When I think back to the early part of my life and my travels around various Middle Eastern countries, I often struggle to understand what has happened to some of the world’s oldest cultures. Many of these countries where I have had such pleasant experiences are places that I’d be very reluctant to travel to now.

Today I found this video from Mayhar Tousi:

France Is Falling

Mayhar Tousi’s background is Persian, and after the Iranian revolution in 1979, his family fled to Great Britain. Because of this, Mayhar understands just how quickly freedom can be lost. To this day, Iran struggles under a hard-line Islamic government, but as Mayhar says: “this can happen anywhere in the world.”

Officially, France’s Muslim population is around 8.8 percent of the total population, but many other estimates put the Muslim population at double this figure. Muslims become militant when their population reaches about 5 percent of the population in a host country. From there, things deteriorate rapidly, Muslims become ever more demanding, next is de-facto rule before they finally overthrow the government of their host country.

I have written articles about the above in the past and there are a couple here that can be used for further reference: “De-facto Islamic Rule” and this article that describes the well-understood Islamic method of expansion: “Hijrah“.

Islamic violence is spiraling out of control in France, particularly as Macron has tried to take some kind of belated stand against Islamic aggression. This is the France that was once a bastion of European culture and values, possibly the first of many European countries to fall as will, unfortunately, our own if we don’t take firm action now.

Another amazing video and I urge you to watch it in spite of it being over an hour long, it is fascinating:

Niece of Osama Bin Laden Speaks Out

Noor Bin Laden extricated herself from her family and, in fact, couldn’t be more different; educated is Switzerland, after visiting the US regularly since childhood and despite not having US citizenship, she considers herself to be a patriot and staunch Donald Trump supporter.

There is so much useful information in the above video that I’m struggling to condense it into my meager space allowance but here are some quotes.

“I am horrified when I hear Islam referred to as a ‘religion of peace.'” Noor goes on to explain that Islam is comprised of three strands: it is a religion, it is military and it is a political agenda or “army of the shadows” as Noor calls it. I know that many of us are already aware of this but the vast majority of people are not, above all though, Islam is aggressively expansionist. Let’s face it Islam originated in a small way in a part of the Middle East before expanding throughout the Middle East and large parts of the world. Probably the most successful expansionist doctrine in history and although this is well known our politicians refuse to acknowledge this fact.

Noor predicts that Islam will expand in the West in partnership with Leftist politicians; indeed it is unlikely that we can rely on our politicians to help protect us from a totally alien and to us hostile culture. The only political candidate that we have on our side is Donald Trump and Noor states that his decision to ban travel from Muslim countries early on in his Presidency was probably the best and wisest decision any Western politician has ever made.

British and European politicians remain criminally complacent and negligent about the threat posed to us by Islam as do so many of our population. Noor is also horrified by the criminal actions taken by Angela Merkel and many other European politicians in letting so many so-called refugees invade Europe.

During the Second World War, many Jews were complacent about the threats posed to them by the Nazis and we all know what happened there. The complacency of the West, its people and politicians means that one day our survival will be in our own hands unless we too wish to witness the persecution of our own families, our own children and loved ones.

The above sounds drastic and outrageous but there are many examples in history and as Noor says, this is already happening there, now, people are already dying. The good news though, is that Noor says that she has faith in the American people, that Donald Trump will win a resounding victory on November the 3rd. I think so too and we should be grateful for that.

After many decades of treason and betrayal by our mainstream politicians, selling our country out to the European Union and United Nations, things are coming to a head. Our current dire predicament is the culmination of decades of corrupt governments that obviously found the globalist bandwagon too much of a lucrative career path to ignore, preferring instead to sell out their own countrymen.

We cannot live with Islam en mass in our own country, our cultures are just too diverse and the Muslims will not stop until the only choice we have is to convert or die; as outrageous as this may sound there are plenty of examples around the world. As Mayhar Tousi says: “the people of Iran were complacent and they lost their freedom almost overnight.”

Noor Bin Laden is also currently suffering from Coronavirus, she says that she has had far worse cases of flu. It seems that the left are using the Islamic invasion of our countries, along with Coronavirus to enable their great reset: this is a dark future where we loose our freedoms and are subjugated by totalitarian control.

I urge you to watch the above videos, unfortunately I’ve had to skim over this subject and much of the detail. Let’s also pray for Donald Trump.

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