) are things the major parties seem to have lost sight of  – and the things that are so important to the proper functioning of an independent, nation state..

The Brexit Party, with Nigel’s support, (if article 50 is delayed or extended), will reach out to all 17.4m leave voters across all parties who feel  that democracy and the Sovereignty of the United Kingdom have been been betrayed and fight to return us, once again to being an independent and proud nation.


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