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It’s suggested these days that newspapers reporting the facts about ‘flu deaths ‘were scarce as it was felt that after reporting the facts of the carnage and loss of life during the war years the nation had had more than enough of death, doom and gloom. They could well have been correct, but with reports of doctors being run off their feet, people reported as well in the morning, eating a ‘hearty breakfast’ and having died of flu by the evening, it’s likely that few would have been unaware of the seriousness of just what was going on, but being so used to fear and death they responded in a way that few today, including our national and local leaders have either the will or courage so to do.

Whatever the reasons, the public attended the cenotaph and other services throughout the nation, the establishment and authorities did not object to or try to curtail the activities, which is the exact opposite of what we are all witnessing today, with the authorities and their experts falling over backwards to stop or curtail this expression of national remembrance, pride and mourning from taking place.

Not that we should really be surprised at the lack of courage displayed during this pandemic by the political class, the establishment and authorities and much of the population who have been manipulated into a state of panic, fear and hysteria.

I suggested months ago that we could say goodbye this year to any semblance of Halloween, bonfire night, Remembrance Day commemorations and probably Christmas celebrations too. It looks as if my fears were well founded. The signs were there for all to see; the establishment has pushed fear, health and safety, not to mention the law, to its limits and emboldened by the lack of resistance and push back, responded by more and more restrictions placed on the freedom of individuals without any proper scrutiny either by our elected members of Parliament or the media. Parroting from the same sheet a diet of fear and hysteria driven by ‘experts’ and the media favoured by the government, presumably because it supports their globalist agenda.

An agenda that we, the people who, as usual, will eventually be required to pay for but who, so far and as usual, have been ignored, as have challenges to the government approach by equally well qualified and respected scientists, virologists and other professionals who have been, thanks to the media and social media commenters, lampooned, vilified and in some cases threatened, for having the temerity, in the absence of any political opposition, to put forward another viewpoint.

If that is not a cause of concern for the mental health and stability of much of our nation I wonder what would be, as  it’s ‘the economy stupid’ which supports financially the ever-growing five million plus people paid by the government purse, not to mention the millions of benefit claimants and all those in the private sector who have seen at the stroke of a hidden ministerial pen, their livelihoods, employment and savings destroyed by decisions made at a central government level and imposed at a local level by the unimaginative, stultified mass of local government servants safe in the knowledge that their salary, pensions and benefits are quite safe – or so they think. They may well, as many economic models suggest, be in for a very nasty surprise and sooner than they imagine.

Would our grandparents and great grandparents have thought, in their worst nightmares, that their sacred  monument, the physical manifestation of all the suffering that it represents, would have had to be boarded up to protect it from damage due to the protestations of their great grandchildren, with virtually no comment by the political establishment; where a political establishment, often embarrassed by anything that it purports to protect and represent, would roll over and enable the mob to attack and often destroy our culture and while our police did virtually nothing?

Be aware that from where I and many others are standing, this attack on our way of life has not occurred by accident.   Police in London have had the effrontery to make it known, not I may add by a  face to face announcement by the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police or the Chief Constable of the City of London police but by an ‘exclusive’ newspaper report quoting  ‘sources’, that people gathering in the vicinity of the Whitehall and the Cenotaph will be moved on and gatherings ‘discouraged’ , presumably using  the same sort of tactics  that were used on law-abiding people in Trafalgar Square recently protesting about the distinct attack by this government on individual freedoms.

Interestingly, this week ‘protestors’ demonstrating outside the French Embassy while at the same time ignoring social distancing ‘guidelines’ (or should that be laws) and the law prohibiting a gathering of more than six people at the demonstration outside the French Embassy in London were seemingly mostly ignored by police and the authorities.

Odd, then, that the latest ministerial Covid diktat – sorry, legislation – states councils can authorise a ceremony only if ‘the gathering takes place to commemorate Remembrance Sunday’.   Rather odd phrasing that. I admit, I was unaware that we ‘commemorate’ Remembrance Sunday’ – wording that has been framed so badly it shows either a total disregard for our national day of mourning or is deliberately designed to downgrade this national homage to the same status as an unlawful gathering, which presumably any such gathering would now be classed.

Not that this should be unexpected.  For some years now, roads that used to be closed by local police officers during Armistice Day or Remembrance Sunday parades have needed the permission of the ‘local authorities’ to close the road for an hour or so in order that local people could gather, march and pay their respects to local war dead.

You could not make it up.   A fast, ‘new normal’ dystopian country is emerging, micro managed by an arrogant anti British political and establishment class, ignored by so many of us for the last few years but it is now becoming so obvious that the silent majority may have to do more than wake up and smell the coffee.

This cancellation in all but name of Remembrance Sunday sets a very dangerous precedent; elections you may recall have already been cancelled with as yet no guarantee that they will take place any time in the foreseeable future.

Police who, 30 years ago would have marched with pride in dress uniform displaying medals and medal ribbons from long-since forgotten actions and campaigns and were often ex-service themselves, have been replaced by badly trained, badly disciplined, slovenly dressed ‘officers’ with no idea of what the uniformed constable represents in the United Kingdom.

Once the ‘bobby on the beat’, despite what some would have you believe, was the physical representation of ‘us’ and the state. Officers that were once ‘us’ and represented us, are led now by politically-motivated senior officers, an opportunistic political class looking no further than the next sound-bite or promotion and viewed with suspicion if not hostility by many.

The curtailment of Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday commemorations next week says it all about the many who, consumed by fear, are led not by leaders but by click-bait feature writers in the press and over-paid presenters in the broadcast media but also much about our disunited country.

It’s leading not to a bright new ‘better built future’ but to a future of poor services, authoritarian local and national government, a future without any national or personal pride and a future where the many – not the few – will be dependent on the state and its edicts. A future consumed by fear of going out, of meeting people of going to work, a future were people are encouraged to ‘snitch’ on each other, where enjoyment will only be allowed when thought appropriate by some authority, a future where history is indeed all bunk and a future where most will be too afraid to say so.

It’s not just national icons and culture which are being cancelled.  If we allow it, it will destroy the United Kingdom as we knew it, if it has not already done so.  There is a lot at stake here; the conscience and morale of the country is in danger and we are told it’s all because of a virus.

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