We’ve received the following sample letter which was sent in by Brian Cooke, who wrote:

Madam Prime Minister, Theresa May

Re: Brexit deadlock

First, we would all like to thank you for stating very clearly that Brexit must happen, and that the only alternative to a so-called ‘no deal’ outcome is a deal. We think it is time for the government to be talking positively about a WTO outcome. However, since the EU has continually refused to negotiate on favourable terms, we think getting a deal that is satisfactory is very unlikely.

Certainly, the withdrawal agreement was wholly unsatisfactory, mainly due to tying us into the institutions of the EU permanently, as one MP was heard to shout out, ‘A Trap!’

It is quite clear that the EU, especially it’s leaders and negotiators, cannot be trusted. The way they have treated our prime minister is totally unacceptable.

As those who voted to leave the EU, we would like it put on record that we did know what we were doing. We wish to regain our independence and have our own government totally in control of our borders and laws.

The Lisbon treaty should never have been signed, and we cannot get out of its enforcement soon enough. That is the main point – to revoke the 1972 EEC legislation.

We admit and recognise the economic concerns of so many, not least many MPs. However, there are many higher priorities than that. For one thing, no-one has a crystal ball. Economic prosperity is dependent on the market. There are risks both ways – to leave or remain in the EU.

Trumping all these concerns is the future governance of our nation. This must in no way be under the EU. Article 50 has been triggered, and that will take us out of any EU control. That is what we want and voted for.

The problem is, seemingly due to scaremongering, there seems to be no appetite for a clean break in parliament. We are very concerned about this.

The government have submitted the relevant papers to the WTO. We know we can continue trading on our current terms. We think there needs to be a clear lead from the government warning against scaremongering and talking up a clean break on WTO terms.

Yours sincerely,


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