Written by Ann Farmer 

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Virtue-signalling? The not-very-virtuous woking classes trash Trump

The Telegraph’s Josie Ensor reports ahead of Tuesday’s presidential election on the opinions of American voters, asking, ‘with an electorate that has never been so split, who – and what – will win the day?’ (‘Amid uncertainty and anger, this election sheds light on a highly polarised nation’, Sunday Telegraph, November 1, 2020).

She briefly mentions a ‘pro-life mother-of-four in South Carolina who worried what direction the more liberal elements of the Democratic Party would take the country’ – but the supposedly mainstream Joe Biden supports abortion up to birth, seeing it as ‘“an essential health care service.”’

Neither is there any mention of the Planned Parenthood scandal, in which the massively tax-subsidised abortion provider was filmed offering to sell the body parts of aborted babies, a public relations disaster they subsequently tried to cover up, with the able assistance in 2016 of then-Attorney General of California, Kamala Harris – Joe Biden’s running mate.

Ms Ensor also mentions the lack of enthusiasm among older black voters for Mr Trump, while adding that one survey ‘showed that more than a third of black adults aged 18 to 30 agreed that although they were not always in favour of his policies, they liked the president’s “strong demeanour and defiance of the establishment”’. This might be something to do with Trump’s determination to withdraw tax dollars from Planned Parenthood, and his drawing attention to their racist origins and continuing role in curbing the black population – a theme increasingly taken up by black leaders, commentators, and even entertainers, tired of being weaponised by Marxists to further their own cause. See e.g. here (link)and here( link).

Bizarrely, the response of much of the woke commentariat is to accuse him of racism, while his vigorous policy of carrying out a ban on funding abortion in poor countries as part of America’s ‘aid’ programme has predictably been painted not as an anti-racist measure but as further evidence that he is a misogynist who doesn’t care about the health of poor non-white women who need ‘terminations’.

In reality, they need abortion like a hole in the head, but while some Democrats are embarrassingly anti-Israel, as Douglas Murray points out, Mr Trump has succeeded in promoting real peace in the Middle East in a series of foreign policy triumphs, of which Barack Obama and his supporters could only dream (‘Why so many Americans still love Trump’, Sunday Telegraph, November 1, 2020).

Despite all this, and his record on increasing employment and facing up to the commercial threat of China – or more likely because of it – Mr Trump’s achievements have received only a mean-spirited mumble from the mainstream media; the BBC’s embarrassingly eulogistic treatment of the anti-Brexit Barack Obama, who treated this country with disdain, and their relentlessly negative portrayal of Mr Trump as the Most Dangerous Man in the World is perfectly summed up in today’s scrupulously fair offering on BBC Two: ‘Totally Under Control: Trump and Covid 19/American Nightmare: Trump’s Breadline Kids’. Indeed, their obsessively biased reporting of American politics must amount to illegal interference in another country’s electoral process.

Douglas Murray notes the continuous widespread urban rioting and statue-toppling, ostensibly against racism, afflicting American cities, something the BBC has conveniently ignored; the tax-funded Corporation also disregards the rigged elections in authoritarian countries and the no-elections in dictatorships in their customary portrayal of Western democracy – and of course Brexit – in a  negative light, as ‘divisive’ and ‘polarising’. With their poor grasp of history they seem blissfully unaware of the purpose of elections: they are supposed to divide the electorate, but in a peaceful fashion; as such they were a welcome improvement on what came earlier – rioting and violent protest.

We are now seeing a return of that approach, courtesy of those who have failed to achieve their ambitions via the ballot box, and it is significant that it is those on the Left who stoke fears about ‘division’ and ‘polarisation’ even while they themselves promote it – especially when their preferred parties are out of office. In an even more sinister development, their riots function as intimidation: a message to the electorate that voting for any politicians but the ones they favour will usher in a period of violence and disorder.

However, by associating his opponent Joe Biden with unpatriotic, bully-boy tactics, they may have failed in their attempt to unseat Donald Trump. A colourful character, Mr Trump, unlike the virtue-signallers of the woking classes desperate to ‘teach him a lesson’, has actually dared to do something virtuous. He may be boastful, but he has plenty to boast about; and those who would silence the voices of anyone who dares to disagree with them have taught him the lesson that if he does not boast about it, nobody else will. No wonder they hate him.

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