Written by Ann Farmer



In the wake of last week’s terrible Plymouth gun attack by self-declared ‘incel’ Jake Davison, in which he shot dead five people, including his own mother and a little girl, security experts are recommending that the ‘extremist women-hating “incel” community should be treated like terrorists’; former ‘top prosecutor Nazir Afzal warned that extreme misogyny and the online “incel” community – “involuntary celibate” men who believe women do not find them attractive – have become a genuine threat’ (‘“Killing spree a terror attack”’, Sunday Express, August 15, 2021). See here and here.

Davison did indeed cause terror, and as the report makes clear, he is not the first ‘incel’ to commit such an appalling crime, but this incident does not appear to be in the same  category as the terrorism that has plagued the world in recent years; indeed, the director of Tell MAMA, ‘which supports victims of anti-Muslim hatred’, said that while ‘“Davison showed signs of a hatred of women based on his own deep insecurities and … the inability to form lasting, loving relationships”’, and that ‘“[t]his is similar to what some within Islamist and far-right extremism feel”’, nonetheless, ‘“incel hatred is nothing like the scale of the other two, nor is it organised in the way that the other two are.”’

With the Taliban poised to take over Afghanistan after the unseemly retreat of US and UK troops, conveniently for our Government this home-grown terror incident could be used to demonstrate that we are facing an even worse threat than Islamism.

To use the vernacular, the ‘incels’ are a bunch of losers, which is not to minimise their deadly crimes; anyone posting material on the internet encouraging violence should of course be watched by the security services. They certainly should not have a deadly weapon restored to them after an allegation of assault; according to Devon and Cornwall chief constable Shaun Sawyer: ‘“We take and return firearms on a not irregular basis when people have emotional crises or we receive reports from family members, then they can be returned. What we don’t do, because firearms licensing is a lawful thing, is trawl the internet looking at people’s lives. That’s an invasion of privacy.”’

Tragically, Davison was able to ‘invade the privacy’ of his victims, and yet we live in a society in which those involved in Islamism have been subjected to progressive ‘rehabilitation’ programmes in a desperate attempt to prove that this approach is suited to those with terrorist sympathies, only to see them murder more people after tricking their way through the government ‘deradicalisation’ programme, killing some of the well-meaning people involved in their ‘rehabilitation’.

At the same time, a harmless school chaplain, Reverend Bernard Randall, was recently suspended from his post at a private school and reported to anti-terrorism organisation Prevent for telling pupils they could respectfully disagree with anyone who tried to indoctrinate them in the tenets of sexual diversity. See here and here.

Apparently, questioning ‘trans’ ideology is a sign of incipient terrorism, while the same sexual libertarianism driving the ‘sexual diversity’ campaign is also responsible for inculcating in a generation of young men the idea that they have ‘the right to sex’, and that any inconvenient pregnancies resulting from exercising this ‘right’ can be aborted. These ideas have been instilled in generations of schoolchildren via value-free ‘sex education’, and successive governments must take responsibility for encouraging irresponsibility in children that grow up to be self-styled ‘terminators’. And with all the talk of ‘assisted dying’ and ‘terminating unwanted pregnancies’, the message is that ‘some killing makes sense’; after ‘terminating’ several ‘unwanted’ individuals, Davison escaped earthly justice by terminating himself.

The fact that the 23-year-old admitted to feeling frustration because he could not ‘have sex’ is being treated as a bizarre phenomenon, but effectively his generation have been taught that they have ‘the right to sex’, while unborn children have no right to life. For this idea, women and girls have been raped and millions of unborn babies have died because their mothers lacked the support of their fathers.

In a terrible recent case, a little child – coincidentally, three years old, the same age as Davison’s youngest victim – was killed because she ‘got in the way’ of her mother ‘having sex’. See here and here.

Even the ancient pagans honoured the virgin, but now he or she is seen as a figure of fun; but it is always easier for governments to control those who have never learned self-control. At the same time, successive governments have sidelined the religious framework that would have prevented a great deal of the crime we now see on our streets, and the more obscure crimes carried out in bedrooms and bathrooms across the land – Christianity – instead offering a mish-mash of religious study in lessons that look at the superficial similarities between the religions while ignoring their profound differences.

All such developments have been driven by the ‘progressive’ religion that has marginalised Christianity lest it ‘lead to hate’ while ignoring the blatant call to violence of Islamism – despite the fact that many of their victims are fellow Muslims. We worry about the problem of nihilistic young men, but we have taken away the idea of love, marriage and family and – literally – put nothing in their place.

Now it seems that teaching a nihilistic, libertarian, me-centred, grievance-based, consumerist, anarchic ‘religion’ also causes hate, and perhaps our governing elites will take note and return to teaching proper Christianity and all the moral attitudes and ethical values from which it is inseparable.  That would do more than anything else to ‘cancel’ the incel movement.

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